Mark of the Ninja Walkthrough

Table of Contents

The Fall of Hessian Tower

  1. Start off the level by grappling above the first guard and throwing a smoke bomb down at him. Drop down and then drag his body past the lasers. Shoot the circuit box above you to move to the next room.
  2. Run to the first doorway when the laser passes, then hold right on the analog stick and press B when the laser passes by again. Wait a third time for the laser to pass, then grapple to the ledge, and then up through the ceiling.
  3. For the next room, just jump up through the vent and hide in the pot immediately. Wait for the guard to pass by. Then hide his body in the vent. Go to the left and turn the switch on, go back to the pot. Wait for the guard to walk up to the switch then hide his body in the vent too.
  4. Unlock the door to the next room, then stash the guard’s body in the vent. Crawl on the ceiling to get to the next room. Grapple to the ledge to the right and fall behind the guard. Drag his body back over to the vent to drop it, turn off the motion sensors and the lights on at the same time. Then go above and kill the shielded guard. Do the same with his body.
  5. Go back up and shoot the circuit box. If you go through the floor vent instead, there’s another challenge room. Continue to the next room and go up through the ceiling vent.
  6. Go back to the original room, three guards will enter so stay in the pot on the second level on the right side of the room. Wait for the shield guard, then grapple above the second guard. Go back to the pot and drop down on the right side on the third guard.
  7. Shoot the circuit box, then go into the vent and wait for the guard. Climb along the ceilng, and drop behind the second guard. Press the switch for the motion detector, and get the first guard.
  8. Go out the vent and go up along the outside of the building. Kill the guard through the door.
  9. Avoid the lasers. First grapple to the second level, then drop and hang on the ceiling of the second level. Grapple to the second ledge, then dangle, and grapple to the next ledge. Crawl up on the outside of the building. Get back inside through the vent and time the passing between the lasers.
  10. After the cinematic, wait for the spotlight to pass the guard to walk below you before dropping down. Go to the right and press the button, then go to the center of the room, and crawl along the ceiling to get the second guard. Shoot the circuit box and continue on.
  11. Before you go to the next room, drop down into the floor vent. Through a smoke bomb at the two guards and kill them, then grapple to the first ledge, then to the second ledge to get the third guard.
  12. Go back down and kill the circuit box to move past the next door. Go up into the ceiling vent to where the sniper is.
  13. Go left and wait for the lasers to pass over you before you grapple to the ceiling. Kill the guard, then drag his body to get past the laser. Then go to the switch and move the box in front of the sniper’s line of sight. Drop down and go to the floor vent to the right. Climb up along the outside of the building. Grab the artifact.
  14. The next room has a circuit box. Turn off the power, then drop down on the sniper. Grapple to the ceiling vent.
  15. Go to the floor vent on the very right. Use the switch to move the box in front of the light, then climb along the ceiling to turn off the power. Kill the guard and keep moving to the left.
  16. Unlock the door and move to the vent above you when the guard has his back turned. Go through the ceiling vent and kill the sniper. Use the switch,then shoot the circuit box and grapple to the ceiling.
  17. Avoid the lasers then go all the way to the right and do the same to the sniper and the switch. Go back to the center of the room and shoot all of the “high voltage” supports.
  18. If you don’t land directly on him, finish him off.

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