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  • Video Walkthrough W/ Mitch
  • Video Walkthrough W/ James
  • Priority: Sur’Kesh

    1. Before your destination is revealed to be Sur’Kesh, head over to Annos Basin and meet with the diplomats who are on diplomatic ships in the Pranas system. Dock with the ship and from there, the salarian dalatrass and the krogan clan chief will come aboard for negotiations.
    2. You’ll meet the dalatrass, and if Wrex was saved in the original Mass Effect, he’ll appear as the krogan chief. While the turians need the help of the krogan on Palaven, Wrex demands a cure for the genophage from the dalatrass. She’ll say no at first. You’ll can respond with three options, “What’s your concern?”, “The krogan deserve a cure” and “We don’t have a choice”. After the question is asked I went with the former response.
    3. After a few insults, Wrex states that the cure of the genophage is closer than they think, stating that the females were experimented on revealing an inside source. Wrex wants his people back. The dalatrass eventually gives in and says that the females are on Sur’Kesh. Now it’s up to Shepard and Wrex to head to get the females on Sur’Kesh.
    4. You’ll head into the squad select. From here I chose Garrus and Javik. Select your weapon loadout, then it’s off to step foot on Sur’Kesh. There will be a problem as you land. Initially you’re not cleared, but Wrex will make his own landing, plus throw a bit of biotics into the mix. Padok Wiks, a salarian, arrives to stop the incident. You can respond with “We can work this out” or “You should apologize”. The salarian will also ask that Wrex stay under guard. Since I’m paragon I’ll go with “Stay here, Wrex” instead of “Or else”? When the situation is calmed, ask about the krogan females.
    5. Shepard will ask to see them. Padok will arrange it. Soon you’ll be in control of Shepard. Talk to Padok again and he’ll let you through, to see the female. He’ll direct you to the elevator. As you access the elevator, an alarm will sound. There’s some trouble in your future. Shepard will still head down the elevator to the labs to find Mordin, if he survived ME2.
    6. He’ll show you the female krogan and you’ll find out he was also Wrex’s inside source to free the females. He’ll show the bodies of the ones that didn’t survive. Tell him he did his best. Shepard will talk to the female krogan. Tell her you’re the krogan’s last hope and that you’re here to save her people. After the conversation, the facility will be under attack. Wrex demands the female be sent up to the surface immediately or else there’s no alliance with the turians. Mordin tells Shepard to meet him at the next checkpoint as he uses to the lift to get the female to the surface. When you’re in control, grab the “Assault Rifle Extended Barrel I” in the room, where the shelves are.
    7. ow head for the elevator that you arrived in. As you get closer, something is wrong with the elevator. The salarian will ask you to try opening it again. When the doors open, a bomb will be inside and it will explode taking out one salarian. Find the emergency exit. It’s found on the opposite wall in the room from the elevator. Access the door, then head up the ladder.
    8. When you reach the top, open the metal doors, then hang a right. Make another right and you’ll be drenched in sun light as you see salarian troops fighting off Cerberus. The path ahead is linear, but you have two options. Stay to the outside on the left, or head into the rooms on the right. You can split your team up as well, having one be on the lookout near the balcony.
    9. When the first group is dead, head for the shelf in the first room to grab a “Shotgun Blade Attachment I”. When you move up to the second half of the floor, more Cerberus troops will appear. Take cover, and eliminate them all. Check the second room before you head for the elevator to grab a med-kit for XP and some ammo found on the desks. When you’re done, head for the next set of sliding metal doors. As you open it you’ll see a yahg attack two Cerberus troops.
    10. After the massacre, you’ll notice that a blast of fire bars your way. Hop over the opening to the left hand side right before the fire. From here, jump the gap, grab the “Shotgun Spare Ammo” in the corner, then jump out onto the other side, to not get singed by the flames. Move up the winding staircase. The path will turn left, with enemies who have deployed smoke. Take cover here, and take them out. The path will turn left again, resembling the previous floor you were just on.
