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  • Video Walkthrough W/ Mitch
  • Video Walkthrough W/ James
  • Priority: Palaven

    1. Head to Apien Crest to start the mission, then look to the moon, Menae, next to the planet Palaven. Enter the moons orbit, then prepare to land. Choose your squad, then your weapons, and you’ll be ready to go.
    2. You’ll see the turian fleet attacking the Reapers above Palaven. The Normandy will fly in undetected to the moon to grab the primarch. As the shuttle lands, the LZ will get swarmed. James will open the hatch. From here, take out the husks as the shuttle flies by. Eventually the shuttle will land. Move forward to where the turian soldiers are firing and take out those husks.
    3. Talk to the soldier as Shepard asks which way to go to find the commanding officer. Right next to the defense structure is some salvage you can grab for 1250 credits. Now follow the path ahead. You’ll see a metal door come down to form a ramp to let you in. Enter the camp to find the commanding officer. From here, look around for supplies in the structures.
    4. The first defense structure on the left has a med-kit. The one opposite that, has a datapad for some XP. There are also crates in the middle of these two structures where a M-97 Viper can be found. Eventually, you’ll find the General, named Corinthus. Shepard will ask about Primarch Fedorian. Corinthus pauses, then states that the primarch was killed as his shuttle was leaving the moon.
    5. You have three responses, “How are things here on Menae?”, “I’m sorry for your loss”, or “Damned Reapers”. Ask the question first, then follow up with either of the last two responses. The General will then task you with repairing the comm tower. Continue searching the defense structures to find “Armax Arsenal Shoulder Guard”, “Pistol Piercing Mod I”, a weapon bench, datapad, “Hahne-Kedar Greaves”, and a med-kit. Near the exit to the comm tower you’ll find, “Assault Rifle Piercing Mod”, and a “M-27 Scimitar”.
    6. After gathering these goodies, head out toward the exit where the portion of the wall will turn into a ramp. Follow the path out. You’ll see soldiers fighting up ahead as well as the comm tower in the distance. Make your way there. You’ll be attacked by husks. Take them out, then head for the tower.
    7. Unfortunately, you won’t be able to fix it with the panel at the base of the tower. One of your team members will need to go up to fix it, leaving you and a second team member to defend the spot while it’s being fixed. Make your selection and ride out the wave of husks. After being fixed, you’ll still need to hold out.
    8. When the skirmish is over, head back into the camp to talk to General Corinthus regarding information from Palaven Command. When you talk to the General, he’ll talk to you about who the next primarch will be. Garrus will then step up and tell you, that together, you’ll find the next primarch, named Adrien Victus. A conversation will be had about Victus.
    9. Joker then radios in that the Normandy is acting crazy. Liara will go back to see what’s wrong, leaving you with Garrus and James. A harvester will appear heading for the airfield. That’s where you need to go. When you’re in control, go straight, make a left past the crates, then over the ramp. Take cover here and defend this area.
    10. There are marauder’s here with shields, so take them out first. Other than that, it’s just husks. There’s also an “Assault Rifle Magazine Upgrade I” you can grab by the barriers you’re taking cover near. When the battle is over, you can search the battlefield, namely the crates in the distance. You can grab some salvage rewarding you with 2500 credits. Now head back to camp. Corinthus will tell you about the main barricade. It’s up ahead.
    11. Use the ladder to climb it, then man the gun. Take out all the husks that appear. Eventually, you’ll see a huge hulking enemy known as the brute, with heavy armor. He’ll knock you and your team down from the platform. Give it everything you got. Watch out for it’s charge move as well as it’s swipe. You’ll also have to contend with husks here, so watch out. If they grab you, keep tapping “F” to kill them.
    12. After the brute is dead, you’ll need to go on foot to grab Victus. Garrus will show you the way. Remember, you can hold “V” to see the marker. This portion of the rescue doesn’t consist of too many enemies, besides a couple of husks. Follow the rocky terrain. The path is fairly linear. You’re getting close to the destination after you jump a gap.
    13. You’ll see turian soldiers up ahead. Grab the med-kit next to them, plus a “Sniper Rifle Spare Ammo I”, and more creds. Move forward and you’ll see the harvester take out a ship. Check for survivors. There won’t be any. Now drop down the ledges and keep moving forward. The rocky path turns right, at first. Eventually you’ll find a med-kit and some ammo, then reach a path where husks are coming in from the sky in the distance.
    14. You’ll reach the broken wall into the camp. Take cover and take out the initial cannibals. There will also be a brute in the vicinity. On the left side of the camp, next to some crates is a med-kit plus a “Sniper Rifle Enhanced Scope I”. When you’ve got them, get back into the fight. The path to the left will give you a slight height advantage, perfect for Garrus, while you and James can take the main path, taking the brunt of the fire.
    15. Take out the marauders and then eventually, two more brutes. You’ll probably run out of ammo at some point. Keep an eye on any clips that fall to replenish your stock. When the enemies are dead, move deeper into the camp to find Victus. When you get close enough, a cut-scene will begin. Shepard asks that Victus go on the Normandy for a summit about the Reapers since he’s the new primarch.
    16. Ask him about his hesitation, then tell him he’s perfect for the job in this time of war. He’ll agree, but before he leaves, he’d like to say goodbye to his men. Garrus will join the squad again while Victus is away. When Victus gets back, he says he’ll help, if you can get the krogan to help. Victus will then be aboard the Normandy.
    17. On the Normandy, Shepard talks with the asari councilor, with no break through regarding the summit. From here, in the war room, you can: talk to Hackett first, then talk to Victus, head to med-bay to see what’s going on with the ships systems, talk to Garrus in the main battery, speak with Cortez in the shuttle bay, have a chat with Traynor next to the galaxy map, and talk with Joker after you find out what’s wrong with the ship.
    18. You can also check your email for additional quests and things to do. Before heading to Sur’Kesh, give the Citadel a visit for even more quests, plus new decks to explore and people to see. When you’re ready, it’s time to begin Priority: Sur’Kesh.

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