Mark of the Ninja Walkthrough

Table of Contents

A Shattered Stronghold

  1. Start off by running to the right, above the building with the artifact. If you go down below first you can retrieve an artifact. When you get to the first guard, run past the car which will explode and come up behind him.
  2. Get past the guards by running quickly through the sandstorm, avoiding the booby traps. When you get to the floor spikes, jump above the two guards and pull the box to the left.
  3. Drop below and take out the two guards to continue. Then move back to the vent and talk to the prisoner. Continue to the right. I took the upper route. Go all the way to the right and climb behind the shield guard.
  4. Leave the building and jump onto the next building. There should be a guard here but use the sand storm as cover. Keep going right and take out guards as needed, using the sand storm as cover. When you get back inside the building, use the first pot as cover.
  5. Take out the guard and use the body as bait. The other guard will come running over so take him out too. Climb up to retrieve the tattoo needles. Stand at the gear and move the box up, triggering the chains as you climb up the wall and use the box as cover.
  6. If you drop all the way back down, there is an artifact in the basement. There is one guard waiting, then a shield guard inside the room. Otherwise, move into the sand storm and continue right.
  7. You’ll pass a room on the way to the right, it has an artifact inside it. Otherwise, keep heading right to steal the keys from the guard. Initially go right into the building and jump to the ceiling to drop on the first sniper.
  8. Go right, and drop down on the second sniper. Then climb down the wall and take out the light with a dart. Take out the shield guard, then drop down and steal the keys.
  9. Head back left and collect the artifact. Then stand above the ledge where you can drop down and hold down farsight. When the guard finally turns, drop down into the cover.
  10. Drop below after you take care of the guard. Take the top route because it’s easier than the bottom.
  11. Go into the room, take out the patrolling guard and hide his body below. Jump to the top of the room until you get to the gear and wait for the second guard to investigate. Drop down, then shoot a dart at the light on the left to distract the flare guard. Then go back to the left and take out the shield guard.
  12. Go back up to the gear and turn it all the way, then jump down really quickly into the floor. Push the box to the right and drop down to get the tattoo needles. Continue left.
  13. When you get to the obstacles, go the bottom route. Trigger the switch and the chain, then run across. Shoot out the light with a dart and kill the shield guard, then drop down below. Trigger the spikes, then run across.
  14. Shoot out the mine above the guard so it falls on him and explodes. Climb all the way back up.
  15. Wait for the guard to come above you. Then climb up and come behind the shield guard. Go back left and return to the prisoner to free him.

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