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  • Video Walkthrough W/ Mitch
  • Video Walkthrough W/ James
  • Priority: Citadel

    1. After the mission to Mars, you’ll be on the Citadel. From here your next objective is to go to the Council, but before you do, head to the hospital to see Ash and explore the place as you see fit. You’ll be able to talk to Diana Allers on this floor as well. Talk to her and get her to board your ship as a new war asset.
    2. Use the map by pressing “M” to get yourself acquainted with the place. You can also talk to Avina. To go to the hospital , head toward point 4, access the elevator, then choose the floor you wish to go. In this case, choose the floor 4 which contains the Huerta Memorial Hospital.
    3. As you exit the elevator. Head straight and access the gift terminal. From here you can grab flower, chocolates and books for Ash. Purchase the one by Tennyson, which is a reference to Mass Effect 1. Keep exploring the lobby to find Dr. Chakwas and Dr. Michel. Talk to her and she’ll request to join the Normandy again.
    4. I figured she’s been through enough, so this time, I chose to let her stay in the labs. This will actually give you some reputation points. After talking with Chakwas, have a chat with Dr. Michel and have her join your crew. This will trigger a paragon/renegade option and she’ll join the Normandy giving you bonus rep plus a new war asset.
    5. You’ll be done in the lobby, so enter the double doors to get into the patient wing. Ash’s room will be the first one on the right, past the hallway. As you enter, a cut-scene will trigger. Talk to her by saying you’re “thinking about her”, then tell her to “take care”.
    6. Now head back to the elevator to access the Citadel Embassies. From the elevator, make a left and listen to the chat between the turian, human and volus. You’ll get a new mission called the “Shrike Abyssal”.
    7. Now keep going past the elevator and up the stairs. When you head up, take the first door on the left to talk to Commander Bailey. He’ll be talking with Ms. Al-Jilani having a bit of an argument. She’ll then direct her attention to Shepard before the door closes. When you’re done talking, exit his office, make a left, then make a right into Udina’s office. His assistant will lead you to the Council meeting already in progress.
    8. Shepard walks in to say that Earth has been attacked, and Udina says that we must fight the enemy together. Liara also shows the plans of the Prothean weapon and says there was a piece missing known only as the Catalyst. Shepard states that construction on the weapon is about to begin.
    9. The turian councilor will ask if this can really stop the Reapers. You’ll be presented with “I believe in trying” or “Do you have a better plan?” I chose the former. Later on the Council says that with Earth being attacked, it gives the rest of the galaxy time to prepare.
    10. When the meeting ends Udina wants to meet you in his office. Udina will be pretty upset, but in a bit, the turian councilor makes an appearance. He’ll tell Shepard about Primarch Fedorian, who called the war summit. Says he’s on Palaven, but contact was lost. If he is saved, says the councilor, he would be a great ally to unite the races. Before he leaves, however, he’ll reinstate your Spectre status.
    11. From here you’ll get some paragon points and you can talk to Udina before you leave his office to ask about his thoughts and the situation. When you’re done, head out, and enter the Spectre requisition office. Here you can access the Spectre terminal, the shop and a shooting range to test out your weapons.
    12. Head back down the stairs and you’ll see Ms. Al-Jilani opposite the elevator. Chat with her. She’ll attack you once again, but reassure her with a paragon interrupt. She’ll say she’s glad you’re on the Alliance side and she’ll become one of your war assets.
    13. James Vega will be looking out the window to the right of the elevator. You’ll chat with him. Reply with “Not your kind of place?” and follow up with “It’s hard to believe” or “they will”. You’ll get some rep. Now enter the elevator, and access Normandy Dock: Bay D24.
    14. Go straight, then hang a left by the waiting area to get back on board the Normandy. The next sequence, shows Shepard dreaming about the boy back on earth. Follow the boy through this dark forest. Shepard will wake up and talk with Liara. She’ll ask you if something is bothering you. Respond with either “Ash getting hurt” or “Everyone back on Earth”. You’ll be interrupted by Specialist Traynor. Liara will leave.
