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  • Video Walkthrough W/ James
  • Priority: Cerberus HQ

    1. Head to the Horsehead Nebula in the Anadius system to reach the Illusive Man’s base, Cronos Station. Before heading to the base, Shepard will contact Hackett. He says when they attack Cerberus, the fleet will need to move in. This will start the gears of war. When you’re ready, tell Admiral Hackett on the vid comm.
    2. If you’ve been romancing a squad member, this will start the romance part of the evening. Afterward, it will also trigger another dream sequence as you chase after the child from earth.
    3. During the approach, Joker states that there are a ton of fighters on the base. Shepard asks if they can get in. EDI then states that she must go. Shepard then tells her to go to the shuttle. Cortez will fly the shuttle into the hangar, crash landing in the process.
    4. When you’re in control, you’ll be behind cover over the mess you made. Move down the hangar, while taking out the Cerberus troops. There’s lots of cover here with a lot of flanking routes, so you can spread your team out if you need to.
    5. Watch out for centurians, regular troops and an Atlas. If you can, hug the left side wall and in one of the bays, you can find another Atlas. If you can’t make it without dying, take out the troops the old fashioned way. Watch out for the nemesis on the left side balcony.
    6. When the enemies are dead, the facility will try to vent the air. EDI needs a console. Head up to the room above with the windows. There’s a ladder that leads inside. Access the panel and EDI will stop the vent. Shepard will ask EDI if she can open the hangar. She’ll say no, but she’ll have access to the fighter launch controls. When she does this, a Cerberus fighter rises up.
    7. When you gain control, troops will flood the room from the other side. It’s a tight space so shockwave will work well here. When the enemies are gone, head out to where they came from. As you turn right on the balcony, more enemies will be incoming. Use cover, then start aiming for their heads, especially that nemesis.
    8. After the fight, follow the balcony to the metal doors. This will lead to another console that changes the rotation of the fighter. Head down to the fighter, using the ladder, then access the console highlighted in red, right next to the ladder you came down from. The fighter will take off, creating a hole in the wall.
    9. An Atlas decides to show up with some friends. Take cover, take it out, then head through the wall where the fighter went through. Walk past the fiery wreckage, then Shepard will ask EDI to bypass the door. You’ll need to enter a sub-level to get where you need to go. Climb the ladder down where the room is bathed in red. I’m sensing danger here.
    10. When you reach the bottom, take cover by the pipes and barriers. It’s a bit hazy in here due to all the steam. Take out the troops that come along. The room will turn right. Head toward the yellow light, or better yet, the nemesis in the distance in front of a pair of vents. When you reach the vents, find the ladder, then climb it. EDI will bypass another door.
    11. EDI also mentions that the console in front of you contains details about “Project Lazarus”, the project that brought you back to life. There will be consoles like this scattered throughout the rest of the level. When you’re done watching, EDI will open the door. Follow the corridor. You’ll walk past flames and be lead down to a lower level. Make use of the ample amounts of cover provided. Take out the turret, then hang a left down the way.
    12. You’ll reach a section of the room with shield engines, turrets and energy barriers the troops are using. Take your time, and take out those turrets. Methodically move from cover to cover down this hallway. Keep pushing forward. The hallway will force you left to another defense line of turrets and troops. Take them out as you go.
    13. When they’re done for climb the ladder up. It’s presented like a beam of light coming down from the sky. When you reach the top, there’s another console you can use while EDI bypasses the lock. You’ll be in an experimentation facility.
    14. If you didn’t go to Grissom Academy, there will be a log on one of the beds talking about Subject Zero. It’s Jack if you didn’t visit her, and you’ll find out she’ll be captured and experimented on. When EDI bypasses the lock, another one will be in the next room. When she bypasses that, follow the path to the next door. It’s a goodie room. From here you can grab a “Delumcore Overlay”, ammo, a med-kit and another log.
    15. When you’re done, head back out and look for the shaft with a broken wall with pipes and wires colored in a blue hue. Your team will jump down. You’ll enter a huge room with grated walkways as paths. You’ll also see the final boss you faced in ME2, decommissioned of course.
    16. Follow the grated walkway. More Cerberus troops will be incoming. If you didn’t save Jack, she’ll appear as an enemy Phantom. You’ll have to take her out. Keep following the walkway while taking out the troops and shield engines. Be mindful of the Phantoms.
    17. You’ll reach a ladder at the end of the walkway. Climb it, then keep climbing up. More troops will converge on your position. Careful of the nemesis down the walkway. With the enemies taken down, climb the ladder at the end of the walkway. Open the door, then head left past all the consoles. Grab the ammo. There’s also consoles you can use to access more logs.
    18. Head through the next door. Run across the bridge and you’ll enter the Illusive Man’s office. The oh so familiar office with the huge, red giant through the window. The Illusive Man will make an appearance in holographic form. As you talk to him, you’ll get three options asking about the Catalyst. They are “So what is it?”, “You’ll never change”, and “I can’t help you anymore”.
    19. If you asked the question, you’ll be faced with the last two responses as well as paragon and renegade options. “It’s not too late to help me” or “You’re in this for yourself”. After the Illusive Man is finished talking, you’ll be with the Prothean VI. Shepard then asks what the Catalyst is. The VI says the Catalyst is the Citadel and the Reapers have moved it to Sol. As Shepard asks EDI to contact Hackett, Kai Leng interrupts.
    20. Boss Fight: Kai Leng will come charging in and break apart the tiles on the floor. Ooooh, fancy. When you’re in control, he’ll be right in your mug. Stun him as soon as possible, then start taking shots at him. Do not let him get too close. If you do, you’ll trigger a cinematic fight. Keep tapping “F” as this happens.
    21. Periodically, Kai Leng will regenerate his shields, breaking more tiles on the ground. As he does this the second time, troops will drop down for support. From here, use the trench he created the first time to take some cover with your squad. Take out the troops from here, then focus on Kai Leng when you get the chance.
    22. His life will start to whittle away, so just keep at him. It’s important to take his shields down. Watch out for Phantoms that appear later on in the fight. When all the enemies are gone, just focus on Leng. He’ll go down quickly without any shields.
    23. When he’s down, Shepard will access the computer. Leng will still be alive and creep up on Shepard from behind. This will trigger a renegade action. If you’re paragon, just leave it alone and Shepard will stab Leng right in the gut with his omni-tool. That’s for you Thane!
    24. The Prothean VI will start talking and give you a renegade and paragon interrupt. The renegade one will appear first. Shepard will get a call from Anderson. It’s time to end this once and for all. It’s time to take the fight back to Earth.

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    PERFECT GAME ! AFTER 5 YEARS! IT WAS LIKE A DREAM WHEN FIRST I played it and after a long time it is finally over! they have created an epic and memorable story which will go down in history of great games! flawless story,strong narration and cutting edge graphic created something you don’t see everyday! but I must say ending was not I expected to be ! it could have been more epic and scary! they could make it really valorous and even more heroic! but it wasn’t! music could be more heroic too! but guy in the EA and Bioware who only care about money taught they could rob people by forcing them to play multilayer games and on the Ipad, it was wrong and I am definite that fan went on rage when they fond out! all and all it was great experience, thank you all guys in storyline and design and production we will remember you!

    a sincere and disappointed fan


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