Max Payne 3: Clue Locations Guide

Help solve Max Payne’s latest case with our clue locations guide. Every clue has been found, described, and listed per chapter with video evidence to document the search. If you’re still looking for that last hidden clue, or just starting your search, you can easily and quickly find what you’re looking for here. Unlock two achievements or trophies, and add to the completion of another amazing game by Rockstar. Put the pills down, it’s time for some real detective work.

To help you survive Max Payne’s next adventure, we’ve got a full text and video walkthrough for your convenience. Or, find more secrets, tips, guides, and easter eggs on our Max Payne 3 cheats page.

Clue Locations Guide

Chapter 1

  1. Inside the apartment with the murdered innocent people inside, fight the gang members and interact with the clue on the coffee table.
  2. In the parking lot, turn left at the bend to follow the road at a slope upward, you’ll find a fallen picture on the ground.
  3. Chapter 2

  1. Check out the bar in the VIP area at the start of the chapter. On the bar, inspect the flyer.
  2. Next, examine the body on the floor in the “Best seats in the house,” as was stated in the opening cutscene.
  3. Leaving the purple-tinted bar, you’ll enter a small area with restrooms to the left. On the small table, examine the ripped fabric.
  4. Inside the same room, check on the center restroom stall.
  5. Entering the kitchen of the restaurant, look on the back right wall for a newspaper.
  6. Not quite at the bottom of the stairwell, look for a broken necklace. It’s right in your path.

Chapter 3

  1. Inside the stadium’s training area, enter the center office in the back and examine the hanging picture.
  2. Further ahead, examine a bloodstained set of double doors to the right of a metal gated passage with Passos.
  3. In the closed stadium concessions area, watch the right wall for another bloodstain, complete with bloody hand print, and examine it.
  4. At the end of the VIP Seating Area, you’ll find a large memorial to a dead star player.

Chapter 4

  1. In Max Payne’s apartment, look on the table behind the couch to examine his police badge.
  2. Continue to find the open door of your crazy neighbor. Examine his desk with the plastic explosive.
  3. To the right, check out the wall of newspaper clippings.

Chapter 5

  1. At the beginning of the chapter, run forward toward the fence to examine the helicopter on the other side.
  2. Inside one of the offices, look on a desk to find a ransom note.
  3. Upon finding the garage where Fabiana was kept, examine the camera on a tripod.
  4. Eventually, you’ll reach a boathouse with a ship on a raised platform. Run past the boat and look in the corner office to your left to find a picture clue on the desk.
  5. Running into a warehouse from the raining exterior where a card table has been set up inside, look to the right of the table for a newspaper laying on the sleeping mats.
  6. Directly behind the previous clue, turn around and enter the office to find another clue on the desk.
  7. Chapter 6

  8. Entering the large office area with desks along the left wall, just as you enter the room look right and enter the office. Examine the folder on the desk.
  9. In the same office, examine the laptop on the cabinet.
  10. Examine the central model in the boardroom, with the model helicopter on top.
  11. Running through the outer hallway looking outside, keep your eye on the black right wall to find a picture of the Blanco family to check out.
  12. In the burning wreckage, you’ll stumble over the nerd’s body. Examine it for a clue.
  13. Chapter 7

  14. While exploring the favella, look for an open storefront to your left with a man in a hat inside. Get closer to examine him.
  15. In the bar, after a shoot-out, look near the couch you were just sitting on for a picture to inspect.
  16. Leaving the bar, enter the last bedroom to your right and walk into the room to trigger another clue.
  17. Eventually, you’ll reach an outdoor area with a concrete building to your left and a set of blue double doors down a few steps. Check out the large yellow gang tag with a skull on the wall.
  18. Running down the street with the burnt out car and a large wall to your left with more rundown houses to your right, you can find another gang tag on the right wall just before you leave the street.
  19. Continuing toward a concrete raised wall with steps leading up, you can find an image of the Football player Claudio painted on the wall, and a small memorial on the ground.
  20. Down the main path, through a narrow alley, you’ll leave the grassy path to enter a home. Before you enter, look on the dirt for a flyer.
  21. Inside the drug lab, look on a counter to your right to find little baggies. Examine them for a clue.
  22. Entering a new street, ahead you’ll spot a large mural of a skull and crossed guns. Examine it to find another clue.
  23. Chapter 8

