Mark of the Ninja Walkthrough

Table of Contents

The Trail of Shadow

  1. Lower yourself from the first grapple position and jump to the right, then drop down below. For the two guards, there’s a couple different ways to kill them but I climbed along the ceiling and got behind the second guard while the first was turned, then went back to kill the other.
  2. After the two guards, you can climb along the left wall to get to an artifact.
  3. Go back down to the next room. Either distract and kill the dog first, or climb along the ceiling to kill the guard then the dog.
  4. Keep moving, kill the lone guard and hide his body and move on. Jump down and kill the guard when he turns around, then distract and kill the dog.
  5. Hide the two bodies. Then climb up the side of the next room to go above it. You can then drop down through the vent and get the two guards or go the long way around to the right. There are two guards on top of the building. Kill the first when he’s turned away and out of the light, then head up and to the left to go to the next area.
  6. Once you get into the building, kill the first guard. The second level is optional because if you do go through the doors, a laser will kill you. But if it’s worth getting the artifact then go for it. Go up to the third level.
  7. There is a guard all the way on top of the building. Kill him first, then go back to the right. Distract the flare guard, kill him, and move below. There are two guards below.
  8. GO into the floor vent to go to the challenge room, or go back and climb to the ceiling. Kill the first guard, then go to the left to kill the guard in the room. Continue on to meet up with Ora.
  9. Drop all the way to the bottom to get the artifact, then go to the right through the vents. There are two guards, then head through the vents to the right to get another artifact. If you keep following the vents you’ll come up behind the flare guard. Then kill the two guards to the left, and then head back to the room above the flare guard. There are three guards above it. Drop through the vent once the guards are killed.
  10. Spider dangle down, then shoot the electric circuit to turn off the lasers and head right. Wait for the guard to pass, then drop down behind the dog and kill it quickly. There are two guards to the right.
  11. Drop down, retrieve the smoke bomb and then climb up the wall on the right to the vent. Use the smoke bombs next to the lasers to get past them.
  12. Start following the target. Avoid being seen. Follow him from above, then when you get to the second building jump to the ground, climb to the roof, then go into the vent, using the smoke bomb to get past the lasers.
  13. Go back into the floor vents and head to the right, watch the target from the floor vent to make sure the guards leave before you get out of the vent. Leave it, then head to the right. Drop down, then run past the laser when it points to the other side of the room. Climb up to the ceiling to watch the target from the floor vent again.
  14. Wait for the target to pass and the dog to turn its back to grapple to the ceiling. Wait for the target to pass, then drop down and go down the vent behind the guard. Drop down to the laser system and drop below it to disable the security. Then go back to the ceiling above the sleeping guard to go inside the vent.
  15. Go to the floor vent on the far left. Use a smoke bomb to get past the laser, kill the guard, then run to the flower pot when the laser has turned. Go into the next room and kill the first guard quickly. The other guard will notice and run over. Hide in the doorway and kill him when he’s run over. Turn off the lights and grapple to the ceiling.
  16. Drop down and kill the hound. Unlock the door on the left and pull the lever to climb into the vent for the next part.
  17. For the next room, jump into the middle, and hold LT. Switch to your darts and take out both circuit boxes to take out the lasers. Then head down the floor vent.
  18. Where the vent splits off, go to the right. Dangle all the way down till you can hit the switch then go back to the forth and drop down on the target from the left. You know what to do next.
  19. Once the alarm is sounded, run to the right and drop down through the floor vent. Climb down the elevator shaft. Go into the vent and shoot the first light out, then the second. Drop down and kill the guard and dog, then press the button for the elevator. Climb back up the elevator shaft.
  20. Wait for the lasers to pass, then run to the first pot. Wait for them to swing to the side before you move and get across the room. Get into the shaft and dangle down to throw darts at the two lasers. Drop down and again and grapple to the second platform.
  21. Drop down to the third platform and jump to the right to leave the shaft. Wait for the guards to pass, then drop down and kill the guard with the dog. Then jump up and get the guard above before coming back around getting the last guard from the other side. Meet Ora at the very end of the level.

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