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Chapter 3: Just Another Day at the Office

  1. While Marcelo and Giovanna are okay, Fabiana is gone. Branco decides to pay ransom money and who better to deliver it than Max and Passos. They deliver the money in the middle of a soccer field using the helicopter as their ride.
  2. Of course the guys who take the money are armed to the teeth. As the money is being taken away, a sniper in the booth high above takes a shot. Max gets hit. You’re in control of Max here. Run toward the tunnel as the laser targets you. Passos will be calling to you.
  3. As you head in, you’ll be walking slowly through the hallway and then the shower rooms as Passos moves ahead, looking for any danger. He’ll find some.
  4. Eventually, Passos will lead you to the medical room to heal yourself up. After getting bandaged up, you’ll be given a gun as you see enemies head into mini soccer field. You’ll immediately take cover here. Put a bullet in each of them.
  5. After taking care of the room, head for the elevator panel to access it. When you get off the elevator, you’ll enter a press conference room where an enemy is sitting on a chair. Passos will interrogate him. After giving him the bad cop vibe, a group of enemies will appear through the door by the podium. Take them out.
  6. Now head out through the door the enemies came from, into the hallway. One enemy will pop out from one of the rooms, take this last guy out, then enter the room where he came out from, to grab a painkiller. Follow the hallway down to the double doors. It will lead to a stairwell that heads up.
  7. After heading up the stairwell, you’ll see the enemies that took the duffel bag of cash, head through a room and pull down a garage door behind them. Unfortunately for one of them, the sniper is out there. Then, another enemy group takes out one of their stragglers. After Passos has had enough, you both decide to take out the well armed group.
  8. When they’re dead, Passos will move ahead. Before moving ahead, however, run to the room behind you to grab a golden gun part. Now head to Passos. It will reveal that one of these groups has some serious gear on him. Passos will then say you both need to get the guys with the money first.
  9. As you head out back into the line of the fire of the sniper, take cover on the walls to the right. You’ll see Passos enter some double doors ahead. When the sniper stops firing to reload, head through the doors as well.
  10. Passos will stay inside the hallway. Stay with him and peek out. These guys have serious body armor, so the best way to get them is a shot to the dome. There will be enemies on the balcony, as well as on your level. Be patient and aim for the head.
  11. Once they’re down, follow the hallway toward the double glass doors. Head up the ramp, then take out the lone enemy up ahead. This path will lead to the broadcast booth where the sniper is. Show him some up close love when you get in there.
  12. Passos will then grab the sniper rifle and you’ll both see that the guy who took the duffel bag is being pursued by the other highly armed group. Max will jump down. Take them out ahead of you after you take cover. When they’re down, run behind you, down the stairs, where the seats are, to grab a golden gun part tucked away.
  13. Now run toward the guy with the money. He’ll escape for now, so you’ll have to deal with a horde of armored enemies. You’ll be out in the open when they appear, so back up and take cover where you first took cover, right after Passos grabbed the sniper rifle. Wait for them to come for you and get headshots.
  14. When most of the crew is down, run through the seats, then head right, up the stairs into the stadium. Two enemies will be at the top of the stairs. Kill them. Max will then head into a room where he describes it as a VIP lounge.
  15. You’ll take cover by a pillar in the lounge. A slew of enemies will appear here, so use of your bullet time. Staying in cover will help tremendously. Let them come to you as well and aim for the head.
  16. Move forward and stick to the left as you pass by the trophy case on the right. Grab the two painkillers on the left. As you follow the hallway down, the last guy in the group will reveal himself. Take him out, then enter the room where he came from to take the elevator.
  17. When you head up, you’ll be immediately be attacked from enemies down the stairs along the row of seats. Keep note of these stairs. If you head down those stairs, then make a left you can grab a golden gun part.
  18. After taking care of the enemies along these row of seats, Passos will notice a sniper. He will keep him busy as you head to where the sniper is. Before you head into the area with the sniper, grab two painkillers in the cabinet.
  19. Take out the sniper and two enemies that appear here. Max is now in control of a sniper rifle. It’s a good thing too, since Passos will now be chased out by the enemies. Protect him as he runs for it. Passos will reach an area where you’ll see the guy who grabbed the money get killed. The money will now be taken away.
  20. It’s now time for Max to take care of the sniper up above. You’ll begin in cover with the sniper on top. Two enemies will be by the rows of seats ahead. Take them out, then keep heading up. You’ll come across more enemies. Kill them, then head up the ladder.
  21. Keep going up, using bullet time to give yourself the advantage. Jump the railing when you get to the top, to finally get the other pesky sniper. Shoot the sniper when you’re both on the ground. You and Passos will then escape using the helicopter, as you see two more players in this story, who have just spared your life.

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On June 25, 2012 at 12:07 pm

you missed the ammo crate in the fenced in room at the start of the level. same room with the pain killers.


On September 3, 2013 at 9:20 pm

I am trying to move the cabinet in chapter 6 by pressing y button.It is not moving.Please help.