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Chapter 11: Suntan Oil, Stale Margaritas and Greed

  1. In another flashback sequence, you’ll meet up with Max and Passos on their Panama job, which takes place on a party boat. You’ll also see Marcelo. Soon enough, Max heads below deck and passes out after drinking. When he wakes up, there’s trouble brewing.
  2. As you take cover by the doorway there will be two enemies ahead. Take them out, then watch the rest of troops arrive. You’ll need to move from cover to cover inside the rooms as you move down the hallway to get a better shot. When all the enemies are dead, head to the second room on the right to check out Passos’ bed.
  3. Move forward to the controls. Max will try to send out an SOS. He’ll see a trooper leave from the door he needs to enter. As Max enters that room, turn bullet time on and kill all the enemies here. An explosion will occur right after, sucking the oxygen out of the room. Turn the valves on the engines. There are glowing red sign above two of the engines. This will open the door ahead as well as give you some breathing room.
  4. Take out the two enemies ahead, head for the exit, then check the blood stain. Turn around, then head up the stairs. Kill the three enemies ahead on the balcony, then head inside, grab some painkillers, and enter the door on the left next to the exercise bike.
  5. Max comes upon more enemies trying to crack open, what looks to be a safe, hidden behind a wall. Pop out of cover, then take them down one by one. Examiner the newspaper on the circular table. Head through the door next to the safe, then through the bedroom into the hallway.
  6. In the hallway, there are three rooms to the right. The third one closest to the exit contains three enemies and some painkillers. Once they’re taken out, head through the open door and up the stairs where the sun is shining. If you peek out a bit, you’ll see more enemies. Once they spot you, head back inside and take cover at the bottom of the stairs.
  7. Once you have taken out two of them, climb the stairs, then turn around. Take cover, either left or right by another set of stairs. You’ll see the bar up ahead. As you move up, take cover by the bloody jacuzzi filled with bodies. When all enemies are dead, head inside the bar. Walk through the room to the television and grab some painkillers on a table as you exit the door on the left.
  8. Take cover immediately by the railing. A ton of military will start shooting at you from the port above. It’s best to take these guys out before you proceed. Stay in cover and be patient. They’ll eventually go down. Move down the side of the boat, then enter the room with the piano. Across the way will be two painkillers.
  9. Head outside, then up the winding stairs. If possible make sure your bullet time is full. Take out the guys on deck, then watch out for the ones ahead that close the garage door. They’ll also open it when you get close. Nice of those fellas to do so. Kill those guys, then the double doors ahead will open. Take care of the enemy that emerges, then take cover as you take out the rest of the guys in the room ahead.
  10. Grab two painkillers on the right, next to the panel before you head up to the bridge. Max will see Marcelo and Passos, then run toward them taking about saving Daphne. Passos will go with him. They’ll enter the port. Take out the enemies in the tower above. There’s also a submachine gun in the truck to the left with a red dot scope as well as one bottle of painkillers.
  11. Another group will emerge from the tower. Move up to the next truck to grab more ammo and painkillers. When the tower group is gone, head toward the tower for another helping of baddies. Head up the tower and take care of the second floor. Head out toward the wire and Max will grab on to an enemy as he slides down.
  12. As you slide down, a bullet time sequence will begin. Take out the enemies ahead. Max will then immediately take cover. Kill the enemies in front of the building, then head to the door on the right, not the main entrance. Take out the two enemies that appear here. Grab the painkillers in the room as well.
  13. Head out the door that leads to the lobby, then move behind the desk. Take the painkillers, then press the button to open the gate. As you head toward the stairs, kill the enemy that pops out. Now you can head up the stairs.
  14. You’ll be met with more enemies up top. There will be no cover initially, so you’ll have to make due. Enter the room ahead with the glass displays as you take out baddies and shatter glass. Head toward the walkway, where another thug will be waiting. Take him out, then proceed.
  15. Head up the stairs. Another enemy will be waiting as you approach. Kill him, then head to the hallway with a drinking fountain. You can grab more painkillers here. No wonder they gave you a lot. Continue up the stairs as you hear maniacal laughter.
  16. Take out the enemy ahead down the long hallway past the top of the stairs. Take cover immediately on your left as there are two enemies waiting. When they’re gone, head through the jungle exhibit, then take out one last guy as you make a turn, continuing your path up. Max reaches the office, then heads out the door to see a massacre before his eyes.
  17. You’ll be sent back to present time as you keep chatting with Wilson. He mentions you can do something for him at the hotel. Max then enters the basement of the hotel beginning the next chapter.

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On June 25, 2012 at 12:07 pm

you missed the ammo crate in the fenced in room at the start of the level. same room with the pain killers.


On September 3, 2013 at 9:20 pm

I am trying to move the cabinet in chapter 6 by pressing y button.It is not moving.Please help.