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  • Video Walkthrough W/ Mitch
  • Video Walkthrough W/ James
  • Priority: Earth

    1. This is it. It’s time to head back to Earth. Admiral Hackett requests to come aboard and gives an inspirational speech to the troops as a montage of the other fleets get ready. Before hitting the Citadel, Shepard’s team needs to drop down in London first to take out the Reaper cannons. To head up to the Citadel, you’ll need to ride a beam that’s located in London.
    2. It’s time to choose your team that will join you on this last stand. Choose your gear and level up to get ready. The Normandy, backed by the entire fleet of united races pushes through the Sol relay. It’s a staggering amount of vessels. The battle will commence in orbit versus the two opposing sides. The Normandy then breaks off to the surface passing by the planetary battle.
    3. Inside the shuttle, Joker fills you in on the situation and Cortez informs you that you’re about to reach the LZ. One of the shuttles riding with you, gets taken down. It was the squad responsible for taking down the turret. Shepard will tell the team to drop now, to take down the Hades Cannon. You’ll need to search for the heavy weapons of the crashed vessel.
    4. When you land you’ll be on the bottom of a hill with the Reapers attacking on top. Periodically, you’ll see the Hades Cannon fire in the distance with a blinding light. That’s your destination. Stay in cover, dig in and push up the hill when things get less dicey. When you reach the top of the hill you’ll climb some stairs and be lead out to a plaza next to the street. Keep pushing forward down the street when you reach it, although you’ll now have to face brutes. There’s also a building you can enter across the street where a fire is burning. You can use this area for cover as well, plus you’ll get some ammo.
    5. When the wave of enemies have been taken out, head up the rubble on the right side of the road, up toward the building. As you move up the building, Cortez will be hit by a harvester, but he’ll be okay. Take cover when you reach the top of the building, then take out the Reapers in your way. The Hades Cannon will be right on top of you.
    6. The crashed shuttle of the heavy weapons team will be on the right side of the building. A Ravager and some support will be there as well. Take them out to clear the roof, then grab the “M-920 Cain”. Aim at the cannon and let the round fly. It will destroy the cannon in explosive fashion and let Hammer team land. Shepard then calls in for extraction.
    7. It won’t come right away, so dig in and survive until the shuttle arrives. You’ll be faced with husks, marauders, cannibals, ravagers, and a lovely Banshee. These guys aren’t kidding around. The groups will be clustered fairly close together so if you have shockwave, use it for some crowd control.
    8. Soon enough, Major Coats calls in and tells Shepard they are ready to extract you. When it’s relatively safe, jump into the shuttle from the roof, and Major Coats will greet you. Anderson will also be on the shuttle. You can trigger a paragon action here by giving him a hug. After a lengthy conversation, you’ll see Hammer drop down from a mass of shuttles and clear the way, not without causalities however.
    9. The shuttle carrying you will land at base camp. Anderson says to come see him when you’re ready. From here you can explore the base and talk with your teammates one final time before the final push. Hold “V” to locate Anderson. On the way, you’ll meet Ashley on the street. Talk to her. There will be door next to her that leads to a comm tech that can reach contacts inside the building.
    10. Head back out, make a right and climb the rubble toward the bridge. When you head out to the bridge, you’ll man the turret and take out the Reapers below in an explosion of meaty body parts. After defending the area, move along the bridge, head through the door and follow the rooms up the building. You’ll see Wrex inspiring the krogan. The room past Wrex will be the Anderson’s. Talk to him and tell him you’re ready to start the attack.
    11. Anderson will address the situation and lay out a plan. When Anderson is finished talking, Shepard calls his entire crew, the ones you’ve got to know throughout the trilogy, and gives one final speech. It’s time to choose the two on your crew that will fight with you to the end.
    12. You’ll see the Makos roll in with Anderson leading the charge as you see turians, humans and krogans fighting alongside each other. When you’re in control, you’ll begin in a ruined building with two cannibals directly in front of you. Take them out, along with their back up. Head through the building, then drop down. You’ll see the Makos push on. Head toward the beam.
    13. The Mako will get destroyed in an ambush. Take cover, then kill the Reapers next to the building. Move past the disabled Mako through an underpass. More Makos will drive by. Head to the next overpass. A Harvester will fly down going toe to toe with the Mako. Take out that Harvester along with the troops supporting it. Eventually, another Banshee will come crashing down from the sky, complicating things a bit. Keep your resolve and take out the group.
    14. Head to the building directly in front of the Mako. From here you’ll need to clear the stronghold. Enter the door inside the building. You’ll enter a parking garage. Husks will charge at you. Take them out as they come. They’ll be followed by a couple of brutes. Move through the parking garage, up the ladder. Take the ramp up and kill the reapers on the second floor apartment building including a ravager. Hammer will thank you when the job is done.
