Mafia 2 Walkthrough

Table of Contents

The Old Country

  1. As soon as you enter into gameplay mode after the lengthy introduction video, follow the onscreen instructions and carefully shoot in between the civilians at the soldiers standing on top of the town hall steps.
  2. Kill the rest of the soldiers before advancing up the steps. Kill the guards that come bursting through the door, then climb up the window on the left.
  3. Head through the doorway and hug the wall next to the window. Equip yourself with a grenade, then hurl it out the window and at the soldiers.
  4. Head down the hallway and pick up all the ammo on and around the table. Take cover to the right of the door. Wait for your comrade to throw a grenade, then take out the remaining soldiers before heading upstairs.
  5. Turn left up the stairs and take out the guard behind the desk. Hug the wall before entering the room and wait for another soldier to peek his head around the boxes on the left before taking him out.
  6. Kick in the double doors and carefully shoot the soldier that has taken a hostage. After the two hostages go down, follow your fellow soldier through the door on the right.
  7. Crouch to use the railing as cover and take out the soldiers down below. Take out the soldier that knocks your soldier off the balcony, then head through the door.
  8. ACHIEVEMENT: Walk over to the third window and use the MG-42 on the balcony to take out the guards down below and complete the chapter.

Home Sweet Home

  1. Once the cab drops you off, you are free to peruse Empire Bay. If you go right and then turn left into Stella’s Diner, you can go to the counter and buy some food or beer.
  2. Make a left of the diner and turn left up the first street. Make another left, then two rights down the alley to get to your Mama’s house. Enter through the door and walk up the stairs to see your Mom.
  3. After supper, head through the door on your right to your room to go to sleep. Once you wake up the next morning, go to your closet to get some clothes. Head out the door to talk to your mom.
  4. Head through the other door and then downstairs. Once you walk outside, you’ll have to intervene in an altercation between an old man and your sister.
  5. ACHIEVEMENT: Follow the on-screen instructions to beat the guy up and save your sister. Once you knock him to the floor and scare him off you’ll receive the “Big Brother” acheivement.
  6. After Frankie explains to you how your family owes a loan shark some money, head over to Joe’s place. Your map will show you where Joe’s is located, but keep in mind that you don’t always have to use the roads. There are plenty of alleys that lend themselves to easy shortcuts through town.
  7. The quickest way to get to Joe’s is to make a left onto the main street from the alley. Cross the street and turn right into the alley, where there is a mechanic working an a lady’s car. Turn right out of the alley, cross the street, and climb the wall — the red building you see will be Joe’s.
  8. Enter through the double doors and take the stairs to the third level. After you talk to the old cleaning lady, walk past her and make a right to see Joe.
  9. ACHIEVEMENT: As Joe is talking to you, pick up the magazine on the table to earn the “Collector’s Item” achievement, as well as some eye-candy.
  10. Once you peruse Joe’s apartment (feel free to take a beer from the fridge), head to his front door, where he will be waiting for you.
  11. At the garage, follow the on-screen instructions and drive over to meet Giuseppe. Follow your map and make sure not to drive too erraticly or you’ll get pulled over by the cops (Joe will let you know about it, too).
  12. Once you arrive, hop out of the car and open the door that Joe is standing near. Follow Joe upstairs. Pick up the discharge papers and buy a set of lock picks, before using the practice lock located behind where Joe is standing.
  13. Carefully push the left analog stick to raise the pins, wait for them to turn green, then press X to set each one and pick the lock. Once you are down, follow Joe downstairs and back outside.
  14. Using your lock picks, go over to the driver’s side of the Jefferson and pick the lock on the car. Unfortunately, as soon as you get inside, a police officer will spot you. Quickly drive by him and get onto the street. Make a few turns to get a couple of blocks away and you will lose him easily, as long as you don’t cause any destruction.
  15. After losing the cops, take the car to the nearby body-shop. Once you arrive in front of the garage, honk the horn to have them lift up the door.
  16. ACHIEVEMENT: Here you can have some fun and customize your ride. Upgrade your car once level and get the “Tuned Ride Achievement.”
  17. After you trick out your whip, go and visit Mike Bruski. The junkyard is a ways away, but just use your map and listen to Joe’s pithy comments along the way.
  18. Once Joe gives you your new gun, test it out by first shooting the tires on the red car, then shooting the gas tank (it’s located near the rear of the car).
  19. After you explode the car, get back in your car and exit the junkyard. Listen to Joe’s advice and stay away from the city. Use your map and head to your next location.
  20. After you arrive and Joe gives you the details, cross the street and climb over the fence. As soon as you land on the other side, take out the enemy with a few punch combos.
  21. If you enter through the door on your left (with the “He’s Watching You” poster to the right), you can pick up a shotgun on the shelving unit inside. Head back outside once you have it and make your way over to the white Walter Coupe.
  22. As soon as you get close to it, a couple of gangsters will take notice and begin to open fire on you. Take cover behind the cement barrier and take out the two across the way with pistol shots to the head. Kill the third guy located in back of a dumpster, behind the car.
  23. You can speed up the hijacking process by simply breaking the window. Once behind the wheel, turn left and floor it through the gates. Keep your foot on the accelerator to escape the Bombers as you make your way to the next location on your map.
  24. Make sure you stay inside your car at all times and try to stay clear of the cops. A light blue ring will appear around your map locator to indicate if the fuzz is ever on your tail.
  25. ACHIEVEMENT: Use your driving skills to get away from the Bombers and make sure you bring the car to Mike’s junkyard in one piece in order to complete your first job for Mike.
  26. Get back in your car with Mike and head over to the garage near Joe’s apartment to park it. Honk your horn in front of the door to have it parked, then follow Joe up to his apartment.
  27. ACHIEVEMENT: Grab some food in the fridge to fuel up, then crash on the kitchen couch to fall asleep and complete the chapter.

