Mass Effect 3: Citadel DLC Walkthrough

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The Vaults

  1. You’ll be back in the apartment after what happened at the casino. Speak to your team to get their thoughts. When you’re ready, head back to the first floor kitchen, then talk to Brooks to get the gears rolling.
  2. After conversing and planning across the table, Shepard decides the entire team will be on board this time. The only thing you’ll have to do is pick who’ll take point with Shepard. The enemies in this mission will consist of shielded enemies and armored ones with physical shields, so choose accordingly.
  3. Once you get your feet on the ground, you’ll enter an ambush, complete with laser sights. Immediately take cover, then methodically clear the room. After taking out a few enemies, you’ll be interrupted by the mysterious man. It turns out, that man is Shepard. Apparently Cerberus decided to clone Shepard.
  4. After the revelation, glass crashes above, and you’re off to finish the job of actually clearing the room. Here’s where the energy shield guys come in. If you brought Tali, her drones can be used to distract the heavys, while you take shots at them from behind.
  5. Once the fight is over, search for ammo. Also, grab the “Shotgun Ultralight Materials I” on the desk by the hanging sparking wire. Once you’re done scouring the room, head to the door with the green access panel. You’ll cross a ramp. Ahead is desk. Access the terminal for creds, then move through blue barrier. Grab the “SMG Power Magnifier I” on the desk ahead next to the med pack. Head through the next door.
  6. You’ll enter a room full of cylindrical vaults as you see team Hammerhead and Mako move across the walkways. Move across the walkways yourself so you don’t feel left out. You’ll see some stairs leading up. A platform comes down as you make your approach. Take out the duo of enemies ahead, then get on the platform. Afterward, get inside the vault after the shields go down. When it stops, don’t forget to pick up the M-7 Lancer.
  7. When the vault stops, move out across another segment of walkways. Head up the stairs then drop down. You’ll be waking on top of individual vaults to get to the next walk way. Naturally, you’ll be fending off enemies as you push forward over multiple walkways and vaults.
  8. When you reach “Section 3 – AR 028″, team Mako will be in need of assistance. Defend them from up top, then drop down the walkway as you provide covering fire for the rest of the team. They’ll reciprocate.
  9. You’ll be in the archive rooms, where holograms seem to represent moments in history. You can watch if you like, but when you’re ready head for the door. Move down the ramp into more archives. Continue moving down to meet more enemies. Take them out inside this office area. There are tons of places for cover so choose how you want to move through. When the enemies are gone, move past the pillar that has the huge 3 on it, then move through the door across the room.
  10. Head down the stairs, then through an orange lit hallway that swings left. Take out the enemies near the holograms as you move through the length of the hallway. When the hallways opens up into another office area, more baddies will appear. Eliminate them.
  11. Scouring the room on the right hand side will net you a terminal and a “Sniper Rifle High-Velocity Barrel I”. Once they’re down for the count, enter the door near the glitching hologram room. Emerging from the room, an ATLAS appears on the walkway. Take it out quickly.
  12. Head up the stairs after grabbing the medkit. Follow the walkways. Up ahead, you’ll see a ladder near where the fight begins. You can use it to get the height advantage. As the fight continues, shielded heavys will appear. When the fight is over, head to the door past the crates.
  13. Continue moving through the rooms as well as the hologram rooms. Neutralize the enemies occupying the room, then keep moving upstairs. There’s 3 levels in all in this section numbered “5 AR 037″. When you see team Mako, heavys will ambush you. Take them out before they know what hit them. To get to the third floor, enter the door past the hologram of the Citadel.
  14. Move through the third floor as you pass by a Shepard hologram. Head through the door ahead past the semi-blinding spotlight. Keep pushing through and you’ll get caught in a trap. You’ll be inside a vault. You’ll then learn that the cloned Shepard decides to take the Normandy for himself.
  15. Without much room to breathe, Joker lands after Glyph helps you escape, and you’ll immediately choose two squad members for the next mission.

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2 Comments on Mass Effect 3: Citadel DLC Walkthrough


On May 26, 2013 at 3:00 pm

About the Citadel DLC…
After “part 5″ of this walkthrough, the DLC still continues (even though the walk through doesn’t talk about it). When you get back to the Normandy (after you think you’re done), then check your email on the Normandy. Go back to the Silversun Strip and your apartment for more fun (and keep checking email from the apartment for stuff).

Kevin Thielenhaus

On May 28, 2013 at 12:39 pm


Yep, there’s still plenty to discover in Citadel after completing the main story, but I felt the rest of the content didn’t need step-by-step instructions.

If you’re looking more on this DLC, everything else is listed on our cheats page:

There are articles on Easter Eggs, new romance options, and guides showing off a few tricks for completing the toughest combat arena challenges.