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Chapter 14: One Card Left to Play

  1. Max knows that rich people love to fly away when they’re escaping, so he heads for the airport. He runs through the terminal escaping the cops. He heads for the conveyor belt and rides it toward the twisted pathways of luggage.
  2. Take cover when you can because you won’t last long riding the conveyor belt, but you can take out some enemies as you go. When the enemies on the ground are dead, head through the small room that has some stairs behind it to get to the second level. Take cover as you get on top to take out more bad guys.
  3. After you’ve littered the walkway with their bodies, head to the control room. Enter the double doors, not the red ones, to grab a golden gun part. Now you can head through the other double doors, the blue ones. You’ll enter a hallway. Take out the enemies as you follow the path through. You can use the two rooms on the left side to gain angles. The second one contains a painkiller.
  4. Before you exit the hallway, take the double doors on the right. It leads into a locker room. You’ll meet the ex-cop there. You can also grab a bottle of painkillers in one of the lockers. Afterward, exit the hallway. It will lead into the bathroom. Grab two more painkillers before you leave.
  5. You’ll enter the terminal and take cover behind some luggage. It’s a straight shot down, so mow anyone down who comes at you. As you keep moving forward, enemies will appear on the balcony above. Take cover, then take them out.
  6. When you enter the next section, take the escalator up on the right, then hang a left on the balcony. You’ll have a height advantage here, so make use of it. After the first wave is down, move ahead to trigger another group of enemies. They’ll emerge from the garage door. Go back to the balcony for some cover and wait till they come for you.
  7. After the firefight, head to the garage door. Press the switch to open the gate. Move through the next area. Take out the three enemies, then make a left to grab a painkiller. There’s cover right next to the cabinet. Use it. Take out the enemies, then take the escalator down. Two more enemies will be waiting. Shoot them in the head.
  8. At the bottom of the escalator. The lights will then go out. Kill the enemies in the dark. You can use the tram on the right for flanking purposes if you would like. When the enemies are dead, head to the control panel to turn the power back on. As it’s restored a wave of enemies appear. They’ll throw smoke grenades, so be careful if some decide to charge toward you. Take them out, grab the bottle of painkillers in the room, then enter the tram.
  9. While Max thinks he can recharge a bit riding the tram, he’s sorely mistaken. Another tram running parallel houses a group of troopers. Put bullets in them as the trams are riding alongside each other. When they’re gone, the tram will exit the tunnel.
  10. Troops from a helicopter above enter your tram. Perfect. Since the tram is essentially a long hallway, let them have it. When the troopers are dead, Max finds out that his tram he’s riding on is headed for a dead end. In a sick move, Max hops onto the train running parallel from him through the window. Take out the guys as you make it to the next train.
  11. The train will stop. Leave the train and you’ll see Max sneak past enemies toward the Branco hangar. Max will make himself known. You’ll see Becker has a shield and tosses out grenades from his grenade launcher from time to time.
  12. There will be a lot of enemies here. A lot. Stay in cover and take them all out. Always watch out for Becker. When you kill the last enemy, Max will jump toward Becker and he’ll toss a grenade. Shoot the grenade as he releases it. He’ll get blown back by the blast.
  13. As Max talks it seems you have choice to kill him. If you let him finish talking, he won’t kill Becker. Afterward, Wilson drives in shouting about the plane. Max will pick up the grenade launcher. Take out the troops and vehicles as you and Wilson drive across the runway. Take out the jeeps and the helicopter. The armored vehicle will take multiple shots.
  14. Max will then see the plane and directs Wilson to it. Two shots will take it out. Now watch the rest of the game play out. Congratulations! You’ve just beaten Max Payne 3! Relish in your victory and watch the sunset as you see Max walk off the beach. Stay tuned for the longest credits sequence ever.

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3 Comments on Max Payne 3 Walkthrough


On June 25, 2012 at 12:07 pm

you missed the ammo crate in the fenced in room at the start of the level. same room with the pain killers.


On September 3, 2013 at 9:20 pm

I am trying to move the cabinet in chapter 6 by pressing y button.It is not moving.Please help.