Enemy of The State

  1. After you wake up, head out the door and head to your left to answer the ringing phone. Once you are finished talking to your Mom, turn around and grab your clothes out of the closet. Head out the door to your right and make your way downstairs and then outside.
  2. Walk over to the garage door and get your ride. Use your map and drive to your destination. Once you arrive, get out of your car, walk up the two flights of stairs and enter through the door.
  3. Follow Steve downstairs, where he will give you the boring job of loading crates onto a truck. Load the first crate and then you’ll notice that a bay door will open. If you’re bored and you really want the $10, you can keep loading, or you can head for the door.
  4. After you talk to Steve again, follow him back up stairs to talk to Derek. Once Derek gives you your mission, head back downstairs. Turn left and head across the dock toward the area with the dockworkers. Talk to the three workers standing around the crates to collect Derek’s money.
  5. You might have to push some of them around, but they will eventually comply. However, the guy sitting on top of the crates won’t, so you’ll have to fight him. He’ll come out swinging, so make sure you think defensively and dodge his combos.
  6. The best way to make contact is with light hits, while gradually adding in combos to finish him off. After you beat him up, take all the money back upstairs to Derek.
  7. Head back downstairs and outside to your car. Use your map to drive over to Freddy’s to meet up with Joe.
  8. Exit the dock and make a left, so that you pass under the bridge. Turn left onto the street and make a right down the first road. Head down the street until it dead ends, make a right and park. If you cross the street you can get some clothes from the clothing store (the one with the pink neon sign overhead) with some of your hard-earned cash.
  9. Continue to your destination. Once you arrive at Freddy’s, walk upstairs where Joe will be waiting for you.
  10. After getting your next job from Henry, head back down to your car and drive over to Maria’s (her house is located down a short alley off the main road). Once you get to Maria’s apartment, knock on the first door on your right.
  11. Wait for Maria to get inside of your car, then take her to the hospital in Uptown. Pull up in front of the hospital to let Maria out, then cross over to the other side of the street to enter into the administration building. The alley that you need to get to will be blocked off, so park on the street and walk down the alley.
  12. Walk to the end of the alley and climb over the fence to your left. Continue down the alley and climb in through the window to the right of the door.
  13. Stealthily exit the bathroom to the right and head down the hallway until your reach the double doors. Enter through the double doors, but remember to stay hidden or you will fail the mission.
  14. Hug the left wall and wait for the one guard to go make his rounds. Once he leaves, slowly make your way over to the desk and perform a stealth attack on the guard sitting down. Pick up his revolver once he is subdued, then head up the stairs behind you.
  15. Be leery of the two guards who will be patrolling the upstairs. Turn left around the stairs, then a right, a left, and another right. Enter through the Director’s Office door and take the key on the desk.
  16. Go back the same way you came and enter through the barred door located to the left of the stairs. Once inside, pick the lock on the door and use the key to get into the safe.
  17. As soon as Vito grabs the stamps, an alarm will go off. Sprint down the stairs and turn right, and then right again. Head through the open bathroom door that you originally entered through, then hop out the window.
  18. Head around and hop over the fence, then sprint down the alley toward your car. Drive back to Freddy’s and don’t worry about all of the police cars out front, you should be in the clear.
  19. After Freddy informs you that the stamps have an expiration date, head back down to your car for your next job. For this job you will have to plan your route and drive really fast.
  20. Before you start, it’s important to keep in mind that if you wreck your car, you will be forced to get out of your car and work on the engine, which would cost you valuable time. Drive fast, but be careful.
  21. Look at your map — you’ll see that there are eight gas stations, but you only need to hit up six before your timer runs out. Place a waypoint on the gas station nearest to you, just south. Follow the road around and it will be located on your left-hand side (all gas stations will have a neon green sign above them). Pull up and simply honk your horn to sell the stamps.
  22. Look at your map and place your next waypoint on the gas station located to the northeast. After you sell the stamps here, place your next waypoint on the gas station located in South Millville (south east corner).
  23. After you sell the stamps, place your next waypoint on the gas station located just to the west of you in East Side. Your timer should be about halfway gone, but you are good shape.
  24. Place your next waypoint at the gas station on the West Side and hurry on over.
  25. ACHIEVEMENT: After you sell your fifth set of stamps, hurry through the tunnel that leads over to the gas station on Sand Island. Deliver the stamps before the timer runs out and earn an achievement.
  26. Head on over to Joe’s apartment. Feel free to stop by the Body Shop if your car is in shambles.
  27. ACHIEVEMENT: Once you park your car, walk up stairs and crash on the bed in Joe’s kitchen to complete the chapter.

