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Shore Leave

  1. To begin the “Citadel” DLC, access the galaxy map on the Normandy, then head to the Citadel. Fly the Normandy over the Citadel. You’ll see “Visit Anderson’s Apartment”. Dock with the Citadel, then access the Personal Apartment level.
  2. Upon entering the apartment, Anderson will speak with Shepard and give him his apartment using it as a place to recharge. Explore the place. Inside you’ll find journal entries of Anderson scattered about the apartment. After you’re finished exploring go to the first floor, past the waterfall, into an office. Access the terminal on the desk. Joker wants you to go to a sushi place.
  3. Leave the apartment, head down the hallway and into the elevator. You’ll automatically head down to the sushi place named Ryuusei down in the Wards. When you get there, you’ll be escorted in by a French waiter. A French waiter! Head past the tables in the restaurant to meet with Joker.
  4. Soon enough, you’ll meet Staff Analyst Maya Brooks. She says there’s a plot to kill Shepard by an unknown group. A few minutes later, mercenaries bust into the restaurant looking for Shepard. They’ll take Brooks, while Shepard tells Joker to run for it.
  5. You’ll begin taking cover behind a table. You’ll have a pistol at your disposal, but not much ammo comes with it, so you’ll need to go for headshots. Your goal for this encounter is to take out the baddies, while pushing forward to save Brooks, who needs a revival. Just go for accurate shots and move from cover to cover until you reach her. If you run out of ammo, your only option is to go melee while using your tech powers or biotics if you have them.
  6. After saving Brooks, more mercs appear. Brooks will push Shepard out of the way and Shepard will fall through the floor below because it’s made of glass. After Shepard takes a tumble down the side of a building, you’ll be in control. Brooks says she fine as she took some medi-gel.
  7. Head down the leaky hallway. Jump from platform to the platform, then head down the ladder. Continue moving down each successive ladder. Shepard will notice a sky car lot across the way. That’s the destination.
  8. Once you reach the furthest down you can go, head inside the freezer room, then head up the ladder. At the top, jump from rooftop to rooftop. Head down the ladder into the marketplace. Mercs will be here. You can use the suppressor on your pistol to move through stealthily using the cover to hide.
  9. Keep moving down the marketplace and continue taking down the mercs as you move through. Grab the datapad by the EZ Meat vendor along with some ammo. Eliminate the rest of the mercs. Careful of the drones, they’ll deplete your shields entirely. Use the terminal in the room ahead with the orange shield barriers to grab some creds. Also grab the “Pistol Power Magnifier I” on the desk.
  10. Leave the room, then continue down the hallway. Grab the datapad and the creds next to the forklift as you move through. Enter the room on the left hand side. It’s labeled as Fishdog Food Shack. Access the creds on the desk, then head through the glass doors opposite the room.
  11. You’ll enter a walkway. Use the vertical billboards as cover as the walkway loops around to the left. Watch out for snipers and drones. Grab the dropped ammo as you move down. On the right hand side are shops that can be entered. Grab datapads and creds inside each one starting with “Kon Junction”. The third shop contains an “Assault Rifle Ultralight Materials I” upgrade on the shelf.
  12. Keep fighting through, then head through the door inside the “Service” room. Use the terminal to get more creds. Move past the sky cars toward the glass doors. You’ll see Ashley (or Kaiden?) take out the the enemies. They’ll end up joining the squad.
  13. Access the terminal before you head to the gate controls. The volus inside will eventually open the gate ahead. Head through and a shuttle will appear. It’s not friendly. Thankfully Wrex appears, to crash the party. He’ll join the squad after some heroics. He’ll also give you a Geth Spitfire.
  14. Defend this spot against an endless wave of mercs as Joker gets called in for extraction. There’s a timer on the top right notifying you when Joker will arrive. Simply head to the back of the shuttle when Joker gets there.

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2 Comments on Mass Effect 3: Citadel DLC Walkthrough


On May 26, 2013 at 3:00 pm

About the Citadel DLC…
After “part 5″ of this walkthrough, the DLC still continues (even though the walk through doesn’t talk about it). When you get back to the Normandy (after you think you’re done), then check your email on the Normandy. Go back to the Silversun Strip and your apartment for more fun (and keep checking email from the apartment for stuff).

Kevin Thielenhaus

On May 28, 2013 at 12:39 pm


Yep, there’s still plenty to discover in Citadel after completing the main story, but I felt the rest of the content didn’t need step-by-step instructions.

If you’re looking more on this DLC, everything else is listed on our cheats page:

There are articles on Easter Eggs, new romance options, and guides showing off a few tricks for completing the toughest combat arena challenges.