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Chapter 9: Here I Was Again, Halfway Down the World

  1. In the aftermath, Max exits the building. All hell has broken loose outside as a helicopter hovers by numerous explosions. Head back down the stairs, then make a right to grab some ammo and some painkillers by the dead body, before you head out the gate.
  2. Run up the hill into the apartment building. Grab the painkiller in the room, then exit the building either by using the balcony side or by going through the door next to the blood stained wall. Move down the stairs and drop onto the dirt. You’ll head out onto the street. You’ll see two enemies ahead, not even concerned about you. Take them out, then head out onto the street.
  3. An explosion will occur knocking you down. Max will see a group of cops moving through the street. He’ll slip past. Move down the stairs passing by the execution on the left and helicopter on the right as you run further along. Max will spot Marcelo and Giovanna surrounded by cops below.
  4. Keep moving down through the cozy interiors of the favela. You’ll reach a door and when you head through, you’ll see the rent-a-cops killing anyone on sight. As you regain control, take out the cop ahead of you by shooting him in the head, then take cover on top of the stairs to get a good view of who you need to kill.
  5. There will be two groups of enemies on the bottom. The second group arrives after you’ve taken care of the first, so be patient and wait them out. When they’re gone, head down underneath the balcony where the white door is, to grab a golden gun part.
  6. Keep moving through the streets. You’ll see a civilian try to escape, but to no avail. Take cover by the wall and you’ll see two cops approaching slowly. Take them both out. I used shoot dodge to do the job. Move through the streets once again and examine the body of the dead cop to your right, crumped on some stairs. Max will take note of “55”.
  7. Follow the path ahead through the gate and inside a house, where you’ll scare a woman. Watch some TV on the table, grab some painkillers in the bathroom, then head outside. Head down the stairs through a brick-walled hallway and through another door. Take cover by the window. You’ll be fired upon by more cops.
  8. Hop through the window after they’re dead, and head right. A helicopter will now be after you. Max will jump over a railing and start sliding down a rooftop. Take out the two guys in the helicopter. An RPG trooper will appear. Shoot the rocket in mid-air to take out the heli. Max will then fall down through the next rooftop.
  9. Exit the building, then head down the stairs. You’ll see a man being harassed by the cops. Take them out, examine the body, grab the painkillers on the table, then head down the next set of stairs, to the next gate.
  10. Before you head up the stairs after the cut-scene, grab a golden gun part in the foliage next to the stack of tires. Head up the stairs and Max will try to sneak by the cops. Move left as Max hangs on to the railing. On the other side he’ll spot two cops on a makeshift bridge. Take them out, then take out their buddies that roll in.
  11. Move across the bridge, hang a left, and drop down. Take cover by the top of the stairs because a group of cops will start heading up. When they’ve been taken care of, move down the stairs as you follow the path to the next door, looking for a place to lie low.
  12. Unfortunately, other people were thinking the same thing as they disarm you by knifepoint. They’ll be taken out, but you’ll be unarmed. Max decides to follow the convoy of cops, and decides to follow one man out of the litter.
  13. Max will come upon Giovanna and Marcelo. After the Marcelo gets burned to death, you’ll be attacked. Press “L2” to block, then “R2” to disarm. Afterwards press “triangle” to kick, then “X” to strike. Max takes Giovanna away to the creek and will listen in on the conversation of the other player in the game. They both lay low for a while.

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3 Comments on Max Payne 3 Walkthrough


On June 25, 2012 at 12:07 pm

you missed the ammo crate in the fenced in room at the start of the level. same room with the pain killers.


On September 3, 2013 at 9:20 pm

I am trying to move the cabinet in chapter 6 by pressing y button.It is not moving.Please help.