Murphy’s Law

  1. After you wake up and read Joe’s note, grab some clothes out of the closet and head out to the garage to get your car. Get in and head over to Freddy’s.
  2. With you new job set up, get inside your car with Joe and head over to the mall. Once you reach the mall, park your car and walk around the building to the right. The door will be on your left.
  3. Pick the lock and walk inside. After the other group of heisters and the cops show up, follow Joe to make your escape.
  4. As Joe picks the lock on the door, grab cover behind the counter and shoot O’Neill’s guys. Once Joe gets the door open, follow him upstairs.
  5. You’ll have to take out a couple of cops while Joe attempts to break into the door leading to the roof. Follow him out there and grab some cover. Take out the rest of the cops that come running through the door, then follow Joe onto the railing.
  6. Continue to follow Joe and take out the next group of cops that you guys run into. Once they are taken care of, follow Joe into the next building and down the fire escape.
  7. You can head back around the building to pick up your car, but make sure you stay away from the police, of you’ll be busted. Head on over to Joe’s apartment.
  8. ACHIEVEMENT: Park your car, head up stairs and crash in your bed to complete the chapter.

The Buzzsaw

  1. Following your, conversation with one of Joe’s lady friends, get dressed and drive over to Freddy’s to meet Joe. Head out the front door.
  2. ACHIEVEMENT: Once you walk outside, you’ll see a tough guy giving one of Joe’s girls a hard time. Run over to him and teach him a lesson to earn the “A Lesson In Manners” achievement.
  3. After you arrive at Freddy’s and meet Luca, get back in your car and head on over to Harry’s. You’ll find Harry down a little alley with an “Army – Navy” sign posted over it. Drive to the back, park your car, and ring the buzzer.
  4. Walk downstairs and then through the open door to meet Harry. Load the heavy MG-42 into the open car outside. With the gun loaded, look at your map and carefully drive over to meet Joe and Henry.
  5. Following your conversation with Henry, use the MG-42 to take out the “fat bastard.”
  6. ACHIEVEMENT: Aim for both cars to wipe out all of the enemies. If, at this point in the game, you have killed 50 of them, you’ll receive an achievement.
  7. Follow Henry and Joe downstairs. Hug the wall at the door and take out the guys across the street. Head out the door and follow Joe and Henry over to the door on the right.
  8. Once inside, grab some cover and take out a few more of the “fat bastard’s” guys. Advance up the stairs, but watch out for the molotov cocktail.
  9. Proceed forward and head up the stairs to your right. Use the tables and boxes as cover as you make your way across the room. Kill all of the guys and get to the elevator along with Joe and Henry.
  10. At the next floor, quickly grab some cover behind the nearby crate. Head through the door the left of the big bay door and walk down the path. Surprise the three guys with the machine guns and take them out.
  11. Proceed forward and hug the wall next to the open blue door. Peek around the corner and take out the guy at the top. Head up and take out any remaining guys.
  12. After you take care of the “fat bastard,” make your way out of the distillery the same way you came up. Following the explosion, you’ll have to take out a few more guys.
  13. Continue onward to the exit and watch out for falling debris. Get outside and open your car door. Drive to El Greco’s — you have a timer, so you have to hurry, but be sure not to crash, or you’ll risk hurting Henry.
  14. The driveway is sort of hard to spot, since it is covered in snow, but it is located between two light poles. Pull up to drop off Henry.
  15. With your new load of cash, head over to your Mom and sister’s place to give them the money and repay your father’s debt.
  16. ACHIEVEMENT: Drive back to your apartment and go to sleep to complete the chapter.

