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  • Video Walkthrough W/ Mitch
  • Video Walkthrough W/ James
  • Priority: Perseus Veil

    1. Head to the far rim on the galaxy map. It’s on the top right of the Milky Way Galaxy. From here, head to the quarian envoy ship, then dock with the vessel. The quarians will board the Normandy telling Shepard that they attacked their homeworld to take control over the geth, which was a council violation.
    2. The quarians drove back the geth, but it seems a signal from the Reapers have given the Reapers control over the geth. It’s your job to disable the signal. And it’s on a geth dreadnaught. The Normandy can then fly in undetected. Once the plan is thrown into action, you have the option of letting the quarians retreat once the signal is turned off or, tell them to counterattack.
    3. Tali will then appear volunteering to give her technical expertise. You’ll catch up with Tali a bit during a cinematic. If you romanced her in ME2, there will be some dialogue options letting her know that you’re still interested. When all is good to, head to the Perseus Veil to disable that dreadnaught.
    4. During this mission, Tali must be in your party, so choose whoever else you wish to partner up with. When you’ve made your selections, you’ll begin your infiltration of the dreadnaught via a docking tube. As you fly in, you’ll be surrounded by a huge battle.
    5. Joker notifies you that the docking tube is badly damaged, so Shepard will need to go on ahead solo for now. The rest of your squad will play catch up. After the conversations, you’ll be all by your lonesome as you make your way to the airlock in the distance.
    6. From here, you’ll need to maneuver you way through the tube by using your gravity boots, looping your way around the tube. Since there’s no gravity you can walk along the cylinder. Follow the path toward the airlock. When you get to the end of the tube, the doors will open.
    7. Drop down, hop onto the beam, then make a left to the panel to grab a “Shotgun Smart Choke”. Hop back onto the beam and head toward the orange light. Drop down to the panel, hop onto the next beam underneath where the steam is being released from a pipe. Follow the path as it heads right. You’ll find a ladder. Climb it.
    8. When you reach the top, make a right, jump over the gap, then open two sets of metal doors. Look for the ladder on the right side. Climb it and access the docking controls on the panel. The door down the pathway will open as you join up with your squad. Tali will find a pistol named the “Arc Pistol”. It’s good for taking down geth, since you can charge your shot. Pick it up for this mission.
    9. Tali will then open the door behind the panel. Enter the doors and wait for Tali to open up the other side. When it opens you’ll see a panel ahead of you with a “Sniper Rifle Enhanced Scope II”, with a huge piston behind it. Follow the walkway that heads right. It will loop around the piston. Hit up the bridge controls to activate it. Once this happens, geth troopers will appear. Take cover, it’s time for some action.
    10. Use that new pistol you just procured to take them out. A fully charged headshot can take certain troops down in one hit, especially those pesky rocket troopers. As you cross the bridge you activated, more troops will be inbound. Destroy them as they come. When the second wave is gone, follow the ramp down, to climb down the stairs.
    11. When you reach the bottom platform from the ladder. Look left. You’ll see a geth in the distance under a tunnel of huge metallic beams. Head that way, but take cover right before you pick it off. More will appear, so take them out. Head through the tunnel. As you pass them by, watch out for the trip mines.
    12. Follow the platforms. It will lead to a door. Open it. You’ll enter a “break-from-the-action” room. On the right side of the room, grab a “geth pulse rifle”, then head through the next door. Tali says the operation center is just up ahead. You’ll be put into cover as geth hunters begin their attack. The hunters can appear invisible, so watch your flank. Hold the line and pick off any that get too close.
    13. When the wave is dead, head to the opposite side of the room to check on the console. You can press “V” to guide your way there. To the left of the console is a “SMG Scope II” and to the right is some salvage where you can grab some credits. Unfortunately the Reaper signal can’t be shut down by this console, you need to find another way. Tali figures out the signal is coming from the drive core. Shepard will find a path through.
    14. As you move out, more hunters will enter the operations center. You’ll see the door where they come out from. After the battle, that’s the door you need to go to, to continue. Enter the door, then run down the hallway, to bypass the next door. Head left after you make your way through the door. The platform will wind around the room. Take the ladder down.
    15. Continue heading down the platforms using the ladders. As you make our way down Tali notifies you that Admiral Koris’ ship crash landed. Saving him will be a mission you can partake in after this one is over. When you head down as far as you can go, grab the med-kit before heading through two sets of circular doors.
