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Talon Territory

  1. When you’re ready, talk to Nyreen to continue. A conversation will occur between the three. Aria will then speak to the people of Omega. Afterward, Cerberus will launch an offensive outside the Talon Outpost. It’s up to you and Aria to secure the landing pads.
  2. Move down to the pair of biotics creating spheres, then make a right. Open the door ahead. It will lead to the landing pads. Take cover by the barriers. Clear the entire room. They’re mostly made up of Cerberus troops so they should be fairly easy to dismantle, however, rampart mechs will arrive shortly.
  3. After taking care of the landing pads, Nyreen calls for help by the main door. Run to the blast doors, then take cover. Defend this area as well as the wave of troops that come bounding toward your position. Focus on the Atlas when it gets closer as you pick off the ground troops. Nyreen will join you here. When the battle is over, the Talons will join the cause to free Omega.
  4. After the loading screen, you’ll be back at Aria’s main base. To continue, talk to Aria at the command console. But before you go, access “Harrot’s Emporium” to grab some mods for your guns if you like.
  5. After talking with Aria, you’ll find out that the force fields are powered deep inside the mines. After the plan is confirmed, head to the exit. You can talk with Nyreen and Aria about the situation before you exit the bunker.
  6. After you exit the elevator, you’ll pry open the door. It’s dark here, and you’ll be using your flashlight. You’ll find dead bodies, but they’re Cerberus. Move through the walkways. Eventually, you’ll spot a group of dead bodies along the walkway soaked in blood. Proceed through and you’ll reach an elevator. Oh, and there’s an adjutant around.
  7. When you reach the elevator that goes to the mines, it’s powered down. Take note of the pipes that power the door. They’re glowing reddish/yellow. Follow them along the wall. You’ll reach a ladder. Climb it, then when you reach the top, make a right and drop onto the pipes. Move along the pipes. You’ll have to jump over to another set of pipes to continue. Keep following the pipes. You’ll reach a ladder. Climb down, then access the power module.
  8. During the cut-scene an adjutant bursts through the window. Use flare and overload on it, plus incendiary rounds. It will take it out quickly. When it’s dead, move through the door behind the ladder. Head back to the elevator that leads to the mines. The lights will be on this time. More adjutants will arrive. Take cover and hold them off until they’re all dead. Keep your distance from them if you can.
  9. Access the elevator. Upon exiting, run through the long walkway. It’s pretty high up. Grab some ammo after you cross the bridge. Troops will be waiting ahead. Eliminate them as you move forward. Head toward the yellow pipes, then past the pistons. The maintenance elevator will be in view, however, trying to reach it will destroy the bridge.
  10. To find the alternate route across, back track a bit, and climb down the ladder. Take cover, dig in, and neutralize the enemies on the balcony. Look for the caged room, “Maintenance Area”. Use the door controls, pick up the “Pistol Heavy Barrel IV”, then climb down the ladder.
  11. Follow the path underneath. You’ll come across more enemies. This time, you’ll fight rampart mechs and nemesises. When you exit the maintenance area, climb the ladder, then head up the flight of stairs. More Cerberus troops will be waiting. Once they’re down for the count. Move straight ahead, until you see the access elevator on the right. Use it.
  12. Exit the elevator, access the door, then take out the combat engineer. On the right side of the hallway, you’ll find a “Chakram Launcher” on a dead body. On the other side, will be a body pinned in between some doors. Grab some salvage, then exit through the wall. You’ll see a glowing blue turbine below. Climb down the ladder, then follow the walkway until you reach the next elevator.
  13. When you reach the top, you’ll come upon the gigantic reactor, powering the forcefields around Omega. When you get close to the reactor, the forcefields will turn on as Petrovsky talks to the team in holographic form. Aria will then try to create a hole through the forcefield.
  14. During this time, you’ll only have control of Nyreen. Rampart mechs will arrive as Aria tries to make a hole through. Stay on the rim of this circular area. There are boxes you can take cover behind. Position Nyreen to focus on one side, while you focus on the other. It might be difficult, but try to conserve ammo here.
  15. After a bit, Aria will open the forcefield. You’ll head through as a lone wolf. It’s up to you to head to the reactor. You’ll have to fight by yourself as you push ahead. If you saved ammo, you can take most of the enemies out. Or you could always melee them to death. However, if you’re running out of ammo, just take cover to replenish your shields if you have to, and run up to the reactor.
  16. When you reach it, Aria will keep telling you to overload the reactor. Petrovsky will also play a part, trying to influence your decisions. You’ll be given three chances to push the button to overload the reactor. However, they will be renegade responses. If you’re going paragon, don’t press anything.
  17. Eventually the forcefield will go down allowing Omega’s citizens to fight back, or possibly not, if you went renegade. After the fight, you’ll be conversing with Aria and Nyreen again. You can back up Nyreen with a paragon response here.
  18. Afterward, it’s the final push to Afterlife via the central tunnels.

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