Time Well Spent

  1. Obey the guards’ orders and walk down the corridor without giving them any trouble. Follow the guard up to your cell and enjoy all of the wonderful riff-raff along the way. Sit down on your bed to advance the story.
  2. Out in the prison yard, you need to find Leo Galante. It’s fun to hear the other inmates’ responses, but this won’t get you anywhere. From where you start, turn right and then left past the cages. Head all the way down this path.
  3. Unfortunately, O’Neill is going to recognize you and you will be forced to face him in a fight. About halfway through the fight, the guards will break it up and you will get to meet Leo.
  4. During your training with Leo’s boys, follow the on-screen instructions to win Leo’s favor and prove that you are a worthy fighter.
  5. After you prove yourself, you can go around and get to know the other guys, or just leave the gym. However, once you try to leave, you’ll get into an altercation with one of the Japanese inmates.
  6. Follow Leo’s advice and use quick strikes to defeat your opponent. He won’t be too difficult, just be quick and rely on the counter moves that you learned — it should be a piece of cake to take him out.
  7. In the next scene, follow the guard downstairs. After he passes you off, follow one of Leo’s guys to meet up with Leo. Follow Leo into the laundry room, where you’ll fight a big black guy.
  8. After you defeat your opponent, walk to the guard to go and meet your visitor. After your visit with your sister, follow the guard downstairs. Once he passes you off to another guard, follow his orders and have fun scrubbing the urinals!
  9. Once you finish, walk around to the other guard and go take a shower. Stand under one of the unoccupied shower heads to wash up.
  10. Teach this sicko a lesson by kicking his ass! Beat up one of his butt-buddies as well before the guards come in to break it up.
  11. ACHIEVEMENT: You should now be a pro at close-combat fighting. Be quick and remember to use your counter-attacks. Settle the score with O’Neill to complete the chapter.

In Loving Memory of Francesco Potenza

  1. Now that you are out of the slammer, turn around and go visit Joe. After Joe fixes you up with a gun and some cash, follow him down to his car.
  2. Look at your map and drive to your new apartment. Since you’ve been gone for so long, it might be a good idea to stop at Dipton Apparel and pick yourself up some nice suits.
  3. Turn right on the little side street, then turn left into the garage. After you park your car, go to the front of the building and head through the front door. Head to the very top floor to meet the creepy real estate agent who will show you your apartment.
  4. After you check out your apartment, walk back down the stairs to the level beneath you. You can pick up a Playboy mag on the counter in front of you.
  5. Head over to your garage and get your car. Drive over to Joe’s place. If you haven’t done so already, you need to go pick up a suit so you look presentable.
  6. Once you meet up with Joe, follow him and Eddie down to Eddie’s car. Follow your map and drive over to the strip club.
  7. After Joe and Eddie get wasted, hop back in Eddie’s car and honk your horn until they get in the car. They will be just a little drunk, so it may take a while for them to find the car door.
  8. You will learn that Eddie has a dead guy in the trunk and you have to bury him. The location on your map will change and you need to reroute to get to the observatory.
  9. Follow the narrow road through the parking lot and continue down the road. Once the guys bury the body, head back to Eddie’s car.
  10. ACHIEVEMENT: Take the drunks back to Joe’s apartment to complete the chapter.

The Wild Ones

  1. Get dressed and head outside to meet up with Joe. Hop inside the truck and head to the destination on your map. When you reach the destination, don’t turn right on the little side street — instead, go past the building and turn right down the driveway.
  2. Once you are parked, help Joe unload the smokes. A cop will show up, but don’t worry — he’s there to buy some smokes for himself.
  3. After you guys are done with your sale, hop back in the truck and drive over to the next destination. Once you arrive, it’s the same routine as before: hand Joe the color-coded box of cigarettes that he asks for.
  4. After the greasers torch your stash, step on the accelerator and catch up to them. The car that you are in won’t be fast enough to catch up with them, so by the time you hit the tunnel in Little Italy, they will have gotten away.
  5. To get to the nearest phone booth, keep heading down the main road into Riverside. Make your first right, drive past the gun shop (stop by, if you feel so inclined) and there will be a phone booth behind some green post office bins on your left side.
  6. Don’t pick a fight with a guy if he is using the phone; chances will be that he is a gangster and if you beat him up in a fight, his friends will open fire on you and you’ll have to find another phone. If you need another phone booth, they will be several, off different side streets near the main road.
  7. Once you talk with Eddie, get back in your car and head over to the Crazy Horse (it will be located off a tiny dirt road). Have some fun and help the guys shoot up the bar, then grab a molotov from the trunk of the car and throw it at the bar.
  8. Hop back in your car and drive over to the Foundry. Once you arrive, hop out of the car and join the fellas. A firefight will ensue. Grab some cover and take out the greasers.
  9. Proceed down the road and shoot-up all of the greasers. When you arrive at the end of the road, shoot up the gas tanks on the two cars to cause them to explode, then proceed forward.
  10. Once the camera cuts back, head around the truck and to the left. Walk along side the left side of the old train car to flank the greasers to the right.
  11. Turn right and take out the greasers up ahead (make sure to get the one up on the catwalk). Follow the guys to the end of the path.
  12. Pick the lock on the red hot rod and take it over to the docks. Once you arrive at the docks, park the car on the platform located to the right of the ship.
  13. Take the money and go give it to Eddie. If you turn around and head to the left, you’ll find a green station wagon that you can break into.
  14. ACHIEVEMENT: Park your car and head inside the Maltese Falcon to complete the chapter. Following you conversation with Eddie, find a car, head home and go to sleep.

