Mass Effect 3: Planet Scanning Collectibles & Rewards

The galaxy is a big place, full of hidden rewards. In Mass Effect 3, you can freely travel using the Normandy to scan and pick up rewards on certain planets. Each star system requires more than one scan to find all the rewards, and too many scans will garner unwanted interest from the Reapers. When the giant Reaper ships appear, make a run for it or it’s an instant game-over. Otherwise, make your scans and push forward to uncover credits, War Assets, and even special upgrades. (To make use of the upgrades you find, go to Liara’s office and use her computer terminal.)

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SPOILER WARNING: Minor Mass Effect 3 Spoilers Ahead!

Planet Scanning Guide

Note: To Find New Star Clusters, you’ll need to wander around the Citadel and listen to incidental dialogue from NPCs for tips. Also, new Star Clusters will appear after every major mission.

Star Cluster: Hades Gamma

System: Antaeus

  • Planet: Trebin – Reward: Credits

System: Cacus

  • Planet: Chohe – Reward: Credits

System: Plutus

  • Planet: Nonuel – Reward: 103rd Marine Division Update

System: Farinata

  • Planet: Juntauma – Reward: Alliance First Fleet Update

System: Dis

  • Planet: Klensai – Reward: Credits

Star Cluster: Sigurd’s Cradle

System: Skepsis

  • Planet: Watson – Reward: 50 War Assets

System: Decoris

  • Planet: Laena – Reward: Credits

Star Cluster: Apien Crest

System: Castellus

  • Planet: Digeris – Reward: Artifact

System: Gemmae

  • Planet: Pheiros – Reward: 40 War Assets

Star Cluster: Kite’s Nest

System: Vular

  • Planet: Vana – Reward: Artifact

System: Harsa

  • Planet: Verush – Reward: Intel
  • Planet: Khar’Shan – Reward: Artifact

System: Untrel

  • Planet: Adek – Reward: Credits

Star Cluster: Exodus Cluster

System: Utopia

  • Planet: Zion – Reward: 75 War Assets

System: Asgard

  • Planet: Tyrr – Reward: 75 War Assets
  • Planet: Borr – Reward: Intel
  • Planet: Terra Nova – Reward: 40 War Assets
  • Planet: Loki – Reward: 35 War Assets

Isma Frontier

System: Aquila

  • Planet: Metaponto – Reward: Intel

Minos Wasteland

System: Fortis

  • Planet: Pietas – Reward: Credits

Shrike Abyssal

System: Xe Cha

  • Planet: Zada Ban – Reward: Credits

System: Urla Rast

  • Planet: Talis Fia – Reward: Artifact

Arcturus Stream

System: Arcturus

  • Planet: Arcturus Station – Reward: Intel

Krogan DMZ

System: Dranek

  • Planet: Rothla – Planet: 25 War Assets

Gemini Sigma

System: Han

  • Planet: Mavigon – Planet: Credits

System: Ming

  • Planet: Parag – Reward: Alliance Third Fleet Update

Aethon Cluster

System: Aru

  • Planet: Cherk Sab – Reward: 45 War Assets
  • Planet: Irune – Reward: Artifact

System: Satu Arrd

  • Planet: Nalisin – Reward: 50 War Assets

System: Esori

  • Planet: Sola Paolis – Reward: 50 War Assets

System: Nura

  • Planet: Oma Kar – Reward: Intel

Attican Beta

System: Hercules

  • Planet: Eletania – Reward: 45 War Assets

System: Theseus

  • Planet: Feros – Reward: 50 War Assets

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On March 11, 2012 at 1:27 pm

There is an error in the description. The error is “each planet requires more than 1 scan”. It should read “each solar system may require more than one scan”.

Kevin Thielenhaus

On March 11, 2012 at 2:52 pm

You’re absolutely right, MLO. Correction made!