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  • Video Walkthrough W/ Mitch
  • Video Walkthrough W/ James
  • Rannoch – Admiral Koris

    1. Since you’ve already landed on Rannoch, it’s time to head to another region of the planet. Click on the mission to save Admiral Koris. Choose your squad, gear up, and choose your skills if you need to.
    2. The rescue of Admiral Koris is important since he protected the quarian civilian ships. Without him, the noncombative quarians were planning to leave the flotilla. Chat with Admiral Xen about Koris and what he means to their people.
    3. As the shuttle makes it’s way to the tower, cannons will be firing upon the vessel. You need to take out the anti-aircraft guns on foot. You’ll touch down in what looks to be a dry, rocky, desert area. Move forward past the stone structures. You’ll pass by the water on your right hand side. Up ahead, you’ll also see a fire in the distance.
    4. Head up the path to the fire. You’ll see geth troopers by a crashed pod. Take them out, since you have the jump on them. Continue through the wreckage. Watch out for the trip mine. Move up ahead to grab the “Javelin”. You will also be able to see the tower in the distance.
    5. Follow the path down. It will wind it’s way to more wreckage. You can actually stay up here and take out the geth down by the crash site from a distance. With either tactic, destroy the opposing geth.
    6. As you head down to the second crash site, more geth will appear, dropping from orbit. Take some cover, since a rocket trooper will be part of the pack. When the enemies have been demolished, make a left by the crash site. You’ll hear the cannons up ahead. Eventually you’ll see the anti-aircraft guns. Take cover on the metal walkway and shoot the geth down as you head to the tower.
    7. When all the troops are gone, head to the control panel. You’ll need to choose which squad member you want to shut down the tower. The person you’re left with, will be the one who will help you defend as the other disables the gun. After you choose, geth troops will be converging on your position. Take them out as they come. Be prepared for a geth prime.
    8. When the AA gun is down, more troops will appear from a path in the distance, including a hunter. Take them out, then head to the path where they came out from. Climb over the rocks, then head drop down to the next path. Pick up a “Shotgun Shredder Mod” along the way. You’ll also see a surviving quarian who sent out the distress call, Dorn’Hazt.
    9. He’ll tell you about what happened to the ship. He requests that you look for the admiral and he says that he’s lost a lot of blood. He will pass away after he tells you to tell his son he made it to the homeworld.
    10. Hop over the rocks, then grab the “SMG Magazine Upgrade II”. There will be two AA guns you need to take out. One to the left and one to the right. Choose a side.
    11. Each side will have troops you need to take out. When they’re gone, you’ll need to choose which squad member will disable the gun. There will also be another defensive stand, but in this case, both sides will have a mountable turret you can use for added firepower, especially against the primes.
    12. When you transition to the next AA gun, there will be a slew of troops, that emerge. Use the turret to clear the way.
    13. After you’ve taken out both AA guns, Shepard will signal the shuttle to take out the tower. Admiral Koris will then try to contact Dorn. Koris wants Shepard to save his crew instead of him. You’ll have a decision to make. He will be heistant, but to convince him you’ll have to use a paragon option responding with “We need a peacemaker”.
    14. After much debate, Koris will agree. He’ll send his coordinates. You’ll need to cover Koris with a turret on the shuttle as it flies around the battle ground. You’ll need to fight off two waves. You’ll see Koris jump onto the shuttle to safety. He tries to contact his crew, but, sadly, they don’t respond.
    15. Koris then talks to Shepard via comm-chat on the Normandy. After the conversation, you’re free to take on any quests you have to do. When you’re ready, it’s time to prioritize Rannoch.

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