Balls & Beans

  1. Wake up and answer the phone. After you talk to Eddie, get dressed and head downstairs. If your car is in bad shape, take it to the shop to get it fixed, or jack a nice one.
  2. Head on over to the Maltese Falcon. After you get your mission from Mr. Falcone, head over to one of the gun stores and pick up some firepower, then head over to Freddy’s.
  3. Once Luca comes, out follow him on your map, but make sure not to get too close, or your cover will be blown. You will eventually end up at the slaughterhouse. Pull onto the grass and wait for Luca to enter.
  4. Hop out of your car and walk over to the opening in the fence behind you (there will be a bum sitting by it, next to a tree). Walk down the winding path that will lead to the sewer.
  5. Follow the path down the sewer and climb up the ladder when you reach it. Take cover behind the dumpster once the dog starts barking at you.
  6. Once the dog and Falcone’s guys are gone, walk along the bricks and climb up onto the next level. Walk along the pipes and enter through the open door.
  7. Walk past the guy sleeping and down the hall. Walk around the corner of the room with the tiled floors. Peek around the next corner down the long hall.
  8. Walk along the left wall and hug it as soon as one of the slaughterhouse guys walks by. Wait for him to go outside, then head through the double doors on the right. Close the doors behind you and proceed forward.
  9. Grab some cover behind the cart and wait for the slaughterhouse guy to leave. Close that door and open the door to your right. Go through the next open doorway and turn right out of the hall.
  10. You should be in a room with a bunch of dead pigs on the far wall. Grab some cover behind the nearby table and stealthily walk around the whole room without being seen.
  11. Once you reach the end of the assembly line, quickly cross over so that you are in front of the sink. Peek around the corner and wait for one of Luca’s guys to tell the two slaughter house guys to take a hike.
  12. Walk around and enter through the open doorway to your right. Enter through the next open doorway and hug the left wall when you step out into the hallway.
  13. After you see one of Luca’s men walk into a door down the hall and to the right, wait for it to close, then head for that door.
  14. First beat up Luca’s bodyguard. Once he’s done, take out Luca’s guys with your gun. Head over to Beans as his friend is cutting him down. Take out the rest of Luca’s guys that enter the room, then follow Beans’ friend.
  15. When you get to the door in front of the windows, switch to a Tommy gun and unload on Luca’s guys through the windows. Keep in mind that they will also come around the hallway to the left.
  16. Once they are dead, follow the guy around to the door that leads to the room where Luca has locked himself in.
  17. Back outside, hop in the black convertible and go see Eddie at the Falcon. After that, go to a nearby clothing store to change your clothes.
  18. ACHIEVEMENT: Head back to see Eddie where you will finally be brought into “the family” and complete the chapter.

