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It seems funny now, what with an octogenarian Hugh Hefner running around on on reality TV, but in the 50′s, Playboy magazine was downright transgressive. Transgressive people (like Mafiosi) love transgressive things (like porn), and the developers of Mafia 2 struck a deal with the venerable Chicago-based publishing empire to seed their open-world game with 50 collectible issues of Playboy, to add authenticity and titillating collectible fun.

The world of the cosa nostra can be distracting, and once the game hits its stride, it’ll be easy to overlook a lot of magazine-snagging opportunities. Take advantage of this guide and avoid missing out; all the Playboys are listed below.

Chapter 2

Playmate #1 – Lying on the edge of of Joe’s coffee table. You can see it in the photo above.

Playmate #3 – In a three-bay garage next to Mike’s shop. On the second level of a set of shelves, below some boxes, next to some yellow cans.

Chapter 3

Playmate #4 – In the entrance hall of Maria Angelo’s apartment building, on the floor behind a small cabinet.

Playmate #5 – In the Industrial Specialist office, across from the Director’s office (the one with they key in it). The magazine is on a window ledge, to the right of the doorway.

Playmate #40 – On the edge of the Security Guard’s kiosk, in the main hall, on the first floor of the building.

Playmate #6 – In the basement of the building, on the floor of the cavernous storage room. Keep an eye out to your left as you enter — the magazine is lying between the first two shelves.

Chapter 4

Playmate #9 – In a box of magazines, on the landing of the first stairwell that leads out the bookstore.

Playmate #2 – On the bottom floor of the second stairwell leading from the bookstore, in a dark corner after four steps down. You will be able to see the police on the street from this area.

Playmate #8 – In the small building on the mall rooftop, lying on the floor next to a shelf on the right-hand wall.

Chapter 5

Playmate #11 – At the top of the stairs, after you leave the apartment.

Playmate #10 – Inside the distillery the Fat Man flees into, on the first floor, in the office. Get it on your way in, before the building catches fire.

Playmate #12 – On the fifth floor of the distillery, soon after you start escorting Henry. By a steel gate and two small wooden chairs.

Chapter 6

Playmate #13 – Behind the eastern set of bleachers, on the Northern side of the exercise yard, next to a sleeping inmate.

Playmate #14 – Behind the grey shed, just south of the basketball court.

Playmate #15 – On top of the large industrial clothes dryers.

Chapter 7

Playmate #16 – On the floor of Harry’s gun shop.

Playmate #50 – In Joe’s apartment building, at the end of the top floor’s hallway, in the corner.

Playmate #17 – In your new apartment building, on a table in the hall on the second floor.

Playmate #46 – On the kitchen table in your new apartment.

Chapter 8

Playmate #19 – In the shack, around the back of the old foundry, sitting on top of an oil drum.

Playmate #21 – Beside some oil drums on the ground, outside the foundry. Keep an eye out just after you deal with the sniper on the catwalk.

Playmate #20 – In a narrow alley towards the end of the foundry level. The magazine is underneath an old cot, next to a fire.

Chapter 9

Playmate #41 – On the bar, in front of the beer taps.

Playmate #23 – In the tunnel to the left of the area in which you experience an unpleasant sewage shower.

Playmate #22 – On the floor of the first room you enter in the slaughterhouse, next to the second metal bin on the left.

Playmate #24 – In the back corner of the slaughterhouse, by some hanging carcasses, on the left-most of two sets of shelves.

Chapter 10

Playmate #25 – On the desk, in the office, in the back of the laundry section. The guy sitting next to it doesn’t seem to care.

Playmate #27 – When you’re following John up the stairwell, head downstairs momentarily, until your way is barred at 16. The magazine is on the floor.

Playmate #26 – Near the generator that powers the window-washing lift.

Playmate #48 – On the tile floor of the bathroom connected to your bedroom.

Chapter 11

Playmate #47 – On the windowsill, on the second-floor gallery of the house.

Playmate #29 – On top of a wicker hamper, in the second floor’s back bathroom.

Playmate #28 – In a room directly across the hallway from the open front door, in the mod apartment, next to a guy who’s passed-out.

Playmate #49 – On the floor next to Joe’s bed.

Playmate #30 – Under a box, in the dead-end hallway in Pub Tara.

Chapter 12

Playmate #32 – On the ground, southwest from where you meet the Chinese guide, next to a delivery truck and a stack of crates.

Playmate #31 – At the end of the nearby dead-end alley, in a corner, behind a dumpster.

Playmate #33 – In the warehouse you follow Henry into, on the floor near the green power unit, on the right.

Chapter 13

Playmate #34 – In the Southwest corner of the Red Dragon, on the floor, next to a table.

Playmate #36 – In one of the small carrels dedicated to opium use, on top of a stack of crates.

Playmate #35 – On top of a small filing cabinet in the armory.

Chapter 14

Playmate #44 – On the rooftop, on the eastern edge of the building, on the ground.

Playmate #37 – Atop a stack of pallets, to your left once you get down the flight of burning stairs.

Playmate #38 – In the back corner of the southwestern room in the building, which contains a single adversary. Kill him first!

Chapter 15

Playmate #45 – On the floor, on the ground floor of the stairwell room.

Playmate #39 – In a nook on the western edge of the observatory’s roof.

Playmate #43 – In the room with the telescope, up against the railing of the stairs that lead downwards.

Playmate #42 – At the base of the star projector in the planetarium.

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#18 in chapter 3 at docks when walking out of Derek’s office to go unload boxes. 2nd level right outside of office door on the ground