Mass Effect 3: N7 Mission Locations & Rewards

Ready to bring the fight to Cerberus? Throughout Mass Effect 3, minor conflicts will erupt, and these short but sweet side missions will appear on your galactic map. While not as meaty as other missions, they do involve a ton of combat, and offer some sweet rewards for your effort. If you want to complete every Citadel Mission, prepare yourself and look for the important items listed below.

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SPOILER WARNING: Mass Effect 3 Spoilers Ahead!

N7 Missions

Cerberus Lab

  • Prerequisite: Control of the Normandy. Check your e-mail for messages from Admiral Hacket to receive this mission.
  • Important Items: Failed Medi-Gel Experiment, Sniper Rifle Enhanced Scope
  • Objective: Collect Reaper Artifacts and extract.
  • Multi-Map: Glacier

Cerberus Attack

  • Prerequisite: During the Tuchanka: Turian Platoon mission.
  • Important Items: Old Grid Schematics, Armax Arsenal Gauntlets
  • Objective: Capture the control room, restore power, and retake the control room to activate the cannons.
  • Multi-Map: Giant

Cerberus Abductions

  • Prerequisite: During the Attican Traverse: Krogan Team mission.
  • Important Items: Dog Tag, Capacitor Helmet
  • Objective: Secure the area and escort civilians to safety.
  • Multi-Map: Ghost

Cerberus Fighter Base

  • Prerequisite: After completion of the Priority: Tuchanka missions.
  • Important Items: Heating Unit Schematics, Pistol Magazine Upgrade
  • Objective: Secure the area, disable the area defenses, and clear out remaining Cerberus soldiers.
  • Multi-Map: White

Fuel Reactor

  • Prerequisite: After completion of the Priority: Perseus Veil missions.
  • Important Items: Medical Treatment Plan, Rosenkov Materials Chestplate
  • Objective: Investigate area, defeat the ambush, restart the reactor, and clean up.
  • Multi-Map: Reactor

Communication Hub

  • Prerequisite: After completion of Priority: Horizon.
  • Important Items: Cerberus Codes, Ariake Technologies Greaves
  • Objective: Disable hacking devices.
  • Multi-Map: Dagger

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