Mark of the Ninja Walkthrough

Table of Contents

The Return

  1. Head right. Then grapple to above the light and turn the gear to the left to move the light at the banner. Jump to the right, then grapple to the ledge below the vent. Head into the building.
  2. In the first room, climb up the ledge on the left and turn the gear all the way to the left. Teleport next to the floor vent and drop down. Then move into the next room.
  3. Turn the gear all the way to the left, then run under. Pull the lever, then go into the floor to go back to the gear. Turn it all the way to the left again to let light onto the banner. Teleport over to it and drop down the floor vent.
  4. Keep heading down. When you get to the room with a light, push it to the right until it’s over the face. Keep heading right.
  5. Head up into the subway. Grapple to the left, then hide in the doorway. Grapple left and head up the duct.
  6. Go up and then pick the lock of the door on the left. Crawl all the way along the ducts to the right and then enter the next room. Shoot out the light and then go down the floor vent to go around the guards. Go back up to the subway.
  7. Wait for the train to pass then grapple to the left. Hide in the doorway, then grapple left again and up.
  8. Head right and then scale the building till you get to the upper room. Go to the right and move the light-box right so that a banner is unillimunated. Go back to the gear and turn it all the way to the left so that you can jump on top of it and up.
  9. Jump up and retrieve your gear. Head right. Drop down on the guards. Scale the side of the building to the second vent. Enter, then push the light to the right away from the lever.
  10. Drop down and activate the lever. Head right. Drop down into the subway. Same thing as before, wait for the train to leave and grapple left. Hide in the ceiling. Then grapple left and drop down into the floor vent.
  11. In the next room, pull the lever, then quickly head right to avoid getting hit by the arrows.
  12. Push the box on top of the switch so that the arrows don’t shoot you while you move the box above. Jump up and move the light-box above the banner.
  13. Head up. Dispatch the guard, then go up the stairs. Shoot the gong with a dart then come up behind the shield guard. Go inside the room, then go up the ducts and to the right to turn off the power.
  14. Go back down to get rid of the guards that come in from the right, then go back to the top of the building so you can grapple past all the other guards.
  15. Keep jumping above the guards, as you will eventually find yourself at another building. Enter, then go up. Teleport past the guard on the ledge, then keep heading right. Eventually you will need to go up because there is an elite guard below.
  16. Drop down and kill the guard behind the door. Go down the floor vent and climb along the ceiling. Drop down in front of the elite guard into the floor vent.
  17. Kill the first guard, then drop down the vent. Hit the gong so the guard comes out, then drop down on him. Keep heading in.
  18. Climb onto the left side of the main room and shoot a dart at the gong so the guard looks down. Come up behind him, then head into the vent.
  19. Wait for the guard to come back into the room and turn his back. Then turn on the switch. Get into the ceiling vent, then teleport below the sniper. Come up behind the sniper and kill him, then the guard above you. There is one last guard in the room on the right. Drop down on him.
  20. Go back to the main room. Turn the gears so that the lights face the faces opposite of them. This will move the suit’s arms and you can get the lever.
  21. Some of the advanced guards will enter the room. Before you run away, I suggest poisoning one of them with your darts. Then go right, up above the room, and come down on the left to go the way you came in.

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