Mass Effect 3: Citadel DLC Walkthrough

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The Crew

  1. You’ll be back at the apartment after escaping the mercs. You’ll start chatting with Brooks about how got involved in this chaos. The goal. Figure out who is hacking officer’s IDs and shut them down. Liara then appears to help out, along with the rest of the crew that Joker brings in.
  2. Once you’re in control of Shepard, you can speak to each of your squadmates chilling inside the apartment. When you’re finished listening to what they have to say, or just don’t care, head to the kitchen on the first floor and talk with Liara to begin the next phase of the plan.
  3. It turns out that the weapon has been traced and leads to a casino owner named Elijah Khan. The plan is to talk to Khan while infiltrating his casino. He’ll be holed up in a panic room during a charity event, assisting war refugees. A perfect time to go in black tie. Brooks will talk herself into participating in the mission.
  4. From here, once the plan goes into effect, choose a single squadmate to join you. May I suggest taking Wrex because it’s been so long since he’s been outfitted as a squad member? And he looks awesome in a suit.
  5. Once inside the casino, Brooks will immediately head to the ventilation shaft. It’s upstairs. Since this is a covert mission, you’ll need to mingle with the guests. People you can talk to are marked, so listen to what they have to say while Brooks gets into position.
  6. After the first round of mingling, Brooks will usher you upstairs. Find her next to the grate leading to the shaft. The grate is near the neon sign that says “Silver Coast”.
  7. Brooks says there an alarm on the grate. From here, you’ll need to bypass it. You’ll get a resonance emitter lens, which lets you see security grids and wiring. Plus it makes your eyes glow like a vampire.
  8. Follow the blue wiring when you’re back in control. The panel you need to bypass is opposite the grate, past the dance floor. The camera up ahead is focused on the junction box you need to bypass. To disable the box, disable the camera first. You’ll know it’s disabled when the cone it emits is green. In that state, head to the junction box to disable the grate’s security.
  9. Brooks enters the grate into the shaft and is on her way. Continue mingling with the guests. You can even dance if you like, but you can also talk to Sha’ira, the asari consort from the first Mass Effect. She’s in one of the booths on the first floor.
  10. As Brooks moves through the shaft, she’ll end up directly above a security guard. You’ll need to distract the security guard. Do this by simply talking to the guard. Brooks then continues on as you continue to mingle.
  11. Brooks checks back in, saying she’s being confronted with a pressure pad and an obstruction detector ahead. She can’t disable them, so it’s up to you. Follow the red wiring from here. The first junction box to disable is in the roulette room and the other is in varren race room.
  12. In the roulette room, you’ll be watched by two guards. Press “Q” to let Wrex distract the guard as you bypass the junction box.
  13. In the varren race room, there will be a camera and a guard. Let Wrex distract the guard, while you bypass the camera first, then disable the junction box.
  14. As Brooks moves through, she trips a silent alarm. Quickly stall the guard that’s marked by waypoint, to let EDI fix the situation by signaling it’s a false alarm.
  15. Continue mingling as Brooks heads for the panic room. When Brooks radios in a final time, you’ll need to get to her to disable the security gate to the panic room. Follow the yellow wiring to get to Brooks. You’ll enter a room with two guards, two cameras and the junction box you need to bypass.
  16. Let your squadmate distract the lone guard that doesn’t patrol, then bypass the camera near the other patrolling guard. Bypass the other camera when the patrolling guard walks away, then access the junction box.
  17. You’ll enter the panic room. Unfortunately Khan isn’t able to speak and a transmission from a monitor appears above the fireplace. It’s the mysterious figure. Have a chat.
  18. Shepard then tells Brooks to pull out the data drives from the terminal, hopefully using it to track down the threat.

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2 Comments on Mass Effect 3: Citadel DLC Walkthrough


On May 26, 2013 at 3:00 pm

About the Citadel DLC…
After “part 5″ of this walkthrough, the DLC still continues (even though the walk through doesn’t talk about it). When you get back to the Normandy (after you think you’re done), then check your email on the Normandy. Go back to the Silversun Strip and your apartment for more fun (and keep checking email from the apartment for stuff).

Kevin Thielenhaus

On May 28, 2013 at 12:39 pm


Yep, there’s still plenty to discover in Citadel after completing the main story, but I felt the rest of the content didn’t need step-by-step instructions.

If you’re looking more on this DLC, everything else is listed on our cheats page:

There are articles on Easter Eggs, new romance options, and guides showing off a few tricks for completing the toughest combat arena challenges.