    15. A door will open inside the apartment. Enter it and some husks will attack. Melee the crap out of them, then follow the hallway down onto the street. Look down the street and you’ll be faced with more enemies. Push your way through as you pass by dividers and wrecked cars.
    16. Move down the street and a ravager will emerge along with more reaper troops, including a brute. Take out that ravager, then the brute, then the ground troops. The street will lead to a warehouse. Enter it, then eliminate the troops inside. When the warehouse is cleared, follow the building out, back to the street.
    17. When you reach the street, or in this case a street trench, kill the reapers ahead inside the building by the telephone booths. Enter that building, a restaurant, then head through the door into another room with more enemies. Clear this room, then head out into the alleyway with an ample supply of dumpsters. Take out the enemies in the alleyway with your favorite friend joining in the fun, the brute.
    18. When all the reapers have been demolished, walk over to the narrow passageway, toward the fire in the distance. A brute will tear a hole through the wall, with another brute just behind. Back up here, then take them out from a distance. Now head through the hole in the wall they created, then exit the door.
    19. ou’ll watch a cut-scene where a number of teams will be attempting to take out a giant Reaper. Fire support will not come for them as the teams lose their lives. You’ll exit out to the street. You’ll be given the task of securing the missile battery, the vehicle right in front of you with the rockets ready to be deployed. All you need to do is take out the enemies in the vicinity.
    20. Keep note for later that there are buildings you can enter on the left and right side of the street filled with ammo and med-kits if you need it. And you’ll need it. When you take the first group, Coats will say that the beam is interrupting with the guidance of the missiles. Shepard asks EDI if she can do anything about. She’ll say that she might be able to use the Normandy’s systems to enhance the missiles’ targeting capabilities. Head to the launcher controls to open a link. From here, you need to defend the battery.
    21. The first wave consists of husks, marauders, and cannibals. The second wave on the left flank will consist of cannibals, marauders, and two banshees. This is when things start to get intense, as in, you can die easily if you’re not careful. After you’ve survived the second wave, head back to the truck to activate the missiles. The missile will fire, but it won’t work because the Reaper is still too close to the beam. You have two missiles left.
    22. You must now defend the other missile battery. The third wave will consist entirely of brutes, about five or six of them. Keep your distance and grab ammo if you need to. The store on the left side of the street contains a missile launcher behind the counter.
    23. Save that missile launcher for the Harvester that decides to drop down and make your life difficult. It should go down in one hit. The fourth wave will consist entirely of Banshees and marauders. Like the brutes, keep your distance. Keep your team away as well. The Reaper Destroyer firing the laser is close, and he’ll target you too, so use the buildings for cover.
    24. Eventually, the missile controls will be ready. Run to the controls as fast as you can and activate it. The missiles will destroy the Reaper destroyer. From here Shepard tells the squads to hit it with everything they got. Anderson then joins Shepard. He says more Sovereign class Reapers are headed to the beam. It’s time to head to the Citadel.
    25. As the Makos make their way toward the beam, the Crucible will be escorted through. Shepard and crew will be at the crest of the crater that leads down to the beam. With Reapers inbound, making a landing right next to the beam, you’ll have to run for it and make one last push to the beam. Keep running through all the epic chaos. The screen will go white.
    26. You’re still alive and you’ll hear on the radio that the entire team was decimated. You’ll get up and limp toward the beam. Three husks will try to stop you. Take them out in slow motion. Keep moving toward the beam, then take out the marauder.
    27. Eventually, you’ll reach the beam and head up to the Citadel. You’ll be among a pile of dead bodies. You’ll hear that Anderson has made it. When you get up, keep walking forward past the bodies. You’ll eventually head up a ramp that leads to the controls.
    28. Anderson will be there along with the Illusive Man with a new coat of Reaper paint on him. During the conversation you’ll have four responses, “Don’t do this”, “Control is pointless” plus the paragon and renegade choices, “You don’t get it” or “We’re not the enemy here”.
    29. You’ll then be presented with four more options, “You can’t be trusted”, “Then end it” and the paragon and renegade choices, “And what if you’re wrong?” or “So what are you waiting for”? Shepard questions whether or not the Illusive Man can control the Reapers. Anderson then says to the Illusive Man that he’s indoctrinated.
    30. In the aftermath of the conversation Shepard meets the Catalyst and he’ll give you three choices: Destroy the Reapers and all synthetic life, create an entirely new life form, or take control of the Reapers. The choice is up to you. Watch the ending you have chosen in this epic trilogy.

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