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  • Priority: Citadel 2

    1. As you try to dock on the Citadel to meet the salarian councilor, something is wrong. Alliance control isn’t responding. You’ll find out that Cerberus has taken over the Citadel with a transmission from Thane. Get ready to squad and gear up. I’d recommend using someone that has stasis, since you’ll be facing a new enemy, Phantoms.
    2. As the shuttle passes by you’ll see Cerberus troops on the attack including an Atlas. You’ll land in the hangar bay as you see Cerberus troops taking out alliance troops in “Lot 9”. Jump out of the shuttle and immediately take cover. The stairs up ahead lead to the door you need to get into. From the walkway, there are paths that branch out. You can use these paths to flank when you get the chance. Just dig in and slowly move up to the door.
    3. It’s a long fight full of normal troops, and centurions. When the fight is over in the hangar, head to the door and talk to Commander Bailey. His plan is to re-take C-Sec HQ. He’ll open the door for you.
    4. When you make it in, Bailey will sit down on the computer to set up the network again. As he sets it up, a message comes in with a warning from Councilor Valern, saying that the likelihood of betrayal is high. Udina is then mentioned as a betrayer, but that’s absurd right?. You’ll launch a rescue of the councilor when the conversation ends. It’s time to head to the executor’s office.
    5. Wrap yourself behind the desk around the corridor into the next room. Thane keeps you updated. Enter the door, then enter another door. You’ll enter the lobby up ahead featuring brown seats. The door up ahead in the lobby consists of two Cerberus agents. Get the jump on them.
    6. When they’re done for, enter the room, then take cover behind seats, as you aim in the direction of the stairs on the left hand side. Take out the guardians as they come down along with any stragglers. Head up the stairs to fend off more troops.
    7. On the left side of the room, resting above some desks, you can grab a med-kit and an “Assault Rifle Piercing Mod”. Now head to the door with orange holo-panel, then bypass the door. Head through this buffer room with the sprinklers going off then enter the next set of doors.
    8. When they open, you’ll be in a breakroom of sorts. You’ll be confronted with more troops as the water cascades down. Take these guys out. From the entrance, near the tables, is a green holo-paneled door you can enter. It’s the restroom. Inside, grab the “M-76 Revenant”.
    9. Head back out to through the archway. Grab a med-kit before you proceed. Up ahead is a door with a red panel. You cannot enter through here yet, but to the left are some broken windows you can hop over. Take out the Cerberus trooper here. Grab the “Sniper Rifle Extended Barrel”. There’s also a workbench.
    10. Shoot the latch off the panel, then access it to open the door. Hop back out the window and head into the previously locked door. It leads to an elevator. Use the panel on the elevator to get it moving. When you reach your destination, make a right. It will lead to a hallway that hooks left.
    11. The door ahead, down the hall will be stuck. Search the rooms on your left and right. The left side will contain a “Pistol High Caliber Barrel III” and a “Securitel Helmet”. The rooms on the right will contain some terminals, plus a “Pistol Piercing Mod III”. Now head down the hall into the right most room.
    12. Enter the door that leads down another hallway with two Cerberus troops occupying it. Take them down. Move down the hallway. It will lead to a door on the left. Take cover by the pillars as you move up from cover to cover. On the right side will be a kitchen. You can find some credits resting on a counter top and a med-kit on the wall.
    13. As you head toward the workspace area, the glass will shatter, revealing enemy troops. Hold the line here as the enemies get whittled away, then head inside the next door where the sign reads “Executor”. Head up the stairs. When you get close, a cinematic will start. You’ll find out that the executor and his two bodyguards have been killed.
    14. As Garrus looks down on the floor below, the squad finds the councilor alive using camouflage. Kai Leng will enter the fray, however, looking to kill the councilor. As Kai Leng is about to use a finishing blow, Thane steps in to interrupt the fun. During the cool fight scene, Thane will be severely wounded and Kai Leng escapes.
    15. Shepard and crew then take a shuttle to follow Kai Leng. Bailey says he’s probably heading to kill the rest of the council. Kai Leng then jumps on Shepard’s shuttle and disables it, sending it on a crash course.
    16. As the team comes to, they’ll be in a civilian district with shops all around. Move forward and use the planters for cover. The enemies will be far off in the distance with some that close in. You can use the stairs on your left side to flank them or to get in close.
    17. You’ll be fighting the phantoms here. If you have a party member that has stasis use it on them now to freeze their agile selves in place. Keep pushing forward and watch out for snipers. You’ll see a fire in the distance up above on the high left side. Jump over the gap.
    18. More enemies will appear. Stay in cover behind the vehicle and take out the troops as they come. It’s best to be a bit patient with the phantoms running about. When the enemies are taken care of, move forward toward the broken displays on your left side. You’ll head inside an opening.
    19. Make a right through the window, drop down, then make a left as you step on the plants. Hop over the barrier, then make a slight right as you drop down. Jump over the fiery, smoky gap, then make a left into the next area. Grab the credits on the crate before you head through the narrow passageway. When you emerge from the other side, the store, “Snap, Crackle and Shock” will be to your left and an Atlas will make itself known. Take cover and aim for that cockpit housing the the trooper.
    20. When the Atlas is downed, more troops will follow suit. Move down to meet them head on. Use the planters for cover as you make your approach. There are another set of stairs here on the left you can use to flank as well. When the enemies are done for, head up those flanking stairs and head inside the door.
    21. You’ll see Kai Leng entering an elevator. Your squad does the same in the adjacent elevator shaft. Bailey then turns the elevator on. It will ascend. You’ll catch up to Kai Leng. Shoot the power conduits beneath the elevator to send it crashing down.
    22. Phantoms will then appear on an adjacent elevator. Shoot the power conduits here as well on the top of the elevator. You’ll find out as you head up, that Kai Leng has survived. Destroy the next elevator as it comes down. When you see the next elevator, containing the councilors, hop on to it. The passengers, the councilors and Ashley will think you’re Cerberus.
    23. Shepard and crew will meet Ashley and the councilors. Udina will say that Shepard is working with Cerberus. Ashley will be a bit confused. Reassure her with “You’re making a mistake”. A paragon interrupt will occur. Hit it and Shepard will explain further that Udina is behind the attack.
    24. Udina moves over to override the lock, but Ashley steps in and tries to make Udina step away from the console. Udina then pulls a gun, initiating a renegade interrupt. If you’re paragon, let it go, then Ashley will shoot Udina.
    25. The doors will then be breached and Bailey will be on the other side. Apparently the Cerberus troops disappeared and Bailey states that Shepard just saved your (the councilors) lives. Afterward, you’ll see a conversation between Kai Leng and the Illusive Man.
    26. Back on the Citadel, Shepard will be having a chat will Bailey. From here, when the conversation is over, you’re free to look around the Citadel again with new quests to find and pending ones to pursue. When you head back to the Normandy, a familiar friend will be just around the corner.

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