Mark of the Ninja Walkthrough

Table of Contents

Breaching the Perimeter

  1. Start the level by following Ora’s directions and disabling the lasers by shooting the power boxes with darts. Do this for the first room, then the second. In the third room you come to, peek through the door, then open and hide in the vase until the laser passes. When you get the chance, hold right on the left analog stick and move into the next piece of cover. Grapple up to the ceiling.
  2. In the third room where Ora tells about how guards (or their bodies) disable the security system, wait for the guard, then drop down on him, and drag his body through the security laser. Go down the vent.
  3. Drop down below through the vents. Wait for the guard to turn around, then walk into the room and go into the floor vent. Disable the security system and then kill the guard when he has his back turned.
  4. Once you get outside, grapple to the second light directly above the guard, then drop down and kill him. Move the body to the left, out of the light. Stealthily continue to the right. There’s a guard above on the catwalk, and another on the bottom. Kill the one on the bottom first but hide in the crate. Then grapple to the position above, and wait for the second catwalk guard to pass before jumping up and killing the one who only looks to the left. Then jump up and kill the second guard. The last guard is the easiest. Just hide in the cover, then wait for him to turn his back.
  5. Head into the vent and drop down to disable the power supply. Move into the floor vent.
  6. Drop down through the vent system and use the noisemaker to get the guard to turn around. After you dispatch him, continue to the right and follow the directions to disable the power for the dangling cords.
  7. Move into one of the doorways and stay hidden. Throw a noisemaker to the right to get him to turn around, then kill him. If you go to the ceiling vent there’s a challenge area, or, you can continue onwards.
  8. Move to the right and avoid the first lasers. Hide in the doorway, then hold right on the left analog stick and press B to transfer to the other doorway really quickly. Throw a noisecracker at the guards to get them to turn to the right. Kill the guard first on the lower level then the other on the upper level. Go up the ceiling vent and disable the power supply. Go up the ceiling vent.
  9. Dispatch the first guard below you by waiting for him to walk into the room. Then drop down and kill him. The next guard is even easier, just go into the floor vents below him, then jump up and kill him when he’s above you. Go to the right and hide in the room. Use the noisemaker to distract the guard, then kill him. Go to the roof above the room and dispatch the three guards there. Keep heading to the right.
  10. Kill the first two guards by hiding in the pots and waiting for them to pass by. The second guard you need to distract with a noisemaker.
  11. In the next room, a guard is patrolling outside of the door. You’ll need to wait for him by hiding in the pot.
  12. Go up the ceiling vent. Kill the first guard, then distract the second. A third will come from the left so hide the two bodies and grapple to the ceiling and wait for him to pass to kill him.
  13. Go all the way to the left and go up the ceiling vent. Where it splits off, go to the left, then come into the room with the two guards and throw a noisemaker to the right. Dispatch both, then go to the right and climb up the side of the building.
  14. Kill the first guard after the second turns around. Then stash the body in the floor vent. Jump to the ceiling or hide behind the pot for the second guard. Hide his body too. Move to the next room but you need to kill the guard above you first. Grapple up, then jump up to come up behind the guard on the second level. Kill him, then drop down and kill the other guard.
  15. If you drag one of the guard’s body’s the left, then kill the guard behind the door. Throw his body off the roof, then climb up the side of the building to go into a vent. It’ll take you back to the same room, but go up the ceiling vent.

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