Room Service

  1. Wake up and answer the phone. After you check out your new apartment, get dressed, head down to your car and Meet Eddie at Joe’s.
  2. Head downstairs with Joe and Marty and take Joe’s car over to the Empire Arms Hotel. Drive carefully because your carrying explosives in your trunk. Once you arrive turn and park in the underground parking area.
  3. With Joe waiting by the bay door, head down the stairs to your left and head across to the other stairs. Turn right through the opening, then right into the laundry room. Head down the path and walk through the opening with the Exit sign above it.
  4. Turn left and open the doors to your right. Turn left — you will find one of the workers opening the door. Follow Joe to go pick up your uniforms.
  5. With your cleaning uniforms on, follow Joe to the elevator. On the 18th floor, head over to the conference room. Walk over toward the big window next to Joe.
  6. Once the bomb has been planted, walk over to the blood stain on the carpet next to the bucket. Proceed to follow Joe to the roof.
  7. As soon as you walk out the door, Clemente’s guys are going to open fire on you. Grab some cover and take them out. Once they are dead, move across the roof and follow Joe up the stairs.
  8. Grab cover behind the air conditioning units and take out the guys. Walk along the catwalk and take out another gang of Clemente’s boys below. Take out the two on the other side of the catwalk as well.
  9. Before throwing the switch to raise the platform, walk around and pick up a Tommy gun. Walk onto the platform and flip the switch to lower it. When it comes to a halt, pick up the squeegee and begin to wash the windows.
  10. Hug the wall next to the broken door to the right. Use your Tommy gun to take out the guy inside. Follow Joe inside and grab some cover behind the sink. Take out the guys behind the glass walls.
  11. Walk into the next room, kill the guy behind the table and head through the double doors on the left side of the room. Kill the two guys across the way, then make a left up the hall.
  12. Wait for the cleaning lady to exit the elevator, then get inside with Joe. Kill the guy waiting for you as soon as the elevator door opens, then grab some cover near the door to your right. Peek around the corner and take out two guys — one on the catwalk and one behind the steamer.
  13. Walk through the doorway and turn to your left. Grab cover and kill the two thugs. Head to the next doorway. Hug the wall and try using a couple of molotov cocktails against the guys inside. Kill them all and head for the exit.
  14. Your driving skills are going to be needed here. Put the pedal to the floor and make sure you follow Clemente (black limo). Get close to him and enable Joe to take out the driver. Once that’s done Joe can finish off Clemente.
  15. After you drop Joe off, drive home and go to sleep. Your phone will ring in the middle of the night — answer it. You’ll have to go pick up Joe at the Lone Star. Get dressed, head down to your car and drive over.
  16. Knock on the front door to get inside. After Joe accidentally shoots the bartender, drag his body through the back door. Drag him outside to put him in the trunk of the car. Hop inside and drive Joe home.
  17. ACHIEVEMENT: Follow you map and take the car to the junkyard. Drive it into the press, park it and get out. Walk up the stairs outside and flip the switch to crush the car and earn the “Hey Joe Achievement.”
  18. ACHIEVEMENT: Leave the junkyard, find a car to steal, drive home and go to sleep to finally end your long day and complete the chapter.

A Friend of Ours

  1. Get dressed and answer the door. Get in Henry’s car and drive to the Maltese Falcon. Once you get there, park and walk inside.
  2. After you learn that Leo is going to get whacked, rush out to your car and get to him before the timer runs out to warn him. Bust through the gate of his mansion and run up to his door before the timer runs out.
  3. It won’t matter which way you go, you are not going to be able to escape from Henry. But luckily, Leo will work out a deal with him anyway.
  4. After Henry lets Leo go, head out the back patio door and hop in one of Leo’s blue cars. Follow your map and drive to the location to drop Leo off. Drive back home, where your sister will be waiting for you.
  5. Get back in your car and go find Eric. Walk through the front door of the apartment. Once inside, head upstairs. Go through the open door on the third floor. Walk down the hall and talk to the girl sitting on the couch.
  6. Walk into the kitchen and confront Eric. After you kick his ass and teach him a lesson, drive home. Answer the phone when you get home to talk to your sister. Go to bed.
  7. When you wake up to your house burning, turn to the right, go through the bathroom and jump through the window. Since that was your freakin’ house, kill these punks, then steal a car and go to Joe’s.
  8. While Joe makes a few calls, go get changed into a pair of his clothes. Check out Joe’s newly decorated apartment, then head down to his car and go get those Irish bastards!
  9. Park in front of the Hill of Tara and walk inside the front door. Get some cover and shoot the Irish gangsters. Walk through the bar (steal an alcoholic beverage to increase you health) and shoot the guy to the left. Pick up his gun.
  10. Head down the hall and out the door to the left. Shoot up the car that the leader of the Irishmen is driving away in and blow it up. Get in your car with Joe and head back to his place.
  11. ACHIEVEMENT: Drive over to Marty’s apartment. Park on the street and walk down the little alley and up the stairs to the left. Find his bed and crash to complete the chapter.

Sea Gift

  1. Get dressed and answer the phone when it rings. Head downstairs, get a car and drive over to Lincoln Park to meet Henry.
  2. After you hear about Henry’s plan, head back to your car with Joe and Heanry and drive over to the loan shark in Southport. Park on the main street and walk back behind the alley to meet up with Bruno.
  3. Once you get the money, follow your map and head over to the Sea Gift warehouse. Park the car when you arrive and follow the Chinese guy.
  4. Follow Henry following your discussion with the Chinese guys. You’ll be ambushed by a gang of fake cops. Take out the one that tries to run away and then the two who be coming around the corner in a car.
  5. Head through the small opening to your left and up the stairs. Sprint past the windows and kick the door in at the end of the hall and to the left.
  6. Walk down the short hall and get cover behind the crates. Don’t worry about the cop below just yet, simply follow Joe and sprint across the catwalk. Head downstairs and grab some cover behind the crates to the right.
  7. Advance through the warehouse and kill all of the fake cops along the way. Head over to the open bay door on the left side of the warehouse. Kill all of the guys that come running through, then head outside.
  8. Again, get cover behind one of the skids and try to blow up the two cars that pull up to take out all of the guys. With most or almost all of the guys dead, sprint for one of the available cars, wait for Joe and Henry to get inside, and ram through the gates.
  9. Make your first two rights, then hit the accelerator to get rid of your pursuers. Their car is fast, so try swerving around to cause them to crash into oncoming traffic in order to lose them.
  10. ACHIEVEMENT: Once you get away, follow your map and head for the warehouse on Evergreen Street. Don’t worry if the cops are following you, just pull up to the building in one piece to complete the chapter.

