Mass Effect 3 Walkthrough

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  • Video Walkthrough W/ Mitch
  • Video Walkthrough W/ James
  • Prologue: Earth

    1. The prologue begins as Shepard is looking out the window, watching a child play with a replica ship. James Vega then enters the room to tell Shepard that the defense committee needs to talk to him. As they exit, Shepard runs into Anderson. Anderson tells him that something big is headed toward Earth.
    2. Shepard then asks if it’s the Reapers. You’ll have a choice between “We should’ve prepared more” or “I’m certain. I’ll choose the former. Shepard will walk up the stairs with Anderson. You’ll meet Ashley on the way to the meeting. Tell her it’s good to see her. Eventually you’ll meet with the defense committee.
    3. After some back and forth chat, you’ll find out that the Reapers are indeed coming. Shepard will talk about how this fight is for survival. Tell one of the committee members that we’ll need to stand together to get through this.
    4. During the conversation, you’ll find out that the lunar base has lost contact. Afterward, the monitor above will display the chaos of the Reaper invasion that has already begun. Before you know, the Reapers are on the front door. Shepard looks out the window and tells everyone to watch out. The window shatters and the desk the committee was using, rolls over across the room.
    5. As you come to, Anderson finds you, gives you a gun, and you’re both headed out the window, precariously walking on the beams outside of the building. This starts the tutorial section regarding movement, combat and exploration.
    6. Walk down the beam with Anderson as he tells you to move. Make a left along the next beam as you keep moving forward. You’ll see the skyline ahead as well as the roads below. Hold space to run. As you sprint along the beam, a laser will slice it’s way through the path you need to go.
    7. Now make a left up the beam, which is at an upward incline, then a right across the grated platform. Take a running jump ahead, where the flames are raging. Hold space to run and Shepard will automatically leap to the other side.
    8. Follow the grated platform, until you need to drop down to the next ledge. Turn left along the side of the building and you’ll see an air battle scream by your ears. Up ahead will be a ladder. Simply walk up to the ladder to climb it.
    9. When you get to the top, you’ll see Anderson take cover next to the wall. Take cover yourself, by pressing “space”, then hold forward and “space” to jump over. Turn slight right, then head down the building at a downward incline. You’ll run across some solar panels.
    10. Keep moving down as you pass by the vents releasing steam. Jump over the air duct and Anderson will alert you of husks up ahead. They’ll be climbing the building ahead to get to you, as well as the ladder that leads down. Shoot them as they climb. When they’ve dropped to their doom, climb down the ladder.
    11. As you make your way down, with your feet stepping on plant life, more husks will climb up over the railing. They’ll be trying to smash open a window. You will run out of ammo, so you’ll have to get near them, and lay the smack down using the melee button. By default it’s “F”, but for my comfort, I’ll bind it to the “middle mouse button”. Pistol whip those husks until they are no more.
    12. A laser from one of the Reaper vessels will now aim for the building that Shepard’s on. Shepard will take cover as the windows from the building shatter and explode. Enter that building, which is now in ruin, and look for the sliding double doors with the orange holographic panel. Press “space” to open it. As you do, a husk will try to scratch you. Hold the melee button to unleash a power attack. Now you can open the doors as Shepard calls for Anderson.
    13. Anderson moves forward, but Shepard hears a sound coming from an open vent. It’s a boy, hiding from the destruction. Say that you can help him. The boy will back off saying you can’t help him. Anderson then calls out for Shepard and the boy disappears.
    14. Shepard will head through the doors with Anderson. As Anderson talks about the situation, tell him you understand how he feels. Anderson and Shepard will wind their way through crashed beams and fire. Eventually they’ll end up in another room.
    15. When you’re in control, grab the ammo resting on the ground by the shattered glass. Press “R” to reload. Jump out the broken window down to the ledge. Hang a left past the plants and onto another concrete beam. Walk down the ramp as you see the Reaper in the distance causing chaos.
