Mass Effect 3: Leviathan DLC Walkthrough

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The Mining Facility

  1. Upon landing, move forward, then head down the ramp ahead. You’ll reach an elevator. Activate it.
  2. When you reach the bottom, you’ll see a couple of marauders and a highly armored brute. Take cover here and strategically take them out. Remember, marauders have shields and the huge brute has high armor. If you need ammo, head toward the right side of the room, past the seats to find an ammo box.
  3. As you move deeper in this lobby area, you’ll see a set of stairs on the left. There’s another brute there. You should be able to take it down from a distance before it closes in. Use any incendiary rounds or armor piercing rounds if you have it.
  4. Head up the stairs. In the corner are some crates where you can replenish your ammo, plus grab a med-kit. Afterward, bypass the door ahead, then enter the next one as you move through the short corridor. A cut-scene will begin showing the workers are a little too comfortable with the recent threat Shepard has dipatched.
  5. After the cut-scene, which include some dialogue choices, you’re free to look around the area. Take note of the broken elevator. You’ll be facing a small set of stairs when you’re back in control. Head up, then head left.
  6. Access the “Repair Drone Terminal” by the door. Keep close with the drone as you guide it to the elevator. The doors will open. Head through, then access the elevator.
  7. Exit the elevator. You’ll see two doors, one in front of you, and one to the right. They both lead to the mineral lab. Head through the one in front of you. Enter the room, and hug the wall to your right. You’ll see bookshelves. Use the terminal to grab some creds. There is also a table with plants on it with a datapad. Use that as well to get more creds.
  8. Move into the next room through the open doors. It will narrow down into a corridor. As you move past the room, take note of the terminal on the right with the black background and white lines indicating a map of the area.
  9. Follow the corridor, then bypass the door at the end. When you head through, you’ll see people gathered around a small galaxy map. Examine the datapad by the rock, then head up the stairs to enter the door ahead, labeled “Sector 4″. Enter the room, then make a right.
  10. Enter the office behind glass windows to grab a datapad. The door next to the windowed room is where you need to go, but won’t allow you inside just yet. Head back to the room with small galaxy map, then enter the door behind it. Examine the datapad. You’ll hear Garneau’s recording. You can also pick up a “SMG High-Velocity Barrel II” in this storage room.
  11. You’ll now need to find the security console. Remember the monitor with the black background with the map displayed on it? That’s the security console. After accessing it, head for the medical bay, the door previously locked next to the windowed room. Wait for one of your party members to open it.
  12. Head inside, then make a left. You’ll see a body inside one of the shadowed rooms. Access it for a cut-scene and some dialogue choices. You’ll find out that Garneau is being controlled by Leviathan. After the interesting sequence is over, you’ll start chasing Garneau.
  13. Bypass the door he just locked, along with a second one. Head up the ladder on the right, where the game will load. Move down the ramp, then head down the ladder. Head left, take cover, and wait for the husks to approach. Take them out.
  14. Keep moving forward, then jump over the gap. Turn right, then hop over the barrier while collecting a “SMG Mass Pulse Recoil System II”. Drop down, take cover, look left, and take out some more husks.
  15. Keep moving forward. You’ll see Garneau up ahead, along with the “Mines” as your waypoint. Take cover in this medium scale battlefield. Groups of enemies will emerge on the ground and up in the balcony: including Ravagers, marauders, husks and eventually two banshees. There is a Reaper Blackstar on the left hand side under the balcony.
  16. When you’ve thinned out the herd, head to the “Mines” waypoint. Before accessing the door, head down the hallway and grab a “Pistol Cranial Trauma System II” and medi-gel.
  17. Now use the door. In the cut-scene, the door’s power supply shuts down. Shepard accesses a drone to repair the damage. There are two trouble spots. Guide the drone to both spots while fighting off enemies.
  18. Head back to the door and head through to initiate a cut-scene. You’ll hear Garneau tell you to turn back before he triggers a detonator. You’ll talk to the miners after they’ve been let out of their trance.
  19. Time to head back to Bryson’s lab.