    15. Traynor will update you on the Normandy’s retrofit. She seems nervous. Tell her “it’s okay”. She’ll then say that Admiral Hackett would like to talk to you on the vid-com regarding the Council meeting. Respond with either “I understand their concerns” or “They’re useless”. Hackett will then talk about the the war resources for constructing the weapon. Question the survival of Earth. He’ll expect a progress report.
    16. Alright, so before heading out to Palaven, let’s explore the ship a bit. After the conversation with Hackett, you’ll be in the war room. Head out to access the “War Terminal”. The first tab shows the people, weapons, armies and fleets you’ve accumulated. These are your war assets. The better prepared they are, the better they will do in the final battle. You can also access each conflict zone to see their state of readiness. When you’re done exit the room.
    17. When you head through the sliding door, head toward the crates to pick up a “Model – Alliance Shuttle”. Exit the room, past the meeting desk. You’ll go through a checkpoint, then enter the galaxy room.
    18. Give Joker a chat. He’ll be in front of the ship, then use the elevator behind the galaxy control to access the floors. Level 1 is the captain’s cabin, 2 is the combat info center (the one you’re currently on), 3 is the crew deck, 4 is engineering and 5 is the shuttle bay.
    19. In the captain’s cabin, you can access your email, change your gear, and choose your music. When you acces the crew deck, enter the first door you see on the right. It used to be Thane’s quarters in ME2. Enter it and grab the “Model – Destiny Ascension”. Now wrap yourself behind the elevator to check out the rest of the crew quarters.
    20. If you’re facing the elevator, head right and enter the doors with the green holographic panel. That’s the medical bay. Talk with Dr. Michel. She’ll run some tests on you. Tell her it’s okay. If you investigate this room further, you can set bonus powers on the terminal as well as completely redo your skill tree. The door in the med bay also holds Dr. Eva Core.
    21. Opposite the med bay is Liara’s room, formerly, Miranda’s room. Glyph, Liara’s bot will greet you. He’ll let you know you can access a terminal here to upgrade things. Now head for Liara to talk with her. She’ll tell you she’s now the Shadow Broker and with her resources, she can better research the Prothean device. Talk with her and reply with “Did the Protheans finish it?” then reply again with “Agreed” or “We just need it working”. Finally end it with “I appreciate you asking” or “There’s hope for Earth”.
    22. When you’re done chatting, you can check out the “Main Battery” or just head back to the elevator. Go to the engineering deck. From the elevator, head right, then enter the door on the left. Going left will enter the same place as well. Talk with Engineer Adams about the ship.
    23. Head downstairs to where Jack’s quarters used to be from ME2 to grab “Model – Sovereign” and “Model – Turian Cruiser”.
    24. Facing the elevator, make a left down the hall to enter the next room. Have a chat with Diana Allers. You can either ask her to “Get us support” or “Focus on Cerberus”. If you go paragon, you’ll get +2 rep and +2 paragon.
    25. Head back to the elevator to access the final floor, the shuttle bay. From here have a chat with Lieutenant Cortez. He’ll tell you about the shop you can access here as well as the weapon upgrade terminal. To the right past the two crew members standing next to each other is a small area with crates stacked up. You can pick up a “Model – Freighter” here. To the left of James where another group of crates are stacked, you can find “Model – Quarian”.
    26. Have a chat with James as he works out. He’ll ask to spar. If you go paragon, you’ll have two opportunities to perform and paragon interrupt. You can also get to know him a bit better afterward. He’ll also give you a nickname, “Loco”. You’ll get +2 rep and unlock fortification in the medical bay.
    27. From here head back to the combat info center to access the galaxy map. Talk to Specialist Traynor before you delve into the map. You’ll notice clusters that are taken by Reapers already. You can access these areas to find survivors, intel and salvage. To access the DLC, “From Ashes”, you’ll need to head to Eden Prime. There’s also a walkthrough for that. When you’re ready, let’s head to Palaven.

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