Mark of the Ninja Walkthrough

Table of Contents

A Change in Course

  1. Head to the left. Follow Ora through the vent and get the spike mine. Throw the spike mine when the guard passes, making sure he doesn’t hear it. Then go left and drop down to the pot you can hide behind. Shoot the birds nest and kill the guard when he comes.
  2. Move into the room. Move past the sound detector the same way as the lasers. Wait for them to point elsewhere before moving out of cover to the next piece of cover. Grapple up to avoid being detected and keep moving left down the stairs.
  3. Wait for the motion sensor to pass, then grapple to above the guards. Climb the ceiling and take out the two electrical circuits to drop down on the remaining guard and dog. Go into the vent in the wall to the left. Climb up the elevator shaft to the second vent.
  4. Drop down on the first guard and hide his body next to the artifact. Then wait for the second guard to turn around before coming for him too. Press B to turn on the electrical generator.
  5. Climb up the elevator shaft. Go left and avoid the laser. Run under the second one and shoot the circuit from below before heading left and outside. There is an artifact all the way at the left. Go back to the building and climb up the outside of it to climb in through the vent. Open the door when the laser isn’t on you. Get to the first cover, and move to the second one when the vertical laser moves at you from the left. Wait for the lasers to pass before going down the floor vent.
  6. Get the artifact then drop down into the room. Go into the room to the left when the lasers pass and shoot the circuit with a dart. Open the gas vents and move back to the right for the elevator shaft.
  7. Go to the first vent on the right. Hang above the guard and kill him when he turns to the left, then grapple back to the ceiling. Go into the vent. Hang above the second guard, and wait for the guard and the motion sensor to go back to the right before dropping down on the second guard. Go back into the vent and go above the dog. Drop down on the dog and hide in the flower pot until the dog has its back turned.
  8. Turn on the gas, then head back into the ceiling vent. Go up and grapple to the perch. Shoot darts at the top light while above the patrol and at the light above the soldier to the right simultaneously.
  9. Drop down and kill the guard to the right, then go all the way to the left to kill the guard and kill the power. At this point I climbed back into the elevator shaft and decided to go back to the gas vent that I missed below.
  10. Go into the first room. Then turn off the power switch. The guard will turn his back to turn the switch on behind him. Then go into the ceiling vent. Drop down on the guards and turn off the light. Kill the first guard and pull him away from the light. Then grapple to the ceiling and wait for the second guard to come back. Kill him then go past the motion sensor to the floor vent.
  11. In the next room, drop down on the guard, then down a level to get past the motion sensors. Then go to the left and wait for the guard at the left to turn around before coming up from behind. Drop down on the guard, then run up to the dog. Go back to the left and pick the lock to the gas vent. Go back to the left for the next vent.
  12. Enter the next room and grapple to the ceiling. Wait for both guards to turn then kill the one on the right. Grapple to the ceiling, then drop down and kill the guard to the left. Use smokescreen to open the vent.
  13. Climb up the side of the building and go to the next room. Shoot a dart ad the circuit breaker and go back into the elevator shaft.
  14. Climb up to the second vent. Then go through the vents to the room with the moving laser. When the laser passes, grapple to the first ledge, then the second, then shoot the circuit with your dart. Turn off the laser and open the vent. Back to the elevator shaft.
  15. Go up to the rooftop and shoot darts at the electric targets around the hanging object. Run to the right to escape the fire. Grapple to the right, then throw a smoke bomb down in front of the guard. Jump down, then drag his body through the laser to get past the security and shoot the circuit box.

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