    16. You’ll be on a grated platform with a console in front of you. A huge shockwave will pass by. Go left or right down the ramps. They lead to the same place, the huge corridor you will need to traverse. When you reach the bottom, turn right and you’ll see the length of this corridor. When the shockwave passes by, you’ll be hit and your shields will go down. To prevent this from happening, take cover. You’ll need to keep an eye on the shockwave.
    17. Make your way down the long stretch of corridor. As you move forward, you’ll be attacked by waves of geth. Keep pushing forward as they drop one by one. Time your movements when the shockwave is cooling down. Eventually, on the right hand side, you can head up using a ramp that leads to a platform. You’ll be safe from the shockwave here. Exit down the opposite end and use the other ramp. Up ahead is the deactivation console. Access it to shut down the shockwave.
    18. Activating the console opens up a door that leads to the core. You’ll walk through some rings on a platform that lead you there. Make a run for it because the absence of the shock wave won’t last for long. Make a left and climb the ramp. The door will close behind you and your squad will be safe.
    19. Move forward, then head right. You’ll see a lot of walkways ahead with ladders that lead up to them. Since the shockwave is back online, you’ll need to move from cover to cover once again. Take cover and watch out for the rocket troopers on the second level. The best path to take is the second level.
    20. Do not go into the narrow pathway where rocket troopers will make mince-meat out of you. Instead, look for the ramp that leads to the second level. Don’t use the ladders, unless you’re not being fired on. As you make it to the top of the ramp, take cover and take out all the geth you see.
    21. Follow the path down, the opposite direction the shockwave is travelling. Climb down the ladder, then immediately take cover. Take out the next wave of troops down the corridor as you keep moving up from cover to cover. When you reach the end of the path with dead geth troops in your wake, make a left up the ramp. It will lead to a door you’ll need to bypass. It goes to the core.
    22. When you make it to the next room, access the panel on the lift. It will go up and a geth trooper will shoot the lift. As it tilts, about the fall, run to Tali to survive. Follow the path up the ladder. When you reach the top, keep turning left. You’ll reach a door on the right. You’ll be inside the drive core.
    23. The core will open, revealing Legion, if he managed to survive in ME2. He asks for help, but Tali says he might be under Reaper control. Choose to help him out or not. Legion will tell you what the machine does. Essentially, if Legion is removed, the Reaper signal dies, but you must shut off a control box in the far side of the room.
    24. Head up the lift that your team rides. When you reach the top, acces the “Data Core Override” on the left side panel. This will free Legion as he heads below to the lower level underneath the core. As this happens, geth troopers will be on the move toward your position.
    25. Hold your ground here. A geth prime will be a part of the enemy squad. It uses shields and armor. You can hug the left side wall for a better flanking position if there’s too much firepower up front. Careful of rocket troopers as well. As the battle progresses, you will need to turn right anyway, so use the flanking path when necessary.
    26. During the fight, Admiral Gerrel would like to destroy the dreadnaught that you’re currently doing battle in. For now, just focus on the geth. After taking them out and moving around the core, Legion will still be down below the core. Head down the ladder to greet him. The quarian fleet will then fire on the dreadnaught.
    27. Legion will escape on his own. When you’re in control, the “Hangar” marker will appear. Head across the platform and through the doors, nicely set up in front of you. Shepard will fall from one platform to the one below when you reach the bridge. Follow the path as it heads up. You’ll see Tali. It will begin a cut-scene as the team leaves in a geth fighter.
    28. On the Normandy, you’ll be in a briefing with Hackett. Hackett wants the quarian fleet for help. In the war room, the admirals will be bickering about the decision to destroy the dreadnaught. Agree with the admiral or not.
    29. From here you’ll be notified of a mission to rescue Admiral Koris. Legion will also enter the room. Admiral Xen says she want to study Legion. You can paragon interrupt her at this time if you’re going that route. When the higher brass leave, Legion will notify you of the location of a server where geth fighter ships are controlled. You can head here as well to disable the fighters.
    30. You can choose either one, Admiral Koris, or the geth fighter ships, to continue to the next mission, but choosing one, won’t negate the other. You can still do both before doing Priority: Rannoch.

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