Max Payne 3: Grinds Guide

Max Payne 3 involves a lot of shooting, and if you want to shoot to the top of the leaderboards, you’ll need to complete every Platinum level Grind. These statistics are kept for Arcade and Story mode, so playing through the game will complete most of the simple Grinds, like shooting 10,000 bullets. But, some of the Grinds are a lot trickier to pull off, or only appear in very specific situations. Check out our guide below to complete the hardest grinds in Max Payne 3.

If you’re struggling to just survive the streets of Sao Paulo, shootdodge to our text and video Max Payne 3 walkthrough. To get a deeper look into the corruption at the heart of the city, scope out the cheats page.

Grinds Guide

    Note: There are many grinds, but most you’ll unlock or achieve in a normal playthrough. Here we’ll cover the best locations in the game to complete certain difficult grinds.

  • Dodge Brawl (Kill 1,000 enemies while shootdodging): Chapter 8, Checkpoint 5 is a good place to grind out these kills.
  • Take A Load Off (Kill 250 enemies while prone): Same as the previous advice. While racking up shootdodge kills, if you continue to shoot while on the ground and don’t stand back up, you’ll score a few prone kills.
  • Slow Dive (Perform an 8 second shootdodge): In Chapter 3, you’ll be able to shootdodge off the bleachers for an easy 8 seconds of falling, just don’t turn off bullet time.
  • Wreckage (Blow up 200 vehicles): Load Chapter 14, Checkpoint 12 and go to town on the vehicles there. Just keep reloading the checkpoint, many of the kills will go towards other grinds.
  • Guesswork (Kill 250 enemies with blindfire): You must be in cover, but you won’t be able to aim. Wait for enemies to charge your hiding spot, or pop out a moment to line-up a shot with your reticule before returning to cover — your bullets will roughly go to where you were just aiming. Try Chapter 10, Checkpoint 11 where you’ll have infinite ammo and plenty of people to shoot.
  • Back from the Dead (Win 250 Last Man Standings): When you’re killed, but still have painkillers, you’ll have a chance to get revenge and revive yourself. Try starting on Chapter 8, Checkpoint 5 where you’ll start with 5 painkillers on Easy. Let enemies kill you five times, then reload the checkpoint.
  • Fire Works (Shoot 250 explosives out of the air): In Chapter 14, Checkpoint 10, the boss will continue to shoot grenades at you. Shoot them out of the air, he’ll never stop shooting at you, just remember to easily shoot them turn autolock on.
  • Scrapper (Melee 150 enemies): Chapter 1, Checkpoint 2 has a handful of enemies you can easily charge and melee.
  • Fall Guys (Cause 250 enemies to topple over railings): Anytime an enemy falls over something, this will count towards your grind score. In Chapter 10, Checkpoint 7 you can shoot the catwalk enemies are standing on. Just repeat by loading the checkpoint.
  • Eagle Eye (Kill 100 enemies with Sniper Rifles): Load the sniping sections in Chapter 3 and Chapter 12, Checkpoint 9.

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