Mass Effect 3 Walkthrough

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  • Video Walkthrough W/ Mitch
  • Video Walkthrough W/ James
  • Priority: Mars

    1. The shuttle carrying you, James and Ashley, will dock on the red and somewhat desolate Mars, outside a field of solar panels. Make a right past the solar panels toward the direction of the fluttering flags. You’ll see some railings up ahead with a gap in-between. They’ll be highlighted by flashing lights.
    2. As you approach the railing, James will mention the incoming storm on the horizon. Hold “V” to take a look at that monstrous thing. When you reach the railing, drop down. A group of dead soldiers will greet you. Grab the M-92 Mantis on the ground next to the dead bodies. Now follow the path down the opposite way of where the stopped vehicle went. You’ll see some tire tracks that lead to a grouping of crates. A diamond will also appear leading you towards the “Mars Facility Entrance Controls”.
    3. When you reach the crates, you’ll also see some metallic barriers you can use for cover. Direct yourself and your squad to cover. Down below the rough surface of Mars, you’ll see a group of enemy soldiers next to a vehicle, executing a civilian.
    4. When you and your team are set, get ready to attack. Since they’re clustered together, they should be taken out quickly. Use Vega to throw a frag grenade and Ashley to toss an inferno grenade. As a Vanguard in my case, I’ll use pull on one of the enemies. The group should go down in seconds.
    5. Move down to where the civilian was executed. Three more enemies will appear behind the vehicle. Take them out as well, then head up the dirt path. When you make it up, take cover behind the rocks or the four crates adjacent to each other. There are also vehicles you can use to flank your way around to get better position on the left hand side. Take the enemies out that appear here.
    6. You’ll see the metallic ramp that leads into the Mars Facility after the battle. Enter the doors, then activate the panel on the elevator. Ashley will then confront you about your history with Cerberus. Tell her “It was a temporary alliance”, and Shepard will explain the situation.
    7. The room will then get pressurized and you’ll see your squad taking their helmets off. When you reach the top of the lift, you’ll watch a cut-scene where Liara T’Soni is escaping from a group of Cerberus soldiers in an air vent.
    8. She’ll escape, use singularity, and kill the soldiers that were giving chase. Afterward, Shepard greets Liara. She talks about a weapon that could defeat the Reapers. You’ll get three options, “We’re learning this just now?”, “Seems too good to be true”, and “Finally some good news”. I gravitated toward the question first, then replied with “You did the right thing”, ending with “Seems too good to be true”.
    9. The conversation will be interrupted with some enemies looking to barge in through the metallic doors. They’ve brought a torch to do just that. As the team gets ready, Shepard will order James to go back to the ship leaving your squad with Liara and Ash.
    10. When you’re in control, you’ll be on the ground floor, while the enemies are up on the second. Use Liara’s singularity to lift them off the ground, then do some more damage with Ash’s inferno grenade. Take some shots on the weaker enemies. When you’ve got all of them, you’ll need to find a way up. Grab the med-kit near where you took cover behind the yellow vehicle to grab some XP.
    11. You can try to use the elevator to head up, but it will not work. Look for the panel that will lift the yellow vehicle. It’s right in front of the white vehicle. When you press the switch, the yellow vehicle ahead will rise up.
    12. Now look left, head up the ramp, climb the boxes, then jump across the vehicle to get on the second floor. Remember here, that you can quickly jump over containers and cover now, by double tapping “Space” for easier transitions. When you’re on the second floor, make a right, then head to the metal doors with the green holographic panel on it. Access it to open it.
    13. Head through and you’ll see a civilian get shot in the back. You’re prompted to take cover at the highlighted marker. When you’re in cover, slide right behind the enemy. Now hold the melee button and take him out in a sweet execution animation. Now take out the rest of the enemies in the room.
    14. Head for the open door, hang a left and you’ll see a terminal up ahead. Before you enter, turn right and access the data pad on the row of seats to get XP, then enter the room which houses the terminal. Go to the ammo rack and grab the Ariake Technologies Gauntlets. Before you access the security console, grab an M-4 Shuriken and a med-kit next to the dead bodies.
    15. When you gain access to the console, you’ll notice a woman on the monitor, Dr. Eva Core. Liara will then open the metal doors that lead to the exterior airlock. Head through them to the next set of doors past the coiled red and blue wires resting on the ground. This will lead outside. Take the ladder down, then focus on the tram in the distance using “V”.
    16. Move down the long pathway with the tool chest and ladder in the distance. Grab the Kassa Fabrication Chestplate on the tool chest, then climb the ladder. When you reach the top, head up the ramp, then jump over the gap. There’s an open door on the left. Enter it. The next area will be dark. Shepard and crew will turn on their flashlights.
    17. Follow the path. It leads down the stairs. Grab the datapad right before you head down the stairs. When you reach the bottom, take cover. The squad will turn off their flashlights. A group of enemies will appear behind glass. Take them out. Look around the serving area to find a “SMG Scope I”, then move ahead through the windows that were just broken.
    18. Turn right into the control room that’s flashing red. Grab some ammo by the rack if you need it, then access the med station to get some XP. Access the environmental controls on the panel to pressurize the room. There will also be some security footage showing Dr. Eva murder two soldiers. Liara will blame herself for Dr. Eva. Tell her to not blame herself, then follow up with “I have a lot to live for”. Liara will then open the next set of doors.
