Mass Effect 3′s Ending DLC Restores Some Fans’ Trust

WARNING: Spoilers herein.

For background, Game Front recommends “Mass Effect 3 Ending: The Game Front Primer”, the Mass Effect 3 Extended Cut DLC Review, “Mass Effect Extended Edition: Putting Lipstick on a Frog?”, “Mass Effect 3 Refusal Ending: ‘Artistic Integrity’ Achieved”, “Mass Effect 3 Ending-Hatred: Five Reasons the Fans are Right” and its follow-up, “Mass Effect 3 Ending Post-Mortem: Fans Are Still Right”.

The negative fan response to Mass Effect 3′s ending was truly a remarkable thing, giving rise to community action of all kinds. Fans wrote alternate endings, made YouTube videos and started comic strips and creative endeavors that have become extremely popular in the wake of the conclusion of BioWare’s flagship series. Some members of the BioWare Social Network forums even started a charity fundraiser “protest” that earned more than $80,000 for the Penny Arcade-founded charity Child’s Play.

All of it was geared at making something better of the endings that BioWare shipped with Mass Effect 3, which many felt were either broken or incomplete. The result of all that fan outcry was the Extended Cut DLC, a free extension of the endings that added promised “context and closure” to the endings. For the most part, it seems as though those additions have been well-received.

Among some of the more vocal or active members of the Mass Effect fan community, feelings are mixed but generally more positive than they’ve been in a long time. Among a few members of the Retake Mass Effect movement, the loosely organized fan group that originally advocated for new endings, it seems many people are satisfied with what BioWare has made available to them — if they’re still not exactly happy with the way Mass Effect 3 concluded.

“I found the new endings palatable and well done enough to let my rage die down and enjoy the game again,” said Cameron Fullerton, one of the members of the Retake Mass Effect Child’s Play fundraiser. “The series as a whole is playable once more. The endings explain enough that I am not left depressed. It is the bittersweet ending we were promised to begin with. Not simply bitter.”

Differing opinions are available just about anywhere, however. The BioWare Social Network, the developer’s official forums, were filled with fans discussing the finer points of the Extended Cut in the days after its release, and the general vibe of the situation was fairly positive. Discussions still exist, defining plot holes and questioning some of the additions or choices in the ending as a whole, but for many players, the closure the endings now provide is enough to at least remind them of what they liked about Mass Effect.

But of course, dissent exists and many players were disappointed by the fact that BioWare didn’t do more to remove the elements of the ending that felt rushed or added at the last minute. A quick perusal of the BioWare Social Network thread on the Extended Cut reveals some of these arguments, and there’s an extended discussion on the Retake Mass Effect Facebook page of similar composition. But much like what’s discussed in Game Front’s Mass Effect 3 Extended Cut DLC Review and “Mass Effect 3 Extended Cut: Putting Lipstick on a Frog?“, it seems that many players got at least the important parts of what they wanted from BioWare’s additional ending content.

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16 Comments on Mass Effect 3′s Ending DLC Restores Some Fans’ Trust


On July 6, 2012 at 3:08 pm

Hell yeah! Very well written article. I completely agree with the point koobismo is making. I’m actually reading his comic though. x)


On July 6, 2012 at 3:21 pm

Personally, I’m in the camp of being happy they made an EC but still dissatisfied with the ending as a whole. So I’m pretty happy with all the fan-made alternate endings out there. And Marauder Shields is totes awesome.


On July 6, 2012 at 3:31 pm

I’ve been a fan of Koobismo’s Marauder Shields comic since episode 8. Every episode gets better and better. I would feel bad for Mac Walters if he ever got in a debate with that guy. Koobismo understands and respects the Mass Effect universe far more than Mac Walters could ever dream of. It’s just too bad BioWare didn’t get this guy to fix the ending.


On July 6, 2012 at 7:17 pm

The EC was the same, I agree. The main problem was not fixed.


On July 6, 2012 at 7:40 pm

My connection is acting up… :P But I’m glad to have read this. Thank you. I was afraid that everyone around is okay with the game after the extended cut… and I will read the comics now.


On July 6, 2012 at 7:41 pm

I teared up when reading the Marauder Shields comic, I now consider it canon as opposed to the “true endings”. Thank you gamefront, for both bringing the comic to my attention and being sincere and true in your own opinions of the ME3 endings. You guys represent one of only a few voices of sanity on the internet and I don’t think I’ll forget that.


On July 6, 2012 at 8:01 pm

The comics are amazing. Nuf said.