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7 Comments on Mass Effect 3: Leviathan DLC Walkthrough


On August 28, 2012 at 10:31 am

There should be an article that says is this worth buying because mass effect 3 sure wan’t.


On August 28, 2012 at 10:38 am


Keep watching the front page, we’ll have a review up soon!


On August 28, 2012 at 7:17 pm

Hum lee, despite the flaws of the endings of Mass Effect 3 the game itself is still worth buying and for me the Leviathan DLC is a good addition to ME3 if your still a fan of the franchise.

Myself i have two copies of Mass Effect 3 one on Xbox360 and the other on PS3. It not because i’m a tool to Bioware but i’m still a big fan of the Mass Effect series and also because i bought the two games at the same time before playing it.

Jim Henman

On August 29, 2012 at 5:59 am

Wesker1984 – no, you are a tool for BioWare. You’ve made that abundantly clear with your repeated ad hominem attacks on other users who disliked aspects of the game or its ending, going so far as to say that Gamefront’s article on the reasons why fans hated the ending was “Gamefront’s own unique interpretation” as opposed to the collective anger of tens of thousands of gamers, and while commenting on stories that you claim that you don’t care about. You are literally the last person on here (apart from maybe Lilith or Hunter) that can give an objective analysis of the DLC.

Frankly, given how much EA has gone out of its way to spit on the foundations of the series in order to appeal to the casual market, and BioWare’s spineless acceptance of this fate as well as their outright lying over the nature of the product they were selling, coupled with the months-long systematic slander of anyone with a critical eye from those in the mainstream media whose very job it is to scrutinise these things, I don’t know why anyone would ever want to spend so much as another second on any of this dross. Even the original Mass Effect is difficult to enjoy any more, knowing how badly it was ripped apart. Still, as long as it sells copies to the testosterone junkies and pretentious bellends who think that manipulative musical cues and fiat drama is a good substitute for an actual plot and development, it looks like we can ‘enjoy’ more of the same. Whoop de do.

Leviathan is what it is. A DLC pack for a flawed game. It’s fun to play but it’s not going to challenge you, either with its difficulty or its narrative. Whether or not you think it’s worth playing depends on whether you want to go back to a universe that has been irreversibly tarnished, and whether you want to forgive BioWare for all the crap they’ve pulled over the course of this year. Even if you can forgive BioWare for being spineless hypocrites, do you really want to put more money into EA’s pockets? If none of that bothers you then go ahead, I played it at a friend’s house and it’s a decent enough pack on a purely individual basis.


On August 31, 2012 at 8:33 pm

Are you blind Jim? I clearly said ”For ME it worth buying”. And even if i’m a tool for both Bioware or Capcom what it change in your life? This is my problem not yours. I take whatever those two compagnies who have developed my two favorite franchise will throw at me. It because i’m a renegade blinded hardcore fan.

And for your information i never said it was ”gamefront unique interpretation” and i was part of the collective anger of tens of thousands of gamers before the release of the Extended Cuts. I even participed on the Retake Mass Effect 3 movement and i know exactly the angry fans are the majority. But after the release of the Extended Cuts i realised i liked so much Mass Effect 3 as a game and my only problem was the flawed endings who is now potable and not so bad with the nice extended cuts added.

Its clear you dont know me and your making judgement on me just by readings my incoherent babling comments.


On September 20, 2012 at 9:40 am

Do you really need to number every individual event, including cutscenes? I came here because I don’t want to watch an entire video guide on how to do it, I want to be able to see which filter I’m missing. This is just as much as an information overload, though, in a mass of text. Also, the info is wrong. Prothean Artifacts doesn’t seem to be a valid filter in my game. Maybe it’s different from game to game but it feels like you should check this first.


On January 30, 2013 at 7:01 pm

If you keep talking to to James on the Last Stop at Bryson’s Lab eventually you will be able to interact with the husk head. You will then have the option of taking it back to the Normandy.