Mass Effect 3: Omega DLC Walkthrough

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Assault on Afterlife

  1. Exit the elevator with Aria. Access the workbench if you need to. Across the workbench is a “Sniper Rifle Thermal Scope II” and a med kit. Head up the stairs, then take cover at the doorway. Take out the rampart mechs ahead, then exit the room.
  2. Head left as you overlook a huge fan, glowing red, looming in the distance. Fight your way across this area, marked “Zone 4″ as you walk along the catwalks over the water. When you reach the end, enter the dam control room and access the console. A bridge will extend across. Head through the door marked “Central Support”.
  3. Take out the enemies in the corridor. Follow it until you reach the other side. The door with the green panel is a storage room where you can grab some creds. To continue, bypass the door with the orange panel. Enter the room, head left, then drop down. You’ll slide down. Deactivate the fan, hop over to the terminal area, then secure the area.
  4. Access the panel controls once the enemies have been dealt with. Unfortunately the bombs go live here. From here you’ll need to circle the room, while taking out enemies, to disable the explosives on the supports. After the bombs have been disabled, secure the room. Follow Aria, then speak to her. She’ll destroy the fan for a more direct approach.
  5. Bypass the door, then keep climbing the ladders. Enter the door and you’ll see an adjutant taking out a Cerberus guard through a window. Follow the corridor to the next room. Enter the room that says “Gozu District” to grab some creds, then continue following the walkway to the bottom floor. You can watch a video log here to get some background on the adjutants.
  6. Exit the bottom floor on the left. The door will be locked, but Aria will open it. Through the window, you’ll be witness to another battle. Head through and help out the Talons by destroying the Atlas and troops ahead. Once the enemies have been dealt with, head to the door that says “Gozu District” in blue neon light.
  7. Climb the ladder. Move through the corridors. Grab the “Pistol Heavy Barrel V” before you leave the first room. Keep moving through the doors until you reach an enemy turret. Take it out as well as the troops alongside it, then head up the stairs. You’ll be in Talon territory. Keep moving through the corridor, until you reach Nyreen. Before the final door, where a barricade is set up, you can grab a “Shotgun Omni-Blade II”. Use the elevator to reach Nyreen, however, she’s not there and she’ll go radio-silent.
  8. Exit the elevator. Aria will figure out that she’s gone to Afterlife. Outside of Afterlife, you’ll watch Nyreen’s last stand. It pushes Aria to pull off some insane biotics.
  9. Follow her as she demolishes her way inside Afterlife. As she attacks Petrovsky, Aria will get caught. It’s up to you to free her now. You’ll be facing adjutants and Cerberus troops here. I recommend actually just running around and activating the override consoles and keeping the enemies at a distance.
  10. Each time you override a console, you’ll need to head back to the center and destroy a shield generator to free Aria. Just keep moving and soon she’ll be set free. Once she’s free, clear the room, then head up to where Petrovsky is. He’ll surrender.
  11. Participate in the last bit of conversation before Shepard leaves Aria with the people of Omega once again.

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