Mass Effect 3 Co-op Will Be Included On Single Player Disc

On the official BioWare blog, their Social Media Coordinator, ‘Erika’ has posted an interesting interview with Mass Effect 3 producer Jess Houston that reveals many new details about the game’s controversial co-op multiplayer. Of course, there’s more confirmation that players can level up faster through multiplayer, as well as the news that the Kinect functionality present in single player will not be part of co-op. But possibly the biggest news is that characters available in multiplayer will never find their way into the single player campaign.

If it’s a separate story campaign, are our multiplayer characters playing their part in dialogue scenes or is it more of an environmental storytelling?

While it is separate to the main story they will never be involved in the actual campaign of the main story. It’s more like a side mission to the SP. We don’t want to create situations where MP players have something that SP players couldn’t otherwise see.

Other tidbits include:

* Co-op is intended to compliment the main game by including factions like mercenary groups who have set aside their goals to join the fight against the reapers.
* Leader boards. (Duh).
* Friendly fire will not be a part of gameplay.
* Mass Effect 3 PC will require a one-time connection to the Internet to authorize, but otherwise won’t require persistent access.

The most troubling information, to my mind anyway, is confirmation that the co-op content isn’t included on a separate disk or unlocked via DLC; it’s included on the same disk as the single player campaign:

Will co-op have its own disk, and/or executable? If not, how much space will it take up?

It will be included on the main disk. As for how much space, I’m not sure at this point. It’s mainly content so it is sizable but not so much that it affects the SP experience.

I’m sure it won’t. Because making it possible for players to level up faster by playing co-op, and including ‘sizable’ co-op content on the main disc won’t have any impact at all on the single player experience, right guys? Seriously though, I’m starting to worry that Electronic Arts will finally manage to ruin Mass Effect by turning it into Call of Duty. But what about you, o readers? Similarly concerned? Or looking forward to co-op?

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2 Comments on Mass Effect 3 Co-op Will Be Included On Single Player Disc


On November 8, 2011 at 7:12 pm

Many won’t agree but in my opinion, Bioware has never let me down (DA2, in a few ways, excluded) so i will still give them the benefit of the doubt until proven wrong.

ea can suck its dick

On February 17, 2012 at 12:36 am

Co-op is no the concern here.
The demo showed us it was all good. But the Real concern here is EA messing up the length of the SP. I really liked the idea of it being on 3 discs, and so what if they have to be swapped, at least I wouldn’t get the feeling of getting ripped off.
To all you lazy fat bums too tired to get up from the couch and take two steps to swap a disc, Duck off!
All I’m saying really concerned it being very short, like, say MW3. Cos’ the more action packed stuff you have, the faster it tends to end. I mean Bioware has plenty of ideas and stuff up their sleeves.
EA pushes too hard on everything and fukcs people in the head for being greedy money-crazed faces.