    19. Head through the doors. You can access the weapon bench on the right. When you’re done, look at the rubble to grab “SMG Ultralight Materials I” Grab the datapad as you head up the staircase, then open those doors.
    20. As the doors open, enemies will be revealed. Get the jump on them. Further down the hallway will be some shield enemies. Use pull to make them drop their shields, then take them out too. There’s a datapad behind one of the desks in the second room with the lab equipment.
    21. Move down the end of the hallway, hang a left, then take cover on the doorway that enters the next room. Take out the enemies down this corridor. Use some shockwave. As you battle, the doors in the distance will open revealing more enemies. Take out the enemies in the current room, then head for the next.
    22. Take cover by the next set of doors. More enemies will be in the next room. The path ahead will be blocked however, so to get into the next room, you’ll have to make a left down the stairs, head straight, then up the stairs on the right. You can use this for flanking purposes as well.
    23. When you head into the next room, you’ll have taken out a good amount of enemy soldiers. The doors ahead will close, but when you enter the hallway, head left to look inside the lab through the windows. You’ll notice there’s a laser wall scanning the room. There’s a terminal on the right window, which you can use to stop it. Make sure to stop it so you can enter the next set of doors in the lab.
    24. Enter the door to the lab when it’s green. Inside the lab, you can pick up a “Shotgun High Caliber Barrel I”, a datapad you can examine, a med-kit, and a “Sniper Rifle Extended Barrel I”. Now head for the next set of metal doors. When the doors open, hang a left, head into the doors, then make a right along the pipes on the wall. Enter the door on the left and you’ll be greeted by an automated turret.
    25. Shepard will take cover as well as Ash. She’ll move up ahead of you. Follow the markers as you make your way forward. When you head out from the hallway. Keep taking cover until you reach the balcony. Afterward, move from cover to cover to your left. You’ll reach a piece of cover you’ll need to turn the corner. By default, press the “middle mouse button” to transition. Keep moving left and you’ll be out of range of the turret.
    26. Enter the door ahead, then take out the enemies inside. When the battle is over, grab the datapad, the med-kit on the shelf, and the “Sniper Rifle Concentration Module”. Use the console the shut off the turret. You’ll also see Dr. Eva Core giving commands to the troops via the monitor.
    27. Ashely will find something in the next room. As she opens the helmet, the person inside looks like a husk, but different. Ash will then start questioning whether she knows you anymore after Cerberus got their hands on you. Tell her, “You think I’m like him?”, the follow up with “I’m still the same guy”. It will reassure her.
    28. Shepard decides to call in the enemy team, so the squad can ambush them. This will give the squad the opportunity to board the tram. From here Ash will suggest to move down to the ground floor and hit them from the side, but it’s best if you leave your team up on the second floor for the height advantage.
    29. Position Ash and Liara by the crates, then wait for the enemy team to arrive. Take them out, then head for the tram. Use the console on the tram to activate it. The tram will move, but it will be disabled by a bomb on the track. From here a tram going to opposite way, loaded with troops, will zero in on your position. They’ll stop right next to your tram. Take them out, hop onto their tram, then access the console to move forward.
    30. When the tram stops, you’ll be greeted with more enemies. Hop out of the tram, take cover, then take out the enemies in front of you. As you move up, take cover behind the crates near the booth. You’ll notice that both sides that lead to the booth are barred. Just keep taking out enemies.
    31. A Centurion will eventually open the glass barriers as well as the bars. Shielded enemies will flood the place on the right side. Use shockwave to stun them, plus pull. When they’re all down. Move past the booth on the left hand side and grab a M-15 Vindicator on the rack to the left of the metal doors. Head into the booth to grab the med-kit, then turn around and head to the right side rack to grab a “Shotgun Shredder Mod I”. Now head for the door in-between the racks.
    32. When you enter the door, you’ll be in the archives. The Illusive Man will appear behind you in holographic form. He’ll explain he wants the data in the Prothean artifacts to solve the Reaper threat. Let him know that “You’re wasting time!” From there you can answer with a Paragon or Renegade comment. Paragons will reply with “Help me, then”. Afterwards tell the Illusive man “You’re deluded” or “Over my dead body”.
    33. You’ll find out that the Prothean data is currently being erased. Ash will then find Dr. Eva Core in the room. She’ll escape and take the data. Give chase. Take note that you’ll never catch up with her, so just keep her in your line of sight. Remember to double tap “space” to traverse cover quickly.
    34. When you reach the platform outside, Dr. Eva will board the shuttle, but James will ram it, so it doesn’t get away. In the aftermath, Dr. Eva busts out through the flames with her skin peeled off. She grabs Ashley who tries to shoot her, then pounds her head on the shuttle.
    35. Dr. Eva will then come after you. Aim and shoot at her face. Time will slow down. When you put enough shots on her, she will collapse. Shepard tells James to grab Dr. Eva as Shepard takes Ash. The team will then board the Normandy.
    36. To help Ash, Liara says they need to go to the Citadel. Admiral Hackett will then be patched through. He’ll ask about the archives and Liara will state that it’s a blueprint for a Prothean device. Hackett grabs the data to analyze as well.
    37. Liara will talk to Shepard about the weapon. Reply with either “Yeah, it’s just hard to believe” or “I just hate running”. Soon you’ll see the Normandy fly toward the Citadel. Ash will be sent to the hospital and Shepard will have a chat with Captain, I mean, Commander Bailey.
    38. He’ll mention you can go to the hospital to check up on things, but to move the story forward, you’ll need to go to the Council to start the next mission, Priority: Citadel

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