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Chapter 13: A Fat Bald Dude With a Bad Temper

  1. As the chapter begins, Max sees Passos and Giovanna take off after saying their goodbyes. He then enters Wilson’s car. He has a plan to the end it all. Max then enters the police precinct and is immediately taken to an interrogation room. He’ll take out the two guards beating up on him and grab a gun.
  2. Max will take cover by the door. Take out the three enemies ahead. Afterward, the barred gate will open. Before heading through the gate, search the room on the left for a pair of painkillers. A fight between the criminals and cops will begin.
  3. Head through the gate and follow the tiled hallway. Kill the two enemies ahead pointing their guns at the prisoners. Head into the shower room on the right to grab a golden gun part.
  4. Move ahead into the next area. There are three enemies here to take out. One of the prisons contains a painkiller. Use cover and carefully make your way through to the gate, then the door. You’ll enter a long office room where the criminals are being shotgunned by the cops. You’ll take cover by the pillar. Take out the shotgun toting cops as they quickly approach. Careful of the ones with helmets, they require more than one shot to the head.
  5. Enter the room ahead next to the metal door with the flashing yellow light above it. Grab a painkiller, then push the button next to the window to open the door. As you head outside, you’ll see a thug pack a LAW. He’ll be taken out by an armored car.
  6. Move from cover to cover when the gun atop the armored car stops firing, until you get to the LAW. It will be on the right side behind the cop car. Fire the LAW to take out the armored car, then wait for the cops to arrive. Take them out using headshots, then head inside the small parking garage.
  7. Grab the golden gun part next to the dumpster on the left, then head toward the red, double doors. A civilian will run through. Take out the lone cop trying to take him out, then head up the staircase. When you reach the alley, take out the three cops ahead of you, then enter the double doors inside where you’ll enter a red striped hallway. It will lead to a locker room. Grab the painkillers in one of the lockers, then proceed to the exercise room.
  8. Wait by the door. Take out the enemies in the room, then take cover by the pillar in the middle of the room as you wait for more to arrive. When they’re dead, head to the women’s bathroom to grab painkillers and the men’s bathroom to grab a golden gun part. Time to head through the red double doors.
  9. As you enter the next room, there will be a shootout. Wait till it’s died down to make your move. There’s a kitchen on the left and an office on the right. The enemies will flank, so act accordingly. There’s a golden gun part in the cabinet where the kitchen is, and a note to examine in the office. When you’re done, head through the red, double doors.
  10. In the next room, you’ll be in a lobby of sorts with a huge planter in the middle. Take cover by the pillar, then take out the two enemies. The office on the left, contains a golden gun part. The little break room on the right has a golden gun part as well as some painkillers. Now head to the control room next to the closed gate.
  11. More troops will come by elevator. These guys are highly armored. Take them out, then head up the elevator where they came from. From here, move forward and watch out for the guy that pops out from behind the desk. Before you head into the double doors, check out the room next to the desk for some painkillers.
  12. Enter the room, then take out the thugs in the office. Soon a heavily armored trooper appears with a helmet. He’s a bit tough, but as long as you aim for the head, you’re good. Now search the offices to grab a painkiller, as well as examiner files and a laptop. Head through the double doors where the armored enemy came out from.
  13. You’ll be in a briefing room. Check out the slides on the projector before leaving. You’ll then enter a storeroom, where more enemies are waiting. Take cover by the shelves and wait for them to come to you. As you approach the barred gate, another trooper will arrive. Back up, then take him out as well. You can grab some ammo in the arsenal room before leaving.
  14. Head through the now open gate. It will lead to a stairwell. Tear gas will be thrown. Shoot the vent opening on the wall, then head through. You’ll fall through the duct and surprise an enemy. Shoot him in the head as you scramble to get your gun. Head through the server room. Max will start rifling through CDs. He finds the recording from the Branco office incident learning who shot him. You can watch some TV before you leave the room.
  15. Head through the glass doors by the green vending machine. Take cover and take out the enemies that crash through the windows in the forensics lab. Grab their guns if you need some ammo, then exit the room. You’ll meet the guy who shot Branco. He’ll leave quickly, but as Max follows, enemies will be across the building waiting to shoot him through the windows.
  16. Max uses a cart and slides parallel to the window. In this awesome bullet time sequence, shoot the enemies on the balcony as you slide head left. When you reach the natural stopping point, take cover by the pillars and take out the rest.
  17. Soon enough, the barred gate opens. Watch out for the enemy that enters. Enter the room, then take cover by the doorway, aiming down the next room. When the enemies are dead, grab the painkiller on the wall, then move through the next room. Grab what you can from the arsenal, then head to the control room to open the security doors.
  18. The doors will lead you to a training room. Grab the painkillers before you head out. Take cover immediately and watch out for the enemy right on top of you, to your right in the tower, as you take out the ones in front. Keep moving through the training facility taking out bad guys as they come. Watch out for the one that pops out as you exit. Grab the painkillers before you leave.
  19. You’ll now enter the shooting range with a horde of enemies in front. Take them out one by one. Also, like in the previous room, one lone enemy will emerge at the exit. Kill him. There’s also a golden gun part near the sandbags right where you first entered the room.
  20. Move through to the utility room. Grab two painkillers next to the tangle of orange wires, then exit the room through the red door with the light above it. Max will try to sneak out into the next room, but will get spotted. He’ll take cover on the top floor next to a staircase that leads down.
  21. Take out the two enemies heading up to your position, then head down to the stairs. As you head down, an enemy will pop up. Take him out, then take cover by the pillar, next to the elevators. Hole up here and aim down the room as you take out the enemies.
  22. When they’re gone you’ll face the man who took down Branco. Take out the two guys on the ground first, then aim or the tiles above the boss. When they collapse, he’ll move positions and bring two more troopers. Take out the troopers, then continue to take the ceiling down above him. After the second time, you’ll have a clear shot at his head. Take the chance to put a bullet in him.
  23. Max enters Becker’s office upstairs. He sees Becker and also Victor Branco, who pulls a gun on Max. They both escape. Damnit!

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On June 25, 2012 at 12:07 pm

you missed the ammo crate in the fenced in room at the start of the level. same room with the pain killers.


On September 3, 2013 at 9:20 pm

I am trying to move the cabinet in chapter 6 by pressing y button.It is not moving.Please help.