Mass Effect 3: Omega DLC Walkthrough

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Aria’s Bunker

  1. Talk to Aria when you’re ready to begin. Her plan? To enter Talon territory and gain an alliance with them to repress the Cerberus occupation. You can chat with her for more information about the situation, including Nyreen.
  2. After the conversation, some of the doors have been magically opened. Move through the armory by following the now lit green doors. When you reach the last door, you’ll leave Aria’s Bunker with Aria.
  3. Follow the corridor when you’re in control again, then move across the walkways to the ladder ahead. When you reach the top use the “airlock”, then follow the air shaft that leads to Talon territory. You’ll reach a control room. Use the control switch for the generator, then access the “air seal” to open the rest of the shafts.
  4. Move down the ladder once you see the Talon Outpost. Move down the stairs, then through the door, down more stairs, then through another door. You’ll enter a room full of enemies with blinded windows on the right side. Clear the room as well as a cluster of enemies that arrive through the door across the way.
  5. Move through the next door with a med station ahead. Exit the room through the door. You’ll reach another room with a lone enemy in a lab. Shoot him, then his buddy. Enter the room with the terminals. Grab a datapad in here, then access the “Cerberus Lockdown” panel to deactivate it.
  6. You’ll hear the door across open with sirens blaring. Rampart mechs will arrive along with guardians. Take them out as they pour out of the door. Move down the room. On the right where a holographic map of the area is, is an injured turian. Revive him if you wish, then head through the door to the elevator.
  7. Upon exiting the elevator, make a right. Down the hallway, will be more enemies. Defend this area for a bit and let the enemies come to you, then move down the hallway. You’ll reach “04 Cargo”. As you move from cover to cover, take out the enemies in your path, then head up the small flight of stairs to the circular shuttle pad, after an enemy shuttle drops off more enemies.
  8. Defend this circular pad as you peer down the stairs. Another shuttle will arrive. Make use of this choke point. When the shuttle enemies have been taken care of, keep moving down to the next set of doors. Bypass them.
  9. You’ll reach a cut-scene with Cerberus operatives trying to get information from a Talon member. As this happens, Nyreen will be seen above and eliminate the group. She’ll now be in your party after she kicks all kinds of ass.
  10. Enter the elevator. It will ascend. Exit the elevator to the cargo processing room. When you enter, rampart mechs will arrive. Defend the initial area, then take out the enemies as they approach the bridge so your fire will be concentrated. An Atlas will then arrive. Give it everything you got to take it down. Grab some ammo before you head through the next door across the room.
  11. Enter the elevator. It will suddenly stop. Shoot the latch on the panel, then access it for a ladder to drop. Move around the elevator shaft. Continue to descend until you reach a door. Follow the corridor. You’ll enter a long walkway with the Talon Outpost just ahead. Grab the medkit, then divert your attention toward the Talon Outpost marker.
  12. Enemies will arrive across the corridor, including phantoms. Take note that there are two walkways in the area, both parallel to each other. The right most walkway contains a “Sniper Rifle Thermal Scope”. Grab some ammo along the way as you move down the narrow walkways.
  13. When you reach the end, the door will be jammed. Immediately face the opposite direction and you’ll see snipers above shooting at you from a balcony. Nyreen will hack the terminal. You’ll now need to defend the area as enemies drop from the balcony. Just dig in and eventually the ceiling will close above, allowing you enter the door.
  14. Move through the doors, then into an elevator, to reach the Talon Outpost. After conversing with Nyreen for a bit, once you’re in control, make a right and grab the “Shotgun Omni-Blade” near the cot.
  15. When you’re ready to continue, talk to Nyreen.

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