Mass Effect 3: Omega DLC Walkthrough

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The Invasion of Omega

  1. To begin Mass Effect 3′s Omega DLC head to the Citadel, then enter Dock 42. You’ll meet a batarian, who will then direct you to Aria T’Loak, who is riding inside a shuttle. When you enter the shuttle, she’ll inform you that she wants to take Omega back. After participating in some dialogue, she’ll also mention a one General Oleg Petrovsky, the leader of the Cerberus occupation.
  2. After the mission details, you’ll be back on the Normandy. Access the galaxy map, then enter orbit around the Citadel. Fly toward Aria’s Fleet to dock with her vessels. Before you meet Aria again, you’ll be able to change your weapon loadout as well as upgrade abilities.
  3. Aria will be given a clean slate so you can distribute her powers however you wish. Flare is great for clustered groups, Reave is good against barriers and armor, and Lash will pound enemies to the ground, like a whip. Once finished, you’ll board the ship and continue the dialogue with Aria.
  4. You won’t be in control until you crash land on Omega, so at this point, watch the sweet space battle taking place outside of Omega. Once you crash inside, it’ll be just you and Aria against some foot soldiers. There are assault troopers and centurions (shields).
  5. Push forward to clear the hangar bay. There are ammo stashes laid out on both sides if you need ammo. When the area is clear, head toward the blast door with Aria. Grab the medkits on each side of the hangar bay right before the blast door console, then access the console to start the lift. Take cover as it moves up.
  6. Clear the next area with a great view of the outside battle going on around Omega. Take note of the guardians using shields. Once clear, enter the door on the right hand side. Before you enter, grab the “Assault Rifle High-Velocity Barrel”. Enter the elevator, then access the panel.
  7. Upon exiting the elevator, follow the corridors. You’ll see a sign above that says “Solar Electronics”. Move through the door and take cover, as you clear the marketplace. Head toward the end of the room, toward the “Defense System”. Aria will hack the door, but it needs to be re-pressurized. Take cover and defend the area as a wave of enemies arrive.
  8. Once the room has been fully pressurized, head through the doors. You’ll see a crashed pod in the corridor. Push forward to the next room, the defense station. You’ll face troopers, centurions, combat engineers and guardians.
  9. When the defense station is clear, head to the console with the hologram of Omega, then access the panel to gain back control of the defense system. During the cut-scene you can perform a renegade response to shoot a camera. If you’re going paragon, wait it out and Aria will do it. The push to take Omega isn’t over yet.

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