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  • Video Walkthrough W/ Mitch
  • Video Walkthrough W/ James
  • Attican Traverse – Krogan Team

    1. To find the missing krogan team head for the galaxy map, then use a mass relay to catapult the Normandy to the Ninmah Cluster. Fly out of the Maskim Xul system, then head for the Mulla Xul system. When you enter Mulla Xul look for the planet, Utukku, then enter it’s orbit. Squad up, gear up, and let’s find that team. I’ll stick with Garrus and Javik.
    2. Garrus will ask for an update. Shepard says that back up is waiting in the form of Aralakh Company, krogran commandos. Since Javik is on the team, he’ll talk about the rachni and how they were used as weapons during his time. When the shuttle touches down, you’ll meet an old friend, Grunt. That is, if he survived ME2. They’ll do some catching up, then get back to business.
    3. Grunt says the tunnels should lead to a large central point. When you’re in control, enter the building to your left to grab the “M-300 Claymore”, a “Pistol High Caliber Barrel” and some salvage to acquire 1625 credits. When you’re done, walk down the rocky path amidst the surrounding, craggy mountains.
    4. There will be two buildings up ahead. Grunt will the on the right. The building on the left will have a weapon bench as well as a “SMG High Caliber Barrel”. Take a look at the drop to the bottom, while you’re inside. Now head to Grunt. Talk to him. From here you can investigate further about what Grunt has been up to. When you’re done talking, enter the building ahead.
    5. When you’re about half-way in, the weight of the building will shift and it will collapse into the valley below. Everyone will be okay, but you’ll now have to traverse the tunnels ahead. Move past the crates to enter the opening that leads into the tunnels.
    6. There will be webbing ahead blocking your path. Grab the “M-451 Firestorm” from the dead krogan and use it to crumble the webbing. Keep following the tunnel down, destroying another wall of webbing. Drop down, then proceed ahead. It will be dark, so you’ll turn on the flashlight.
    7. The path ahead will hug the wall on the left side. The cliffside will emanate a turquoise light from the bottom. Along the way, you’ll find more web walls. Some of them will contain upgrades, but not the initial ones. Eventually, you’ll see spores block your path. Burn them to get through.
    8. Up the ramp, will be more spores and web walls. To continue forward, break the web wall on the right side. There will also be another dead krogan near the spores so you can pick up a fresh firestorm. Move through the opening you just created. Walk over the pool of water, then burn the next wall. You’ll be in a bigger chamber. Drop down. A ravager will attack as soon as you drop. Take cover, then take it the heck out. It’s highly armored and very powerful. Only take shots at it when it’s not firing. Husks will also be on the offensive here.
    9. Also in the distance is a device glowing purple that creates a shield. As you move up going from cover to cover, destroy it. After the fight, search the chamber near the backside wall to find a “Shotgun Shredder Mod III”. Now head for the plateau where all the spore pods are. Burn them, then move forward to the next set of spores. Press “V” and you’ll notice some reaper tech, in the form of a huge pillar. Destroy the spores, then the web wall to continue.
    10. You’ll be traversing through turquoise hued liquid again. The path ahead is blocked. Destroy the web wall in this room and destroy the Reaper node to open the way ahead. You can also pick up another firestorm. After the barrier has been destroyed, the wall will go away. Burn the next web wall, then head through. The ceiling will collapse during the cut-scene.
    11. When everyone comes to, you’ll be in the dark again, but nothing a flashlight can’t handle. There will be two paths to take, one through the liquid and the other up a ramp. They both lead to the same place, but you’ll still have to contend with the spores. When the two paths funnel through to the next area, destroy a web wall before you enter the next portion to grab some salvage, Reaper tech.
    12. When you move forward, round one of the corners. A husk will attack. There will be an opening ahead. But before you head out, one of the web walls contains a dead krogan with a note telling someone to send it to Ereba on the Citadel. Something to do later.
    13. When you reach the opening you’ll notice three Reaper pillars sticking out from the walls above. Drop down from the platform toward the neon liquid. Take cover on the rock in the middle of the liquid. More enemies will be landing. There will be another ravager, husks and a shield device. If the ravager comes close and most of the support is dead, burn it.
    14. Take the left path along the liquid. You’ll see another shield device. When you do, more enemies make their presence known. Take them out especially the ravager. Head past the skewered husk and head to the left side. You’ll see a trio of dark tunnels. Move along the left side to find “Shotgun Spare Ammo”.
    15. As you make your way down this path, the spore pods you were destroying earlier have become gestation pods. When you pop one, a little critter will emerge, so you’ll need to take these little guys out as well. Drop down to the next level, then eliminate all the pods as you move forward. The path will narrow a bit and turn right. Another firestorm and more pods will be in your future.
    16. The winding path will turn left, past a waterfall. Jump the gap, then destroy the eggs highlighted by the low fog. Head up the rocky ramp, past the waterfall to grab “Ariake Technologies Shoulder Guard”. Keep moving up to destroy more pods. You’ll reach a gap, where you’ll jump across the path of the waterfall. Head left down the narrow tunnel. You’ll see some Reaper tech up ahead along with Grunt and his team fighting. You’ll see Grunt toss a ravager down a hole.
    17. Follow the winding path as it takes you left. Burn two web walls, drop down, and you’ll see a device up ahead in the middle of the room. Grab the med-kit and the “Pistol Piercing Mod” by the dead krogan. Destroy the device in the middle of the room. You’ll see Grunt and his crew arrive. You’ll have a chat with Grunt. He says he’ll hold the fort, while you move on ahead. Move up to the next chamber and destroy some pods. Behind the pods will be some Reaper tech. The path ahead will turn left into a narrow passage. Examine it to crawl through.
    18. When you reach the other side, you’ll see a creature up ahead inside the central chamber. When you drop down, Reaper walls will come up from the ground. To open up a path, look up, find the power node, then destroy it. One of the walls will come down.
    19. Husks will be right in your face when the wall comes down. Take cover by the rock on the water, then pick off the enemies in the distance. If you peek out from the left side of cover, you’ll see a group clustered up next to a power node. The right side might pour out some husks. In any case, dig your feet in and take out the enemies.
    20. Inch your way up to the power node across the water. Face the glowing circle of the node and destroy it. You’ll now be where the enemies were and the enemies will be where you were. Take cover and kill all the enemies that get close. The cover to the left and right of the node are good positions.
    21. Take out the ravager and it’s support crew. When they have been squished, run across the water, back to where you came from. One of the other walls has opened. Take cover and you’ll see more enemies up ahead across another pool of water.
    22. The node is in full view. Take out another ravager and it’s support crew. When they’re toast, head for the node, then destroy it’s center. Take cover again as two husks and a ravager approach from across the pool of water you love to splash your feet in.
    23. When the enemies are dead, Grunt will notify you that the rachni are backing off. The last wall will then drop and you’ll see the rachni queen. From here, will be a pretty big decision. Will you let the queen die, or give her time to escape? If you give her time to escape, Grunt will leave his team to join you, but in the process, will have a chance of sacrificing himself. His team will die.
    24. Grunt will make a path through and lead Shepard and crew to safety. A slew of ravagers will appear, but Grunt says he’ll hold them off. You’ll watch one kick ass krogan kick some ass.
    25. As Shepard makes it to the shuttle, during my experience, Grunt emerges from the tunnel, broken and bloodied, but alive. Hackett will then have word with Shepard on the Normandy trusting Shepard’s instincts about the rachni situation. You’ll also gain additional krogan support. Wrex will then talk to you about missing the fight. It’s time to cure that genophage!

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