Mark of the Ninja Walkthrough

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An Ancestral Home

  1. Start the level by going through the vent and the guard. Go back and kill him if you choose. Continue to the right, but wait for a flash of lightning before you open the door to the next room. Hide behind the box, wait for a flash, then jump above him and shoot out the light to drop down on the guard.
  2. Go up and kill the third guard, then go into the building through the vent above.
  3. Pull the middle lever, the other two will kill you.
  4. Crawl up the side vent and dispatch the first guard after a flash of lightning. Leave the vent and wait in the first cover before the guard turns to the right. Keep going all the way to the right so you can turn off the power and sneak up on the next guards.
  5. After you get the second group of guards, grapple above the third group of guards. Crawl on the ceiling to drop behind the guard on the right standing still, then grapple to above the active guard to drop behind him. You might lure him with the first dead body if he turns around.
  6. Hold B and the left analog stick to the left to move the barrier out of the way. Crawl along the vents, then drop down and hang on the ceiling in the first room. Wait for the guard to walk to the right before dropping down, then get rid of the dog. Head to the left.
  7. Open the door. If you do this right he’ll notice you, but just hide behind the pot and wait for him to walk past before coming out of cover. Then keep going to the left and go down the floor vent. Drop down on the sleeping guard, and drag his body through the laser security system.
  8. Head to the right, unlock the door and go into the floor vent before the guard turns around. Wait for him to walk above you. Go down and get the artifact and turn off the power. Then go back up and time the lasers. Run between them and disable them before they reactivate.
  9. Go into the vent. If you go up, you need to throw a smoke bomb at the guard and dog before you go on, but if you go right you can come up behind the guard and the dog.
  10. Head up. If you go the left there is a scroll. Stay out of the spotlight and use the pots as cover to get close to the guard. Then go down the vent into the room to collect the scroll. Keep going right, when you get to a space on your map that keeps going down, there is another scroll. Drop to the very bottom and push the box in front of the lasers to go past them.
  11. Keep going right. When you get to the point where there is a box, push it underneath the ledge and jump on top of it to keep going up. There is one guard above you, just grapple to behind him.
  12. If you look on your map there is tall room beneath you, just drop down into it to get the artifact, then grapple back up and out. Keep heading to the right. There is one guard on the ground level, then drop below and use a smoke bomb to dispatch the two guards on the bottom. Head into the vents on the right.
  13. Wait for each laser to dissipate before you grapple up. Move the box to the left and jump around it, then move into the next room. Head down and to the right into the catacombs.
  14. Wait for the guard to head in your direction in the sewer area. Keep heading to the left, and when you drop down, move the box to the right. Jump above and crawl to the left. There is a challenge room there.
  15. There is a vent that the box you moved covered. Go into it and then go right until you reach a vent. Go down.
  16. Move the box left and go into the vent to turn off the power to the lasers. Then go back to the main room and grapple through the lasers when the coast is clear. For the second laser, wait for the walking guard to go the other direction before you drop, then pick the lock and disable the power generator.
  17. Go beneath the room into the vents. Move the box, and keep heading to the left. Come out of the vent, then grapple to the ledge, but it breaks so don’t stay on it for too long. Go left, you actually need to jump out, then grapple up at the last second before you hit the lasers.
  18. Then go up into the room and flick the switch to turn off the lasers. Then go down. Before you turn off the power generator, throw down caltrops. Then turn off the power generator and grapple back up. Dangle, then throw down a smoke bomb and dispatch all three guards. Don’t forget to go left to collect the artifact. Return to the main room and keep turning the gear so you can drop down into the catacombs.

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