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  • Tuchanka – Turian Platoon

    1. From the galaxy map, find the “Krogan DMZ”, then plot a mass relay jump, unless you’re there already.. Once you’re in the solar system, look for Tuchanka, then enter orbit. You might have another quest on the planet, but for this instance go the one that says “Downed Vesel: Extract Turian Survivors”. Choose your squad members, gear up and get ready to find the platoon.
    2. As Shepard and crew fly in using the shuttle, he’ll ask EDI to see if she can communicate with Lieutenant Victus. During the wait, Cortez will say that he’ll have to land well back from the main crash site. Doing this will give you the jump on the enemies, however.
    3. The shuttle then drops off Shepard and crew. He’ll ask EDI if she reached Victus. She says yes, but the connection is bad. You’ll hear Victus saying he’s pinned down by Reaper Harvesters and his squad is scattered around the crash site. Shepard will request he fire a flare to find his position. You’ll see it go off in the distance. From here it’s time to move.
    4. Move forward through the rubble. Up ahead, grab the “SMG Magazine Upgrade”, then climb up the ladder bathed in a faint white light. When you reach the top, hang a left, past the fiery, crumbled path. As you get deeper, the debris will be falling down as dust. Javik will notify the team for silence up ahead, since there are enemies close by. It’s a group of 3 husks. Take them down quickly.
    5. When they’ve been eliminated, head for the ladder, grab the salvage on the ground to nab 3125 credits, then climb said ladder. Upon reaching the top, Garrus will notice an escape pod. Unfortunately no one survived. Jump the gap to reach the downed pod. Pick up the “M-9 Tempest” next to the turian bodies.
    6. Move left, past the pod. Jump over the concrete cover. Shepard will grab visual of the enemy with an escape pod just beyond. There are turians up ahead in for the fight of their lives. Move from cover to cover, then take out the cannibal up ahead.
    7. This corridor is divided into two paths. You can take the brute force approach or you can set your team up to provide cover fire, while you flank. Whatever your tactics are, make sure the enemies are obliterated. When you get down the hallway far enough, you’ll be able to see the crashed squad.
    8. On the right is a ladder you can take to get a field of view as well as a height advantage. Choose a tactic and soon a winged Harvester appears. It’s life consists of armor. Take cover, use armor-piercing rounds if you have it, and whittle it’s life away. When it’s gone, it will explode in a flash of light. You’ll see the turian squad move up ahead, then thank you.
    9. If you didn’t already, climb up the ladder. If you did, drop down onto the other side. After climbing it, however, grab the “Sniper Rifle Spare Ammo II”. Move down the path. There will be some ammo you can collect, near a dead turian body. There are also some spare parts you can access to nab 6250 credits before you head into the tunnel.
    10. Inside the tunnel you’ll find more turian bodies. Move to the darkest part of the tunnel, before you head into the light, to grab a “SMG Ultralight Materials II” and a “Phaeston” by another dead body. Now head for the light fixture inside the tunnel, then walk toward the red colored painting on the wall ahead. You’ll hear some noises. Climb down the ladder.
    11. Keep moving forward inside this tunnel. Eventually, you’ll reach some cover where a fire is shining brighter than the others. You’ll get the jump on the enemy again. Start taking them out when you’re ready. This fight will be in a more open environment. Watch out for the shielded marauder. Overload his ass.
    12. You’ll see another Harvester land near another crashed pod. Take cover now. Watch out for the husks that arrive with the Harvester. When the Harvester dies in another massive explosion, the turian team will rendezvous with you at the next crash site. Move into the next corridor. It has a little archway, which you can enter from. The path will lead you down. You’ll eventually have to drop down to another level.
    13. Climb over the barrier, grab the “Hahne-Kedar Chestplate” near the wall, resting on a downed pillar, then move ahead to where the beams above are bent. Drop down again through the hole in the ground. Follow the path through. You’ll see the marker for Lieutenant Victus appear. In this corridor, you can access a flight recorder and grab a “Shotgun Smart Choke”. Move forward down to the opening that leads outside.
    14. As you leave the indoor confines, husks will drop down. Take them out, then grab the salvage from one the dead turian soldiers to get 3125 credits. Climb the ladder and slide down. The fire is bright here. You’ll be fired on immediately. Take cover along the barriers. The light from the fire will be at your back.
    15. Along with cannibals, there will be a Harvester up ahead. Take some shots at it, but it will fly away. Hang a left to see more crumbled cover you can utilize. Take out the marauder. Maneuver your way around the pillars. The Harvester is ahead in the distance. Keep taking shots. Only this time, it will fire back.
    16. Take out the remaining enemies in this section as you whittle away the next Harvester. When the group of enemies in the area are gone, Shepard suggests that the team move to get to Victus faster. Grab some ammo along the way. Head for the crashed vessel in the distance. However, the path will make you turn right. You’ll find a med-kit on the right side after a small drop. Keep moving down, dropping from platform to platform. You’ll find a “Sniper Rifle Extended Barrel II” on the left hand side of this corridor.
    17. Up ahead will be the last fight. There are tons of cover to use as well as rocky pillars to hide behind. The enemies will swarm here by dropping in, so hold the line and take them out as they come. There will be cannibals, marauders and a brutes. A Harvester will also appear. For now, focus on the brute. On a side note, toward the right side of this battle zone, there’s a weapon called the Reaper Blackstar. If you can grab it, it will take out the Harvester in one hit, but you’ll only be given one shot, so make it count.
    18. When all enemies are gone after the intense fight, follow your squad. They’ll head up to Victus. When you get close enough, a cut-scene will trigger. It will show Lieutenant Victus tending to his crew. Although one of his crew will grab him by the collar and say it was his fault, the team got decimated.
    19. Ask the question, “What did you do?” to get more insight, then reply with “Bad calls happen” or “Get over it. Paragon, renegade respectively. Victus will then say he must abandon his current mission because his team has lost over 30 men. Shepard will ask about the mission. Victus will say there’s an enormous bomb on the planet and they were the team that was sent to defuse it. Now Cerberus has the bomb.
    20. Shepard pleads with Victus to finish his mission, since, well, it’s a freaking bomb. He calls on him to rally his troops by appealing to their honor or conversely, kicking their asses. They’ll listen, and Victus will ask for your help. Shepard will agree. This leads to a sidequest. You can pursue it if you wish. It’s probably best to through.
    21. Back on the ship, Hackett and Shepard converse about the bomb and will ask Shepard to talk to Primarch Victus about the bomb. Tell him that trust is everything in the whole scheme of things. Mordin will then enter the war room saying that the genophage cure is synthesized, but can’t figure out how to deploy it. Ask him “Any ideas?” From here he’ll say to disperse the cure using The Shroud.
    22. When you’re in control, Admiral Anderson will be available on vid-comm. Chat with him to get updated on the situation. When you’re in control again, feel free to pursue other sidequests and gather war assets. Before we release the cure on Tuchanka, there’s a matter of the krogan team that needs investigating.

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