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  • Priority: Thessia

    1. Before heading off the Thessia, the asari councilor would like to see you at the Citadel in Udina’s former office. She explains to you that she knows the Crucible is missing a key component, The Catalyst. She mentions an artifact on Thessia that only the highest members of the government know about. If luck follows you, the artifact should be a means of finding the Catalyst. She gives you coordinates to the temple where it’s housed. A science team will also meet you there.
    2. The planet of Thessia is completely under attack. Jokers says that it’s looking pretty dicey. Liara must go with you since it’s her home planet. Pick the other member of your squad to accompany you, then gear up and get ready to head out to find that artifact.
    3. Shepard asks more about the artifact from Liara. She says that the artifact can be found in the Temple of Athame, which is several thousand years old with government funding. After the shuttle conversation, Cortez flies in to the rubble that is now Thessia. Follow the rubble as it leads down to a platform. You’ll see asari troops.
    4. Before you talk to Lieutenant Kurin, look to where the dead bodies are to grab an “Umbra Visor”, and some supplies. As she talks, the front line of their defense gets bombarded and they lose a soldier. She tells you to use the mounted gun. Climb on top and let the bullets fly. Brutes and husks will be charging toward you from the bridge. Take out the shield generator as well that’s powering the enemies up.
    5. After helping out Kurin, Shepard says he needs her help. You’ll have three options, “What are your orders?”, “I’m looking for an artifact” or “Just follow your orders”. Tell her that you’re after a relic inside the temple. Kurin wants to move her people out, but Liara says that if the team doesn’t get to the temple, Thessia will be gone.
    6. Tell Kurin about the Crucible. She’ll question whether it can finish the job. It’ll give her some hope as Shepard says it’s the only shot they’ve got to survive. Kurin will then open the bridge for you. As you run along the bridge a group of harvesters will be flying above. Head forward to Outpost Tykis.
    7. About mid-way across the bridge, you’ll see enemy troops. Take cover on the sides of the bridge and start firing until they’re gone. You’ll be fighting cannibals and marauders.
    8. When you cross the bridge head into the tunnel with the fire blazing up ahead. Follow the path right. When you emerge from the other side, you’ll be on top of some stairs with Reaper enemies on the bottom. Take cover by the railings, then kill the wave that approaches.
    9. Head down the stairs. You’ll see more Reapers dropping down from the sky. Take cover behind the rubble and take them out from a distance. Move ahead to the staircase next to the planters, by the fountain. This will trigger more enemies to drop. Take cover by the fountain, then take them out.
    10. From here, you can see a door, bathed in orange light, far off in the distance with a green holo-panel. That’s where you’ll need to go when the fight is over. Once the enemies have been taken care of, head up the stairs. Another group will drop. They just won’t stop dropping.
    11. Head up the stairs, toward the rubble. Right before Liara mentions the door ahead, more enemies will drop, including a Banshee. Keep your distance from this abomination. She has two layers of health, a barrier and armor. She has a dash maneuver when she gets in close, plus a scream and an energy ball that can do some damage. If you need to, back up and pick her off as she slowly gets closer. It’s going to take some firepower to take her down, so when the other enemies are dead, throw everything you have at her. There’s also a “Hydra Missile Launcher” next to the stairs and small bridge that leads to the door. One hit kills.
    12. Now finally, head through the door when the Banshee is dead. If you want, you can keep this missile launcher until you see another Banshee, although, you’ll need to drop it, then pick it up again during regular fights, but it will be worth it.
    13. Head up the ramp after you pass by the door. Follow the path through all the rubble that leads to a door you can bypass. It will lead down to a plaza. You’ll also see a giant Reaper up above. In the distance, you’ll also see asari snipers. Head toward them. A rocket will hit their position killing one of their troops.
    14. Climb the platform by way of rubble on the left side to reach them. On the platform you can grab a med-kit, a “Sniper Rifle Concentration Module III”, and a “M-98 Widow”. Take cover by the barriers on the platform and take out the reapers on the bottom as they gather by the fountain. There’s also a barrier engine on the wall you’ll want to shoot.
    15. After the fight, climb down the ladder or the ramp, then head through the broken wall, next to where the barrier engine was. Past the wall, turn left, then climb up the terraces. When you reach the top, a soldier from Outpost Tykis is on the retreat. They couldn’t reach the scientists. Shepard wonders about the reinforcements. Tell her that you’ll need their help so they can punch through. She’ll call a gunship and Talon One and Five fly in for support. One of the ships will go down.
    16. You’ll be in cover with a Banshee on the way. If you saved that missile launcher, use it on the Banshee now. It will go down in one hit. After that you can focus on the rest of the Reapers as you continue to push forward. Watch out for the Ravagers that are giving fire support. When the first wave of enemies have been defeated, climb up the terraces as it leads up toward the rubble.
    17. When you reach the top, shoot the spore pods, then take cover by the make-shift barrier across the water. The gunship will still be supporting you. To the right, next to the rubble on fire, grab an “Assault Rifle Extended Barrel III”. Push forward on this path, while taking down enemy troops including husks, ravagers, marauders, cannibals and a lovely harvester. Give that harvester everything you got and don’t forget to take out that shield engine next to it.
    18. After the intense fight, the platform will lead to the temple. Liara will access the panel to shut down the shields. When you head inside, you’ll see the scientists have been killed. Take a look around to investigate the artifacts. Access the panel underneath the statue to trigger a cut-scene. Shepard will feel that the statue is a Prothean Beacon.
    19. Liara talks about data streams and as this happens one of the rocks emits an energy beam that heads toward the statue. From here, investigate the artifacts to find more connections. The connections are the manuscript on the left side of the statue, the bust on the right side, and the shield where the entrance to the temple is. Now access the beacon. A Prothean VI will appear, but will attempt to leave because of a Reaper presence.
    20. Shepard asks for help about what the Catalyst is, but before the VI answers, Kai Leng enters the fray. He says that the Illusive Man would like to talk to you. There will be a paragon or renegade response stating “We need to work together” or “Listen to yourself”, respectively. As you talk, Kai Leng seems ready to fight. After the conversation, the Illusive Man wants Leng to take the data from Shepard.
    21. Boss Fight: It’s time to fight Kai Leng. Take cover by the rows of seats and use any powers you can that are able to stun him. Stasis is good as well as overload, since he has shields. When he’s stunned, fire on him.
    22. Periodically, as Leng gets hit, a gunship with a blinding light will fire on you, so he can recharge. Repeat the process. Stun, damage him, and the gunship will cover Leng as he heals. After about three rounds, Leng takes down Liara and Garrus as you charge in. Kai Leng then calls in the airship to target the supports of the temple.
    23. This will make the floor collapse as Kai Leng grabs the data from the beacon. As he’s doing this, Shepard climbs up from the collapsed floor, but as he’s about the fall, Liara grabs his hand to save him. Kai Leng escapes with the data.
    24. The position that Kurin was holding is under attack as Shepard and crew see a Reaper touching down. Shepard hears the cries of the soldiers left behind. Back on the Normandy, Shepard can’t seem to muster the courage to answer an incoming call. He answers it eventually with the asari councilor on the other line. With a heavy heart Shepard states the mission was a failure on Thessia.
    25. Shepard is tired of Cerberus beating them to the punch and asks if anyone knows where they’re hiding. Traynor says that she tracked Kai Leng’s signal, but lost track. She says something is interfering with the signal. EDI states that Sanctuary is near that interference. It’s time to head to Sanctuary.

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