    16. Climb over the air duct, then hang slight left past the live electrical wire above. As you keep proceeding forward over the copper metal ramps, an explosion will occur. The platform beneath you will crumble, then you’ll slide down to the next piece of footing.
    17. When you come to, move ahead over the metal pillar that’s hanging over the water. Run forward to leap over the gap. You’ll reach a drop off point where you’ll meet friendlies. You’ll have a chat with the one of the soldiers tending to another soldiers injury. He tells you to watch out, or they’ll see you.
    18. Those things are known as cannibals. Shepard will take cover. From here, you can press “LMB” to shoot and “RMB” to pop out and aim. Take out all the cannibals, then head back to Anderson, next to the two soldiers. Talk to the two soldiers by pressing “space”. After the conversation, the soldier is pulled out and a path is laid out for you.
    19. Walk along the newly commissioned bridge, then hang a left. You’ll walk across pieces of metal and rubble. On your right however, is a salvage kit. Grab it for some XP. As the path makes you turn right. Take cover and take out another group of cannibals. They seem to go down nicely using the cryo or the fire rounds.
    20. After they’ve been demolished, hop over the cover, then look right. More cannibals are on the way. Take cover again and take them out as they come. Move forward down to the area where the cannibals appeared. Head slight right. Grab the M-8 Avenger, an assault rifle, and directly in front of you is the radio you need to use. Use the radio to trigger a cut-scene. Anderson will activate the distress beacon.
    21. Afterwards, a wave of cannibals will emerge. Shepard will take cover here. Now start taking them out as you wait for extraction. You’ll now have your pistol and your assault rifle to use. Also, depending on your class, you’ll have biotic powers. Since I’m a vanguard, I’ll use pull whenever I get the chance. Eventually, you will run out of ammo, but as that happens, the Normandy will appear to provide some support.
    22. Shepard will run for the Normandy and jump into it. Unfortunately, Anderson will decide to stay behind and no matter of convincing will do the trick to make him stay, even suggesting to stay yourself. As the Normandy takes off, Shepard will see the boy in the vent enter a shuttle as the survival of the human race begins. Cue epic music.
    23. After the title screen shows, Shepard, Ashley, and James will be gearing up. James will ask about Anderson, while Shepard says they need to head to the Citadel. James will call BS. Choose a response. I’ll choose I don’t like it either. As James argues, press “RMB” to pull off a Paragon conversation interrupt.
    24. Joker then joins the conversation on an incoming transmission saying there’s a message from Admiral Hackett. He’ll tell you that you need to go to an outpost on Mars first before heading to the Citadel. There might be a way to stop the Reapers there. However, the outpost hasn’t responded.
    25. Ashley and James will be your squad as you venture out onto the red planet with an incoming storm on the way.

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    Mark Burnham

    On March 9, 2012 at 12:14 pm

    Nice work guys! Keep rocking.


    On March 23, 2012 at 4:24 am

    PERFECT GAME ! AFTER 5 YEARS! IT WAS LIKE A DREAM WHEN FIRST I played it and after a long time it is finally over! they have created an epic and memorable story which will go down in history of great games! flawless story,strong narration and cutting edge graphic created something you don’t see everyday! but I must say ending was not I expected to be ! it could have been more epic and scary! they could make it really valorous and even more heroic! but it wasn’t! music could be more heroic too! but guy in the EA and Bioware who only care about money taught they could rob people by forcing them to play multilayer games and on the Ipad, it was wrong and I am definite that fan went on rage when they fond out! all and all it was great experience, thank you all guys in storyline and design and production we will remember you!

    a sincere and disappointed fan


    On March 27, 2012 at 11:17 pm

    I love this i want more on this subjectany references please?


    On March 28, 2012 at 4:11 am

    It’s crappy as far as movie entertainment goes. Bad script.

    Deadra Millick

    On March 29, 2012 at 4:13 am

    Hello there I very much enjoyed reading your post. I’m thinking about writing my own blog soon Best.