    11. On the right hand side, balcony level, you’ll see Mordin with the female krogan. Head to the console and the lift will go up once again. Mordin asks you to meet him at the next checkpoint. The lift will then get attacked. Take out the duo of enemies on the shuttle. Now move up to where the shuttle blew a hole in the wall.
    12. Step on some plants, then head left. You’ll see some salarians in battle. There will be rooms on the left side you can use for cover as well as the containers used for the plants on the right side. The room on the left contains a “Pistol High Caliber Barrel I” on a shelf. Move up to the next area of this floor to take out another group. You’ll see a door up ahead. When all enemies are gone, access the door. It will turn left. From there, climb the staircase.
    13. When you reach the top, you’ll see Major Kirrahe. He’ll draw the enemies fire as the enemy up ahead plants a turret. If you or any of your squad mates has overload, and armor-piercing rounds, now is a good time to use it. Grab some salvage on the crates, next to where the sprinkler is going off on the ceiling to acquire creds when the fight is over.
    14. Now head up to the door with the red holographic panel. Use the terminal on the right and let it scan you. The door will open. Head inside and follow the hallway. Grab a med-kit on the way. Open the door at the end of the hallway. You’ll see a varren take out an enemy.
    15. Take cover by the doors or you can creep your way up. There will be enemies that appear on the second floor, so take those guys out when you see them. When the foes in this room have been eliminated, search the first floor afterward to find “Armax Arsenal Greaves” on the desk. Head up to the second floor, then bypass the door to open it. The lift where the pod is will now be under fire.
    16. Quickly move out and take out the enemies doing harm to the pod. As you head out, the room areas will be on the left side. Move up from cover to cover. You’ll pass the lift on the right hand side. Mordin will say that Cerberus has cut power and you’ll need to reroute emergency systems for it to progress.
    17. Move deeper down the room. You’ll see red lights flashing along the walls down the corridor. Before you head down there however, go back to the desks to find a “Pistol Scope I”, plus a document to examine.
    18. Use the med-kit next to the power conduit. Pick up the “Scorpion” in the conduit room first, then access the conduit. Go back to Mordin. As you emerge from the conduit room, another Cerberus squad appears. Take cover, and form a line of cover so that the enemies have no where to hide. Activate the panel next to the lift again when the coast is clear. After the conversation with Mordin and the female krogan, another squad drops down.
    19. Take cover again, then take them out one by one. It’s time to get out of here. Head down the room to the door with the green holo-panel. Before you head inside, grab the “M-13 Raptor” in the sitting area to the left of the doors.
    20. Open the doors, head through, jump over the gap, then climb the ladder. You’re now back at the beginning of the level. Take cover to take out the enemies down the stairs. Kill as many as you can, as quickly as you can, so the pod won’t take too much damage.
    21. When the troops are dead, go to the console next to the lift one more time to authorize release. As this happens a mech, an Atlas, decides to drop down. Immediately take cover and aim for the pilot in the cockpit. Overload and armor-piercing rounds are your best friends here. The Atlas should go down fairly quickly using these abilities. Finally, there will be a last swarm of troops to contend with. Should be a piece of cake after the Atlas.
    22. Wrex will fly in when the coast is clear to escort the female. Two enemy troops will arrive, but the female will pretty much decimate them with two shots from the shotgun. Shepard will try to talk to a wounded Cerberus agent, but will die.
    23. Back on the ship, Shepard will talk with Hackett about the situation. Hackett then talks about the Prothean weapon, calling the project “Project Crucible”. And it’s well under way. You’ll then see the weapon being built and the massive scale of it all, impresses.
    24. Victus and Wrex will be at it again in the meeting room. Wrex wants the cure distributed to every krogan before he helps the turians. Mordin will be on it and will also name the female krogan “Eve”.
    25. Victus will then give you a mission regarding a missing turian ship and Wrex will give you a mission regarding a missing krogan team. Talk to each of them separately when you’re in control of Shepard. They’ll give you the details of each. The turian team is currently on Tuchanka and the krogran team will be in the Attican Traverse.
    26. From here, you’re free to pursue more sidequests, talk to NPCs and gather war assets throughout the galaxy. The next mission up will be to rescue the turian squad.

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