Mark of the Ninja Walkthrough

Table of Contents

The Inner Keep

  1. Open the door and grapple to the first ledge, then grapple over to the second. Wait for the guard and dog to walk the furthest apart, then jump down to the floor vent and drop in.
  2. Push the box to the right, then climb up the vent. Shoot the light out with your dart then wait for the flare guard to walk over you.
  3. Go up the vent and drop behind the sniper before you jump behind the next guard. When you get into the next room, go up the ceiling vent. There is a sleeping guard and then another outside the door. Climb up the building when you’re through with them.
  4. Wait for guard to start walking to the right before you come behind him. Drop down the ledge to the right and get the sniper before the two guards patrol outside the door. Use a poison dart on one of the guards so that they kill each other.
  5. Go inside the room and come up behind the shield guard. Then go back out the door on the right and move into the next building.
  6. In the next section, drop down a level. Then keep walking right until you get to an elite guard. Unlock the floor vent, then drop down and come on the other side of the guard. Run around and make noise so that the guard comes out, then press B to electrocute him.
  7. Walk under the elite guard and the other guard. Keep going right. Drop down into the room, wait for the guard to walk to the right, and then climb into the ceiling vent. Turn on the poison gas, then go back to the other room to dispatch the last guard. This leads to a scroll.
  8. Go back to where you walked below the guard and the elite guard. Shoot the light with your dart so it falls on them. Push the box so it’s over the laser and then climb on the ceiling. There is a challenge room if you go all the way right. Otherwise, go up the ceiling vent. Kill the first guard above you and then turn off the light, Go back down into the floor vent and wait for the elite guard. Jump up to the ceiling but watch the elite guard on the second level.
  9. Crawl along the ceiling above the elite guard and continue on to the right. Go up the floor vent and wait for the guard to turn. Go outside, and hide in the pot until the lightning and elite guard pass. Drop down to the floor vent and unlock it. Once inside the vent, go left.
  10. Use a distraction flare to distract both guards then kill the first from the vent, then get the second. Pull the lever, then drag one of the guard’s bodies to the right. Disable the helicopter.
  11. Go back left, then grapple above the guards. Drop to the floor vents and get rid of the guards before you head left. There is a scroll below you before the level ends

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