On July 7, 2012 at 11:12 am

The next time there is a game with Mac Walters as lead writer, I will approach with extreme caution.


On July 7, 2012 at 12:26 pm

All this discussion of Mass Effect 3 is all very well and good, and interesting at that, but can we please let it die in peace now? It’s like reanimating a mouse just to have the pleasure of methodically dissecting it all over again.
It’s been good, but it’s over now.
Let it rest, for God’s sake.


On July 8, 2012 at 2:52 pm

Another great article. I would really hesitate to say that any trust has been restored though. Personally, that’s why, as upset as I am about the endings, I’ve never been on-board with demanding new ones. Frankly, the trust that was broken was the trust in BioWare’s ability to tell a great story and the fundamental flaws in the ending show that such a trust is undeserved as of late. The plot-holes and the very existence of the Star Child, show a lack of understanding of great storytelling, and that was unthinkable to me with regard to BioWare until recently.


On July 8, 2012 at 5:50 pm

Can you just all get over it about the Star Child, moving forward and appreciate Mass Effect 3 as an awesome action-rpg game? The extended cut fixed the problems with Mass Effect 3 and the game itself is now complete. I regained faith in bioware and i’m impatient to see news about a new DLC or a possible Mass Effect 4.

And the Star Child embodies the collective consciousness and memories of the Reapers. The catalyst is all the reapers and all the reapers are the catalyst. When you talking with it you are talking wih the reapers colective. The child form of the catalyst is not its true form.


On July 8, 2012 at 7:11 pm

@ Wesker1984

I respect your opinion and your right to it, but it doesn’t negate mine or that of anyone else. You make some interesting assertions, but in the end, it’s all just conjecture. In effect, that’s all that one can do with such a pivotal character that is only introduced in the final 10 minutes of a story that took over a hundred hours to tell. This is a fundamental flaw in the writing of ME3, in my opinion. I won’t speak for other people.


On July 9, 2012 at 2:13 pm

you said it jim, can’t introduce something out of left field at the very end, especially when they dont even try to make it conform to the rest of the universe and canon established in the previous games, plus books and comics


On July 9, 2012 at 4:31 pm

For me, the extended cut fixed things from “franchise breakingly bad.” to just “kinda mediocre.” I can work with “kinda mediocre” at least, and it doesn’t make it seem like the entire series was a complete waste of time. What reason would I have to pick up ME1, 2, or 3 if I knew that it was all going to just end in galactic genocide no matter what you did. At least now, while the endings are still kinda meh to me, it isn’t so bad that it takes all interest out of playing any of it and resorting to

I still think that the whole ending could have been done better in the first place, and there are still problems with how it plays out. But at the same time from bioware’s perspective, they would have wanted to get this out quickly (I’d imagine no amount of ending dlc would have helped if it took them a year to do it.), and artistic integrity bullcrap or not, trying to make the ending they had less horrible instead of starting from scratch I’d imagine helped keep things reasonable on a timetable perspective.

In the end, I’m still going to be more cautious when looking up anything coming out of bioware in the future, especially on any new IP’s. But I’m also still a fan of mass effect, and there was some good stuff in the game I thought worked great. For example, the reputation system they set up in ME3 was the kind of thing I wish they had from the start of the series. Much better way of doing it then how it was set up originally.

Hopefully, bioware/EA learns from what happened here and finally kicks themselves into gear to do things right, instead of rushing things out before they’re ready, or settling for multiplayer dlc.

Or maybe I’m just being too much of an optimist about the whole thing. I did play a mostly paragon shepard for a reason.


On July 10, 2012 at 5:08 am

I am happier, though in the larger scheme of things that happy meter went from 2 (being bad) to 4 (mediocre) in terms of the ending and of bioware. I am glad that they did take the time to make the extended cut.

But, as I am done and finished with ME3 (now with extended cut!) I am moving on to.. guild wars 2 when that comes out.

Ignore the Infant.

On July 12, 2012 at 11:39 am

Don’t bother responding to wesker1984, he is a troll. He just defends Bioware to the death no matter what the argument is, attacks anyone with an alternative take (including Gamefront itself for giving Retake a voice to begin with), and never deviates from his established vocabulary of ‘entitled trolls’, ‘babies’, ‘whiny children’, ‘retards’ and so forth. He is not here to engage in any debate, so do not “respect” his opinion because he has no respect for the opinions of others. He doesn’t even appear to have any individual opinions of his own that he can justify, simply a single paradigm of “games companies are always right, fans are always wrong if they disagree with them”. He’s not worth the time it takes for you to type the word ‘idiot’ on a keyboard.