Mark of the Ninja Walkthrough

Table of Contents

Above a Bottomless Chasm

  1. Start off the level by climbing downwards. Watch out for the grapple points because they disappear after a few seconds. Climb up the tunnel past the first vent.
  2. When you get to the first room, run across the floor because it disappears. Then grapple to the first dissolving grapple point, and then climb on the ceiling. Grapple to the next point, then jump to the ledge. Keep heading right through the vents. When you get to the first one, push the big box the right. If you keep heading right, there is another box that if you push right, there is an artifact below.
  3. Drop down below. When you get to the poison fog, there is an artifact to the left that you can run to get to, then go right and grapple up to get outside of the poison fog.
  4. Keep heading right. When you get to a lever, pull it and wait for the crate to get to the door, then pull the lever again to stop the crate. Grapple to the crate and pick the lock to get through the door.
  5. Pull the lever to bring the crate in front of you, then pull it again and grapple to it to ride on it. Hang onto the side of the crate so that the ceiling doesn’t push you off and so you’re not in the poison gas either.
  6. Ride the crate past the guards, then drop above and run to the ledge of the platform. Grapple past to the top of the room. Grab onto the ceiling and crawl past the two guards to drop on the other side of the door.
  7. Pull the lever to call up the crate, then ride it to get through the lasers. Throw caltrops at the guard below, then either go into the floor vents or keep going right to get rid of the next guard.
  8. Find a way into the building through the cargo passage. Go right, and drop down on the guard standing in front of the lever. Grapple up and dispatch the first two guards in the elevator shaft. Climb up the ceilings to reach them. Pull the lever and ride the cargo up into the building.
  9. Stay on the right side of the cargo so that the guard doesn’t see you. Drop down onto the floor, and get the sleeping guard before you pull the lever and head up.
  10. First get on the right side of the cargo, then crawl onto the other side so that you’re hanging off the left. Crawl back to the top and grapple to the wall and climb up the duct. Grapple back to the cargo and ride it to the top, then get off and into the vent.
  11. Pull the lever and ride the bottom of the crate to get past the first lasers, then jump off and leave the crate blocking the first vertical lasers. Go to the next lever and ride the second cargo to where you can head right by crawling on the ceiling.
  12. Keep heading left, then go to the bottom of the next room. Turn on the lever. Wait for the first guard to come from the right, then keep going up levels and killing guards until you get to the door. Wait in one of the doorways until the guards pass, and then when time is up, grapple to the ceiling.

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