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  • Priority: Tuchanka

    1. It’s time to head back to Tuchanka. Head to the Krogan DMZ by way of mass relay. Fly the Normandy to the planet Tuchanka, then click on the point on the planet with the tag, “Shroud Facility: Cure the Genophage”. Joker then reports that hostiles are already at the landing coordinates. It’s a Reaper. Shepard wants everyone in the War Room now.
    2. Mordin states that the Reaper is using the Shroud to poison Tuchanka’s atmosphere. Wrex is ready to fight and Shepard requests the help of Victus. The plan is to have the turian’s hit with an airstrike, while the krogans will hit from the ground. It will hopefully be drawn away from the tower. When everyone is on board with the plan, the dalatrass will appear on the vid-comm. She knows about the plan and gives Shepard doubts.
    3. The dalatrass will state that there will be a malfunction in the Shroud that prevents tampering. You can keep this information to yourself and make it look like the Shroud malfunctioned on it’s own. You are now armed with this information. The dalatrass will even give you troops and scientists to help with the Crucible if you let the Shroud break on it’s own. The choice will be up to you. Now choose our squad, gear up, and let’s roll.
    4. The squad will chat on the shuttle. You can reveal what the dalatrass said right now, when Eve asks if you’re troubled. For now, for my character, I’ll say nothing. You’ll get another chance later on. As soon as the doors open, Wrex shoots a husk in the face.
    5. When you’re in control you’ll be in a temple of sorts heading down the stairs. A group of husks will be on the offensive. Show them who is boss. The husks will come in waves, so take them out as they come. When the husk horde is over, Wrex will step in and start to rally the troops. One of the krogans will question the presence of a salarian. You can ask “What clan are you?” before choosing either “He’s saving your people” or “Fall in line”.
    6. Wreav won’t trust Mordin, but after a nice heatbutt, Wrex says to trust him, because he does. After a bit of hostility, Eve speaks out and let’s everyone know about the situation at hand. At the end, she’ll ask who will join her in this fight for the the krogan’s future. You can answer with “Count me in” or “Everyone had better help”. It’s time to kill that Reaper.
    7. The krogan ground forces have been deployed as they make their way across the terrain on vehicles. The turian airstrike is almost inbound. Inside the vehicles, you’ll get another opportunity to say what the dalatrass said. Since I’m going Paragon, tell the group what’s going on. After telling them, the vehicles will stop because the road ahead is impassable.
    8. Shepard and crew will get out of the vehicle and the camera will pan toward the Shroud. When you’re in control, head to the stopped vehicle directly in front of you. Grab the “Shotgun Smart Choke III”, “Death Mask”, “Pistol Melee Stunner” and the “Pistol Magazine Upgrade I” near the rubble. By the railing, grab the “Graal Spike Thrower”. Afterward, talk to the krogan scout by the rubble. He’ll say the road is out.
    9. Shepard radios the turian airstrike telling them to hold until the convoy can roll through. Unfortunately, they’ve already locked on. One of the turian air units is struck and comes careening toward the convoy. The convoy will take off leaving Shepard behind, under his orders. When you come to, head toward the entrance to the ruins. Jump over the gap, then up the ramp.
    10. Drop down, then move down the ramp. It gets very dark down here. Shepard will turn on the flashlight. Move down, then take the path to the right, past the fallen pillar. It will wind it’s way down to the left. When you reach an even level, look for the tunnel that leads you down from here. The other room on the left, doesn’t lead anywhere. As you make your way down the stairs, the ground will rumble.
    11. Drop down the path, then head left up the broken pathway. Make a right into the next tunnel. Eve will also mention Kalros, the mother of all thresher maws. As you walk through the tunnel, look right on the wall to see some paintings. You can examine them to grab 8250 credits. Keep following the dark tunnel. It will turn right, then left. You’ll see a rachni at the bottom of the stairs.
    12. Take the stairs up. You’ll see daylight. Head left to climb some more stairs and you’ll be outside in a part of Tuchanka that has plant life. Head slight left, past the shrine. You can take the path on the left by the plant with the water flowing down, or you can go down by the rocky area where the ammo is. It will lead to the same place, where enemies will appear.
    13. Take cover when you see the enemies. You’ll meet up with some cannibals and two ravagers. Take them out using your arsenal of moves. When the enemy is down, another quake happens, and the marker to the trucks appears. Head toward the marker, by hugging the left side wall. You’ll reach a bridge, which you need to jump across. Take cover at the first barrier you see.
