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  • Video Walkthrough W/ James
  • Priority: Sanctuary

    1. After picking your team and gearing up, the shuttle will be flying toward Sanctuary on the planet Horizon. You’ll find out that the facility was devoted to aiding refugees from Reaper-controlled systems, but the facility went offline without any communication.
    2. But Shepard wants to find out what exactly is going on down there. A signal will then be heard coming from the facility. It’s Oriana Lawson, Miranda’s sister. She says the facility is not what it seems. The connection then cuts out.
    3. The shuttle will drop you off in a plaza right in front of a main staircase. There seems to have been some battles going on with the make-shift barriers littering the place. Head up the stairs, and you’ll see a Cerberus vessel go down because of a Harvester.
    4. As you move past the wreckage, planters and fire, Phantoms will appear. Don’t let them get close and use any abilities you have that are able to stun them. Up on the balcony is a nemesis with his trusty sniper rifle. A combination of overload and singularity works if you can utilize it.
    5. Head to the doors ahead underneath the crashed Cerberus shuttle. Bypass the panel to open the doors. Explore the inside of this huge room. You’ll see Cerberus shuttles from the tower above through the sunroof. Explore the workspace near the stairs, then head down to the bottom floor. By the crashed vessel, you can grab some logs. Near the wall that says Sanctuary, are dead troops.
    6. Immediately up ahead by the monitors on the ceiling are more Cerberus troops. Get the jump on them, since there are only four. When they’re gone, pick up the “Pistol Scope” near the desk. Head through the door right next to the “Y” on the Sanctuary sign on the wall. You’ll come across a panel with Miranda’s recording. If she survived ME2 of course. Otherwise, it will Oriana. She says that Sanctuary is a Cerberus facility run by her father.
    7. Follow the corridor that leads outside to the planters next to the water pump. Activate the water pump and the water from the pool will drain. Climb down the ladder, then head toward the door. When you enter, follow the corridor through. You’ll find a “Rosenkov Materials Shoulder Guard”, by the last door.
    8. It will lead into a control room. There’s no power in the room, so access the console in the middle of the room. It turns on all the monitors on showing the refugees being experimented on, turning them into husks. Shepard turns on the lights and looks outside the window, revealing a horde of husks. Exit the door on the right and be ready to take out some husks.
    9. Head down the stairs and access the console to see Miranda’s recording. Keep going down the stairs to the metal, oval doors. Head through and take out the husks in the room. Back up if you need to. Follow the stairs down. You’ll see a door that you can open, plus an entrance to the left. Both lead to the same place, but the doors can be used to flank.
    10. A Banshee will appear. Focus your fire on her if she gets close. Otherwise, take out the marauders on the balconies and the ravager ahead. Move through the room when the enemies are dead. There will be an opening on the left. You’ll see a Banshee through a window. Enter the door next to the Banshee. Activate the console to hear more of Miranda’s recordings. There will also be some research data by the desks.
    11. Head up the stairs. When you turn left from the top of the stairs, two doors will be open that head to the same room. The room where the refugees were experimented on. Take cover by the doorway because there will be a lot of enemy troops here. Take out the shield engines for an easier time. Also, since the space is a bit tight, use shockwave if you’re able to. If you head to the right side, you can find a “M-12 Locust” on one of the desks as well as a “Shotgun Blade Attachment III”.
    12. At the end of the experimentation room, access the console with the dual monitors to get some background about the experiments. After some insight, a ladder will drop down. Climb the ladder, head up the stairs, and turn right. More enemies will be in the vicinity. Take cover and watch out for the ravagers in the distance. Keep moving down the room over the grated walkway. There are also flanking paths on the left and right.
    13. Head down to the room to the open door when all is clear. Follow the walkway to the next door. Jump the gap, then hop onto the moving platform. Shoot the panel on the platform, to get it moving, then jump to the next walkway. Head through the door.
    14. The camera will focus to the right showing an attacking brute. Drop down to the singed floor. When you do, a brute will come crashing down. Take it out fast before the other one appears. You’ll need to kite it if they start backing you up into a corner. You’ll also have to contend with a Banshee. Yay! Take out the brutes first, then the Banshee.
    15. After that intense battle head into the control room where you first saw the brute through the window. Head through the door in the room, then use the elevator to go up. When you get to the top, you’ll see Miranda, and her father using Oriana as a hostage.
    16. You’ll both have a chat. You’ll get four dialogue options, “You’re legacy?”, “I just want Oriana” and the paragon and renegade options, “I can be reasonable” and “I will hunt you down”. I used the paragon option, and Mr. Lawson let’s Oriana go. Miranda on the other hand doesn’t let him go. No deal.
    17. Miranda thanks you for being there. It’s finally over for her. They can stop running. Miranda then says that she placed a tracer on Kai Leng. This will lead right to the Illusive Man and Cerberus HQ.

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    PERFECT GAME ! AFTER 5 YEARS! IT WAS LIKE A DREAM WHEN FIRST I played it and after a long time it is finally over! they have created an epic and memorable story which will go down in history of great games! flawless story,strong narration and cutting edge graphic created something you don’t see everyday! but I must say ending was not I expected to be ! it could have been more epic and scary! they could make it really valorous and even more heroic! but it wasn’t! music could be more heroic too! but guy in the EA and Bioware who only care about money taught they could rob people by forcing them to play multilayer games and on the Ipad, it was wrong and I am definite that fan went on rage when they fond out! all and all it was great experience, thank you all guys in storyline and design and production we will remember you!

    a sincere and disappointed fan


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