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Chapter 12: The Great American Savior of the Poor

  1. Max decides to equip a “suppressor” and explores the basement. Move through the hallways, then the laundry room. You’ll see enemies ahead putting body bags into a furnace. After the baddies have left, examine the gurney, then head through the double doors. Enter the fenced-in room on the left for some painkillers, then enter the next double door.
  2. Max will take the elevator up. Head to the doorway and take cover. The two guys you saw putting body bags into the furnace will be ahead. Shoot dodge kill them along with two more of their pals. Grab the grenade launcher on the white table and the golden gun part in the bathroom. Head through the next sequence of rooms with the mighty grenade launcher and water bottle suppressor.
  3. After the last guy is down, press the button on the wall to open the yellow gate. Immediately take cover. The next area splits into two paths with long range enemies at the end of each one. Move from cover to cover then let them have it after you get a clear shot.
  4. Soon you’ll reach a pit where you need to drop down then climb up to the other side. Careful when you head up. More enemies will be there. Search the room to the right to examine photos, then head out to the hallway. Run to the room directly across from you as you pass the hallway. Enemies will be on the right.
  5. Take them all out by shooting the gas canister behind them. It will also blast open the door. Before you head through the door, however, turn around, back down the hallway, to grab some painkillers on a shelf.
  6. The door ahead will lead to some stairs going up. When you get to the top, move along the hallway. There’s a hole in the wall on the right. Grab a golden gun part, then follow the hallway. Max enters the next room and gathers evidence for Wilson. On the other side of the next door, Max enters a decrepit room containing locals in poor shape, including Serrano.
  7. Max will then keep heading up, climbing an elevator shaft. When he gets to the top, he’ll have a good view of the pool with enemies clustered together. Grab the shotgun, then take them out. Afterward, hide behind the counter to take cover and grab a golden gun part. More enemies will emerge in the distance. Take them out as well, keeping an eye on your ammo.
  8. Move past the pool and toward the tennis court. Kill the enemies that emerge along the way, then head toward the fence where you’ll need to take cover. A lot of enemies will be outside the building decorated by graffiti. Careful when you pop out to get those headshots.
  9. As you whittle them away, head toward the inside of the building. When the last guy is gone, grab some painkillers by the counter on the left, then head to the green double doors ahead. You can also play the piano if you would like.
  10. Max enters the next room and sees the plastic surgeon. Serrano then appears, pretty angry at what has taken place, and Max lets him do what he does best to the surgeon. In the next area, just walk through to the other side. Grab the golden gun part on the right side of the room behind a recliner, then head to the door right past the red pillar.
  11. Max will find an arsenal in the next room full of guns and namely, C4. He starts planting them on the red pillars. When you’re in control, go back to the arsenal and grab the RPK. Plant C4 on the other two red pillars in the room. After planting the third one, a group of enemies will come down from the yellow gate. Use your new RPK.
  12. Head through the yellow gate and up the wooden ramp. You’ll see lasers ahead. You’ll now have to contend with snipers and regular troopers in a building across from you. Luckily, you’ll grab a sniper rifle. Take out the snipers first, then the rest. There are also some painkillers right next to you.
  13. Move through the yellow door behind you. Take out the first wave of enemies. When they’re dead, plant more C4 on the red pillars. Eventually another group will appear. Take them out, then plant the rest of the C4. Also, there’s a golden gun part in the room. If you pretend you’re heading back into the room again through the yellow gate, make a right and it will be in the corner on the balcony.
  14. When you get to the rooftop, you’ll have a chat with Neves about organ donation. Max decides to blow the C4. As this happens, take out the enemies. There will be moments where your aim will be screwy because of the collapsing building. Keep moving forward through the gate ahead after you’ve taken out the enemies. Kill anyone in your way.
  15. Head up the stairs, then make a right into a room with two painkillers. Then head back out, kill some more enemies as you approach the gate, then take cover so you can take out the enemies above. Mr. Gatling Gun will then make an appearance. Take cover, then aim for head until he’s down.
  16. As the building starts to teeter, Max falls down and Neves will be pointing his gun at you. He’ll be taken out by, none other than Passos. You’ll escape in the helicopter just in time to see the building crumble.

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3 Comments on Max Payne 3 Walkthrough


On June 25, 2012 at 12:07 pm

you missed the ammo crate in the fenced in room at the start of the level. same room with the pain killers.


On September 3, 2013 at 9:20 pm

I am trying to move the cabinet in chapter 6 by pressing y button.It is not moving.Please help.