    14. More enemies will be on approach. Mostly cannibals at first, and then a brute and some husks during the second wave. Equip any armor busting abilities and take out that brute. When the wave is over, move ahead to where the enemies came out from. The path will turn left. You’ll see a stream of water flowing across the ruined floor.
    15. Hang a left, hug the wall, and climb up the platforms. You’ll see a dust devil up ahead. Take cover by the huge, flat slab of stone as another wave of enemies approaches. When the first wave is defeated, a second wave consisting of husks appear. There will also be two ravagers. When they have been taken down, head toward the pillars. You’ll see statues of krogans as you cross the bridge. You’ll also see the convoy drive underneath along with Kalros in pursuit.
    16. Make your way across the bridge, hang a right, then a left. You’ll see more krogan statues up ahead. Follow the stairs as they go up and down. As you make your way up, take cover by the triangular structures that look like they used to be fountains. Kill the cannibals that arrive as well as the husks. Blow them back with shockwave if you have it.
    17. When the enemies are destroyed, head left, then drop down, platform by platform, down to the dunes. The convoy will pick you up, but Kalros is still in chase. The vehicle with the crew will now be headed to the Shroud.
    18. As you get closer to the Shroud, you’ll notice that the Reaper there is huge. To provide a distraction and help, Eve’s plan is to summon Kalros to fight against the Reaper. Eve mentions that there are two hammers in the arena. Activate both of them and Kalros will come. Meanwhile, Mordin says he can synthesize the cure in the lab just up ahead.
    19. Before the last stretch, Wrex will make the name Shepard mean hero. You can pull off a paragon action here, inciting some bro-mance. Wrex will take on the ravagers that appear in the rear and it’s now your job to ring those hammers.
    20. When you’re in control once more you’ll see more enemies landing in explosive fashion. Take cover, then take them out as they come. See those stairs on the left hand side? You will need to go there after the fight. Show the cannibals the taste of bullets. When they have been defeated, head up those stairs. They will turn left. When you reach the top, turn right. Along the way, grab the “M-5 Phalanx” and some ammo.
    21. Cross the bridge ahead by jumping the gap. The Reaper will fire it’s laser collapsing the bridge. The Reaper is very close now. Head up the stairs and immediately take cover when you can. The Reaper will be firing lasers. You’ll also see the markers of the hammers. Move from cover to cover avoiding the laser. If you get hit, it’s a one shot kill.
    22. You’ll eventually reach the piece of cover in the center that will trigger a cut-scene. As the Reaper is about to fire, the turian fleet will provide a distraction. Move ahead and run down to the arena, where all the statues are looking over you.
    23. Take cover immediately because a wave of brutes will arrive. You must pick your battles here because the brutes will continuously drop down. Take out the brutes only if they get in your way, otherwise make a run for the hammers. Pick a side and head there. When you get close to either hammer, keep an eye if the shadow above you is getting darker. One of the legs of the Reaper will come crashing down. If you feel it coming, stop, so you can minimize the damage. When it raises it’s leg, run ahead to activate the hammer. Do this once for each hammer.
    24. When you activate the second hammer, Kalros will be called and an epic battle of giants will ensue. As the battle engages, Shepard will head to Mordin for the cure. Kalros will take the Reaper down. Shepard will find Mordin and he’ll say that the cure is ready, but says that he needs to take the elevator up to disperse the cure.
    25. This is goodbye. But before Mordin takes the elevator, you can trigger a paragon action still pleading him not to do it. Mordin will say goodbye. You’ll see Mordin at the top of the tower disperse the cure as the top of the tower explodes. He starts singing as he does it. Later buddy, I’ll miss you man.
    26. In the aftermath the krogan now have hope as a species as you see the Shroud collapse. Wrex and Eve will say thank you and say sorry about Mordin. Wrex says they’re ready to fight now. On the Normandy, Hackett talks about curing the genophage and that Wrex will be helping the turians.
    27. Victus thanks Shepard for the krogan help and therefore, the turians will help earth plus help build the Crucible. Garrus will suggest Shepard get some sleep. It’s time for another dream sequence. Keep following the boy just like the first dream sequence.
    28. When Shepard awakes Liara will talk to Shepard. Tell her that you’re thinking of some friends who have been lost, especially Kaiden. Liara will then tell Shepard that the salarian councilor wants to talk to you about Udina. He says that Udina is moving vast amounts of money around. It’s time to find out what’s going on. You can also talk to Hackett from here. When you’re done, finish up any quests you have on the Citadel. Things will change after the next mission.

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