Exit The Dragon

  1. Answer the phone to talk to Henry. Get dressed, head downstairs and drive over to Lincoln Park with Joe.
  2. When you arrive, take out the guys who were just butchering Henry to death. Once they are all dead, follow Wong, but don’t get too close.
  3. If you aren’t equipped with more than a pistol, head over to Harry’s to pick up some firepower. If you already are, run down the street and enter through the front doors of the Red Dragon.
  4. Get cover behind the fish tank and take out the guys behind the bar. Once they are dead, follow Joe around behind the bar. Take cover and kill the guys up on the stairs. There will be a couple on the stairway in front of you, as well as across the way.
  5. Head up and over the stairs and kick in the double doors to the left. Shoot the two guys who try to run away and take cover behind the nearby counter. Kill the other guys behind the racks, then follow Joe through the open door to the left.
  6. Hug the wall and peek around. Shoot the guys around the corner and advance down the hallway. Follow the hallway around and hug the wall, before walking down towards the white door. Shoot the guy that is shooting through the door.
  7. Move forward and hug the wall next to the door. Peek around and take out the guys in this room (one downstairs, one upstairs).
  8. Follow Joe upstairs and through the door to the left. Continue to follow Joe across the hallway and down the stairs. Don’t shoot the old Asian guy who is stumbling around; instead, head around the corner and into the elevator (it doesn’t look like one, but there will be a brick wall in back of it).
  9. Use the elevator to take you guys up. Turn around and take cover behind the stacks of boxes. Take out the two guys, then head for the door in the far left corner of the room.
  10. Kick in the door and shoot the guy waiting for you around the corner. Move to that wall, hug it, and kill the three guys who will be waiting for you around the corner. Move across to the boxes to your right and take out the rest of guys in front of you.
  11. Once they are all dead, join Joe in the elevator at the end of the room. Exit the elevator when it reaches the bottom floor and follow Joe down the hallway.
  12. Follow Joe back to the elevator, then follow him across the room and over to the stairs that will lead you back outside.
  13. ACHIEVEMENT: In the alley, put your gun away and sprint for the closest car. Wait for Joe to get inside and floor it. Get away from the cops and get back to Joe’s apartment to complete the chapter.

