Mass Effect 3: Omega DLC Walkthrough

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Continuing the Push

  1. Head toward the rendezvous point after taking control of the defense system. Head inside the elevator, then use the panel. Upon exit, quickly access the wall safe on the left, then take cover by the counter. Eliminate the enemies ahead at the security checkpoint.
  2. Head down the stairs, then access the panel. You’ll have a nice view of the Omega skyline. To the right you’ll notice a red force field. Up ahead is a red shuttle. Check the body for credits and a “Pistol Heavy Barrel” nearby. Hang a left, then hop over the boxes as you see the narrow corridor up ahead with Aria’s crew. Eliminate the enemies stopping your progress in the corridor.
  3. Exit the corridor. You’ll pass by a shield pylon. Head down the stairs to the next elevator. Aria will recognize a mark from the Talon gang. Exit the elevator and move through the next corridor as you pass by some dead bodies. Head through the door.
  4. You’ll reach a broken walkway with crates that are on fire ahead. Drop down from the broken walkway. You’ll see one of Aria’s crew, a vorcha, examine the red force field. He won’t make it, due to a new enemy on the battlefield, the rampart mech. It’s armored up, so use your armor-piercing or incendiary rounds to kill it faster. Once the mechs are dealt with, follow Aria to the force field.
  5. She’ll show you a secret way through. Hop over the counter to the supply room. Grab the “Shotgun High-Velocity Barrel I” on the desk in the middle of the room, then continue down the ladder. Aria will meet an old friend, Nyreen, a female turian. She’ll join the squad. When you’re in control, head to the squad menu to distribute skill points. She has a skill named biotic protector, that applies a shield on herself at the expense of moving, shooting or using powers.
  6. Move through the room and grab the “N7 Valkyrie” before you exit. Keep following the corridors until you reach a ladder. Climb up and you’ll reach a lobby with a courtyard. An Atlas is ahead. Fire on the ground troops surrounding the Atlas as well. When the “engineer” appears, take him out as quickly as you can. It will trigger the need to access the gun turrets which will help you.
  7. However, the turrets will be on the far side, so you’ll have to cut a swath through some enemies as you move ahead. Take the left side of the courtyard as it will lead to the turret that you need to access, plus it will provide ample cover.
  8. When you can manage to access the cannons, do so quickly. It will end the battle right then and there, triggering a cut-scene as the trio head inside Aria’s Bunker. Inside the bunker, Nyreen, Shepard and Aria will chat for a bit.
  9. With things relatively safe inside the bunker, head to Aria to continue to take back the Omega facility.

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