  24. In the graveyard, after killing the goon with the grenade launcher, continue up the steps and stick to the right wall. Eventually you’ll find a different grave for Valerie Winters with a clue.
  25. Eventually, you’ll reach an area with a gazebo in the center covering a single grave. In the inner circle of mausoleums you’ll find one with a black covering and a familiar name. Check it out for another clue.
  26. Continuing on, escaping from the mafia boss wanting you to bury your own graves, continue forward to find a black grave. Examine it, it’s in the back right corner before leaving the graveyard.
  27. Chapter 9

  28. Heading upstairs into a house, look at the dead body inside for another clue.
  29. After a short shootout, you’ll turn left down a hall with concrete bricks stacked up. On a stairway ahead, you can find the body of a dead cop. Examine it to find a clue.
  30. Take out the cops executing residents, and examine the bodies afterward for a clue.
  31. Chapter 10

  32. Outside the bus terminal, run to the gate entrance and look inside the office to your left. On a desk, examine the newspaper.
  33. Entering the offices with cubicles, run down the stairs forward and into the hallway where some posters are hung. Examine the large green poster.
  34. Chapter 11

  35. Just as you leave your room, cross into the first open bedroom across and look on the bookcase for a post-it note clue.
  36. Continue down the same hall and enter the next right room. Check out the bed for a clue.
  37. Exiting the back end of the yacht where Jet Skis are launched, look on the wood paneling for blood stains.
  38. After seeing the guerrillas tearing open the walls, go look on the coffee table for a look at an America Newspaper.
  39. Next, continue forward and check out the pried open wall in the same room.
  40. In the hallway with open guest rooms to the right, look inside the first on the desk for a passport clue.
  41. Continue on into the next bedroom down the hallway, into the Master Suite. Across from the bed is a box full of untouched jewels. Check them out.
  42. Entering the Panama museum, examine the display of two statues looking through a glass.
  43. Chapter 12

  44. After witnessing goons burning bodies, check out the gurneys for a clue.
  45. Entering another room with cages areas to your left, examine the first open area and read the ammo crate in the back.
  46. Climbing up some rubble onto a metal scaffolding, you’ll need to continue left. Instead, turn right and enter the room with the blasted out wall. Inside, you can find a piece of paper to investigate.
  47. To the right of the paper is a wall of photos. Examine them for another clue.
  48. Entering the bar area from the roof pool section, look on the old ruined bar top for another newspaper article to read.
  49. After entering the room with all the guns, look on a nearby metal cabinet for a donation slip to examine.
  50. Chapter 13

  51. Entering the bloody area where prisoners are kept in cells, search the cell area for tourist being kept in jail.
  52. Inside another area, you’ll need to press a flashing button inside on office. To the left of the button is a desk with a computer, check that laptop out for a clue.
  53. At another set of offices, look for a broken window you can slide through to enter a small area full of desks and computer. Look on a desk in the back corner for a clue.
  54. Reaching an office area with cubicles and larger private offices to the left and right, look right and enter center office, checking out the open folder inside.
  55. Another office at the back of the room, not to the left or right, has a laptop on a desk against the wall. Read through the files to discover a clue.
  56. Reaching a meeting room with a large projector, use the computer with the projector controls and scroll through each slide to unlock a clue.
  57. After running through a hallway where soldiers shoot at you from the window to your right, you’ll enter the arsenal and exit right into an office leading to a hallway. In the office, there are racks holding body armor. Take a spare.
  58. Chapter 14

  59. Inside the private airport offices, enter the men’s locker room and open the first stall you see.

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