Stairway To Heaven

  1. After you wake up, answer the phone. Get dressed and go outside to meet up with Joe. Hop in Eddie’s sweet ride and drive over to Oak Street. Make sure you don’t wreck the car.
  2. After you arrive and murder Tommy (from Mafia I!), step on it and lose the cops. Once you lose them, drop Joe off at Kingston, then pay a visit to Derek at the docks. Since you are still wanted for murder, ditch your car and get a new one.
  3. After you talk to Derek, follow him downstairs and across the dock. When you lean that it was Derek that killed your father, chase after him. Get some cover behind the crates and start picking off his guys.
  4. Advance down the dock and kill all of Derek’s men. When you reach the stairs, make a right and continue to use the crates as cover. Head for the open bay door that leads to the warehouse.
  5. As soon as you enter into the warehouse, make sure you get some cover. Derek’s men are going to open a ton of fire on you, and Derek himself lobs molotov cocktails. Keep moving, but watch out, because guys will rush you.
  6. Get to the back of the warehouse where Derek can’t hit you with his molotov cocktails. Kill the guards in the back and wait for the rest of his men to come downstairs, then pick them off.
  7. If you run out of ammo for your automatic guns, walk around near the bodies of Derek’s men to pick up more. Once all of Derek’s men are dead, find a spot with some cover and fire up at Derek up on the catwalk. He’s pretty quick for a fat guy — just make sure you have have enough ammo and you keep moving, and you’ll be able to take care of him.
  8. ACHIEVEMENT: Kill Derek to avenge your father’s death and earn the “Out for Justice” achievement.
  9. With Derek dead, head up the stairs and into his office and grab the load of cash on his desk. Head outside and down the stairs. The dock workers will tell you that you are in the clear.
  10. Get in your car and head over to Joe’s. When you find out that Joe isn’t there, go visit Eddie at the Falcon. Joe won’t be there, so go check with Giuseppe next.
  11. With the tip that Giuseppe gave you, follow your map and head over to the bar at the Mona Lisa.
  12. Once you and Joe get down, walk over the body and pick up the gun. Take cover and take out the three men who are watching guard. The best way is to do this stealthily; sneak up on the guy to the left first and perform a stealth attack.
  13. Next, head over to the right side and do the same. Head back to the middle, cross the bridge and take out the last guy.
  14. Walk back across the bridge and head over to the stairs. Walk down them a peek around the corner. If you are quick, you can take out each one with one shot to the head.
  15. Head down the stairs and get some cover behind the bricks. Take out the two guys on the right side first, then walk around the left side of the brick wall and take out the rest of the guys.
  16. Hop over the red and white guard rail and walk through the doorway to your right. Walk downstairs. After the third set there will be a guy waiting for you –– take him out.
  17. Continue down the stairs where you will have to take out another guy around the turn. Continue down the long flight of stairs. When you reach the level where there will be a molotov cocktail burning in the doorway to your right, follow Joe up the scaffolding and into the other side.
  18. Take cover behind the wooden crate next to Joe and take out all of the guys in this area. Slowly begin to move around the room to the right. Use the boards as cover and take out the guys across the way.
  19. Get to the doorway to your right. Hug the wall and take out the guy in the doorway across the way. Go through that doorway. Over to the right you can find a bunch of grenades that will come in handy later. Continue going to the right and head downstairs.
  20. Grab some cover behind one of the pillars and take out the gang of guys across the way. Take out the guys on the second level first, then move up to the railing and take out the guys down below using the grenades.
  21. Continue moving along to the right and start down the stairs. As soon as the stairs start to wind around, you’ll see another group of guys. If you still have a grenade, thrown one at them and then take the rest out.
  22. Kill any remaining guys, then turn around and head out through the double doors. Find a car and take Joe over to El Greco to get checked out. Remember that you are both fugitives, and if a cop rolls by, they will sound their alarms and begin to fire. Park your car and walk up to the gates.
  23. ACHIEVEMENT: Follow the map and head over to Bruno’s to give him the money and complete the chapter.

Per Aspera Ad Astra

  1. Wake up and answer your phone. Get dressed and meet Carlo over at the observatory. You will end up running into Leo. After you make your deal with Leo, get a car and drive up to Hillwood and and kill Carlo.
  2. Before you go to finish off Carlo, head to a nearby gun shop and load up.
  3. Enter in the right side of the building. Take cover behind the planter and pick off all of the guys as they come down the stairs. Pick up any ammo available, then head upstairs.
  4. Turn left around the winding path and hug the left wall. Shoot the guys as they come around. Advance and continue to use the wall as cover, killing guys along the way.
  5. Hug the wall when you reach the entryway and kill the guy hiding behind the other entryway. Hug the wall next to that entryway and shoot the guy over the railing in the next room and the guy standing out on the roof.
  6. Walk up the stairs and shoot the guy that comes through the door. Head through the door and up the stairs. Slowly walk up the steps and peek your head over to the right to catch the group’s attention. Quickly walk back around the corner of the stairs and pick them off as they come running down.
  7. Run up the stairs and crouch behind the planter to the right. Shoot the guys behind the other planter, then take out the ones coming from the observatory. Once they are all dead, head for the observatory door.
  8. Take out the guy who comes running up the stairs as you make your descent. Quickly run down the rest of the stairs and hug the wall next to the entryway. Peek around the corner and take out all of the guys in the area.
  9. Advance down the hallway and use the glass cases as cover as more guys come running in. Finish them off, then continue down the hallway. Before you enter into the next room, hug the right side of the wall and take out the three guys who will be charging at you from the other entryway.
  10. Kill them, then head through that same entryway and up through the double doors.
  11. As soon as you and Joe decide to go after Carlo, duck behind the row of seats, and shoot the guys to the right. Stay in the crouched position and move along to the right, killing the rest of the guys on this side of the observatory.
  12. Stay low and slowly start to make your way closer to the center of the room.
  13. ACHIEVEMENT: After you kill Carlo, turn around and exit the observatory with Joe to witness the sad ending of the game.

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Im not sure if this is the quick and easy guide but, for instance, in Enemy of the State, you have at least two ways of entering the building to get to the stamps, and you can also disable the alarm before entering the safe room, showing a third exit point from the building. To do it steathily and get the full payment for the job, dont kill anyone & turn the alarm off so that no one shoots.

I’ll leave finding the alarm switch and the other entry to you guys.


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Boiler Room!


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where is the double door to joe apartment


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In stairway to heaven after I killed derek and all his men The game did not give me any direction what are the next steps there was no direction or mission it became very frustating can anyone help