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  • Video Walkthrough W/ Mitch
  • Video Walkthrough W/ James
  • Rannoch – Geth Fighter Squadrons

    1. On your way to Rannoch, Admiral of one of the quarian fleets says that a geth fighter squadron is on an intercept course with said fleet. Legion fills you in mentioning that you need to interface virtually with the server to extract geth, therefore entering their consensus.
    2. The shuttle will land on Rannoch as Shepard and crew enter the facility housing the server. From here, you must enter a pod to interface with the consensus. You’ll automatically enter the pod and the mission will begin.
    3. Okay, so this mission isn’t a by the numbers, take cover, shoot anything that moves mission. You’re equipped with a gun that shoots floating strings of blocks that represent data paths in virtual geth space. You’ll also be traveling on glowing tiles that turn into platforms as you keep proceeding forward. Yes, it’s a bit weird, but the mission is pretty straight forward and you’re also never in any danger.
    4. Once you interface, Legion tells you, you must sever the connection as you make your way through. When you are in control, follow the path that leads you down. Tiles will emerge in front of you creating a path. Keep following the path.
    5. Eventually you’ll hit a barrier with the tiles underneath glowing red. This means you cannot continue, unless you do something about it. Notice the glowing string of blocks barring your way? Use the gun to destroy the blocks. You can either tap the trigger or hold it, which will deplete the ammo faster. However, the gun regenerates ammo. Once you break it, the tiles continue.
    6. Keep moving forward and break any blocks in your way. The paths might get a bit confusing, since they look alike, so keep an eye out for any glowing turquoise tiles ahead. These indicate the direction that you need to go, and where new tiles will be created.
    7. Soon enough, you will establish connection and a beam of light will come up from the blocks. Enter that beam of light to enter the next access point. When you move to the next area, it’s the same as before for now: move along the tiles, and break blocks that get in your way.
    8. The path will stop eventually as the tiles flash red. You’ll need to access a data cluster to continue. Notice the huge block made up of smaller blocks behind you? Break it open, by aiming for the glowing blocks around it. A path makes it way around the data cluster. When you get enough blocks, you will access a data cluster and you will see a historical data in holographic form.
    9. When you’re finished watching, move to the path that was blocked before. The tiles will highlight themselves leading you to the next path. Keep breaking blocks to continue. You’ll reach another data cluster. Break that as well for another holographic memory.
    10. After watching, follow the glowing tiles once more to continue. You’ll need to head up the stairs. If you get lost, hold “V” to get your bearings and look for those glowing tiles. When you reach the top, Legion will access a data cluster. After the conversation, head into the beam of light to access the next area.
    11. A cut-scene will ensue where Admiral Raan mentions that the geth squadron has arrived, but the geth have stopped functioning. When you come to, follow the tiles. You’ll reach a block that regenerates itself, no matter how many times you destroy it.
    12. To get past this, you must follow the data string that’s barring your progress and look for a glowing code segment that leads to the barrier. This will interrupt the flow. After interrupting the flow, shoot the barrier and you’ll be able to head through.
    13. The rest of the level consists of this kind of small puzzle solving. Whenever you reach a regenerative block, look around you to destroy the blocks that lead to the one you need to get through. Eventually you will be led to a data cluster that regenerates. Destroy the segments that lead to the cluster to open it.
    14. After the next piece of historical data, follow the path to the next area. Remember, look for the glowing tiles to lead you through. Another data cluster will be in your future. Do what you did with the last data cluster to crack it open. When it’s finished, you’ll see Legion playing another piece of historical data. When it’s done playing and Legion is finished talking, head to the access point in the middle of the chamber.
    15. You’ll see the geth troops collapse. When you come to, run to the exit point, and you’ll see yourself exit out of the pod. It’s mission successful, the geth fighters have been disabled. You’ll also have some geth troops on your side.
    16. Back on the Normandy, you’ll be talking with Admiral Xen. After the brief conversation, Admiral Raan notifies you that they have located the Reaper base. During the conversation, you’ll make a stand whether or not you feel that the geth need to die or not.
    17. From here, you can finish up Priority: Rannoch, but don’t forget about rescuing Admiral Koris if you wish to. If you do attempt to rescue him however, he’ll be a good source of leadership to the quarian fleet.

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    a sincere and disappointed fan


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