Mass Effect 3: Side Quest Locations & Rewards

There’s a lot to do in the galaxy of Mass Effect, and you aren’t going to want to miss a single instance of action. Throughout the main campaign you’ll be called upon to stop deadly action somewhere in the universe — not every mission is big or involved, but these side missions are. Featuring new or recurring characters and a whole lot of loot, completing these missions won’t just find you new friends, but also reward you with war asset points that help improve your final confrontation with the Reapers. Get out there and get to it.

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SPOILER WARNING: Mass Effect 3 Spoilers Ahead!

Side Missions

Grissom Academy: Investigation

  • Prerequisites: Complete Priority: Palaven, then talk to Specialist Traynor in the Normandy.
  • Important Items: Serrice Council Chestplate, Mnemonic Visor, SMG Heatsink, SMG Magazine Upgrade, M-96 Mattock Assault Rifle, M-22 Eviscerator Shotgun, Biotic Amp Schematics, Assault Rifle Stability Damper, Assault Rifle Precision Scope
  • Choice Consequences: Decide whether Jack joins the war. Decide whether students will become front-line fighters or support. Success means Kahlee Sanders will join the war effort.

Tuchanka: Bomb

  • Prerequisites: Complete Tuchanka: Turian Platoon, and you’ll be informed of the bomb during the mission debriefing.
  • Important Items: Turret Control Schematics, SMG Heat Sink, Sniper Rifle Concentration Module, Pistol Scope, Shotgun Blade Attachment, Pistol Melee Stunner, Rosenkov Materials Gauntlets, M-29 Incisor Sniper Rifle
  • Choice Consequences: Defusing the bomb will save your Krogan War Assets from losing points later in the main campaign. Completing the mission will save Eve.

Lesuss: Ardat-Yaksha Monastery

  • Prerequisites: Before completion of Priority: Perseus Veil, you’ll be contacted by the Asari after Priority: Citadel 2.
  • Important Items: Sniper Rifle Spare Ammo, PDA, Pistol Melee Stunner, Serrice Council Shoulder Guards, Disciple Shotgun, Gallae’s Electronic Signature, Assault Rifle Stability Dampener, Assault Rifle Precision Scope
  • Choice Consequences: If you’ve imported a save, you’ll be able to rescue Samara if she survived the Suicide Mission. During the climax, wait for a Paragon intervention opportunity. With her saved, the Asari Commandoes and Samara will aid the war effort.

Arrae: Ex-Cerberus Scientists

  • Prerequisites: After Priority: Citadel 2 but before completing Priority: Perseus Veil. This is another mission you’ll receive by message.
  • Important Items: Turian Toxin Data, Sniper Rifle Piercing Mod, Shotgun High-Caliber Barrel, Shotgun Spare Ammo Mod, M-6 Carnifex Pistol, Kassa Fabrication Greaves, Assault Rifle Magazine Upgrade
  • Choice Consequences: Rescuing the scientists, you’ll be able to suggest they help construction on the Crucible. Jack will also join as a War Asset.

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2 Comments on Mass Effect 3: Side Quest Locations & Rewards


On March 16, 2012 at 10:54 am

The Side missions were rushed and lazy. The personal relationships were not compelling. The Science of the Mass Effect universe was not built upon. The endings were horrible. The entire game was too linear and souless. No Krogan or Jack on your team. No real Boss fights. Entire team not instrumental in the final mission. Planet exploration was nonexistent. I felt like certain parts like planet doc’s were there to throw a geek a bone instead of doing the work of making planets accessible.