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Chapter 7: A Hangover Sent Direct From Mother Nature

  1. You’ll have a brand new look at the start of this chapter. Once you’re in control, follow the kid through the streets. He’ll lead you to a street party.
  2. Max will be harassed by a group of three gang members. They’ll take his glasses and watch, plus shove him down into a slum. From here, you’ll have to walk your way out. Follow the creek as you pass by the shanties.
  3. Follow the wooden staircase up to the next set of cement stairs by the kids playing soccer. You’ll meet a group of unfriendly people during a cut-scene. Keep moving forward and Max will notice a bar ahead. Before heading there, look to the open window on the left. You’ll find out that it’s the man you met at the dance club in the bathroom stall when Fabiana was captured. The ex-cop.
  4. After chatting with him, head through the gate and follow the paved walkway to the bar, or what Max thought was a bar. In the strip club, you’ll meet a man named Wilson Da Silva who buys Max a drink. He’ll have a chat with you about Serrano, Neves and his pal with the torched face. He’ll also mention Victor Branco, give you a gun, and say that Fabiana is up the hill.
  5. After Wilson leaves, trouble will start to brew as one of the locals gives Max trouble. Get ready for a bullet time sequence as you take out the guy and two of his pals, along with more that enter the club. Aim for their heads. Once they’re down, head into the bathroom to grab a golden gun part, then move from cover to cover through the hallway as you take out more enemies. Take a painkiller in the first sink you see.
  6. Once you’re outside, head down the stairs. Max will climb over a short cement wall as two enemies follow you. They’ll leave, so move forward through the shanties. You’ll start walking along wooden planks and staircases. Before you get to the gate, you’ll be ambushed by enemies above. Take them out, then head into the gate. Immediately take cover as more enemies will be in this area.
  7. Once they’ve been killed, move past the giant tree and up the stairs. Take cover as soon as you get to the top and aim for the path ahead of you. Put bullets in any enemies that come at you, along with the one on the balcony. Proceed forward when no one is breathing.
  8. Move along the metal walkway, kill more enemies on the rooftops, then drop onto the dirt. Look for the mangled-looking staircase along the wall. That’s where you’ll need to go, after you’ve taken care of three more enemies. When they’re gone, take the stairs up, then take cover by the wall on the left. Shoot any enemies that dare to come at you.
  9. Move along this alleyway until no enemies are left. Keep following the path. It will lead up to a gate. Move through the gate, then shoot the lock off the blue double doors to enter the building. Max will spot more enemies in the warehouse, but will let them know he’s there by knocking over a canister.
  10. From here, Max shoots a chain, grabs it, thus triggering a bullet time event. As Max gets hoisted up, shoot as many enemies as you can before you reach the metal walkway above. Take out any you left behind, then follow the walkway as it turns downward. Keep moving to the room ahead as more enemies appear from across the warehouse.
  11. Take cover by the window. There’s a red dot you can pick up here. It’s great for taking out baddies. There are also two painkillers you can grab in the room on the shelves behind you. When the enemies on the balcony across the way have been eliminated, more enemies will come through the blue door behind you, so be ready.
  12. After they’ve been dealt with, you’ll need to head down the stairs. More enemies will appear on the balcony across from you. There will also be some below you. Take care of the ones below once you see them. As you reach the bottom of the warehouse, your goal is to make it up the next staircase where the now dead enemies were shooting.
  13. Head up the staircase, then take cover by the tool bench. Shoot the enemies that crash through the doors, then grab the golden gun part behind the barrels. Head into the hallway, take out two more guys, grab the painkillers in the room to the right, then head out.
  14. Move through the traincar, then the red, metal, double gates. Move through the town as you keep heading up. You’ll pass by a fluorescent light above a door as you head up stairs on the left. A enemy will deploy a flare. Shoot him, then shoot the guy heading down the wooden staircase.
  15. Head up that wooden staircase. Take cover by the brick wall before you enter. Enemies will be hiding. You can spray some fire to get their attention. When they’re down, head inside, then move along the wooden scaffolding.
  16. Before dropping down to the next area, watch out for the guy with the sawed-off shotgun on the left. It seems like for someone’s first time through, this guy will get you because there are some painkillers in the room he occupies just in case he gets a one shot kill on you.
  17. Drop down to the next area, after that nice surprise, and examine a flyer of Giovanna on the ground. Head through the door decorated with graffiti. Take out the enemy ahead that kicks a table down, trying to provide himself cover, then take cover by the doorway on the left where two more enemies will be waiting.
  18. Head through the blue wooden door that leads back outside. As you move down the stairs on the right, kill the enemy that busts through the door. There’s also another enemy that will do the same as you move forward.
  19. Enter the next building, then immediately take cover. Kill the two enemies perched on the rooftops, then continue through the building. Burst through the slightly open door. Take cover along the wall. You’ll notice an enemy on the roof. You can let him shoot the flare or shoot him. In either case the troops will arrive barricaded inside the blue painted house.
  20. Stay in cover and watch that bullet time meter go up as they fire on you. When it’s full, pick out your targets one by one. Drop down when the firing has stopped and three more grunts will pop out. Take them out. Enter the house. There might be an enemy inside so be careful. Before you leave the house, grab the painkillers on the table.
  21. Follow the dirt path to the fenced door ahead next to a bright lantern. Max will peek through the window inside. One of the gentlemen will open the door, surprised to see Max. Clean up the house. When it’s clean, examine the drugs on the counter and take the painkillers by the candles.
  22. As Max leaves the place, he finds fireworks and a lighter. He lights up the fireworks and drops down. As the fireworks scream, head up the stairs and through the metal door. It will lock behind you as a horde of enemies will fire upon you. Careful of the guys throwing the molotovs. You can shoot them out of the air.
  23. As you’re in cover popping enemies in the head, take note of the stairs in front of you. That’s where you need to go. But before you head up, grab the golden gun part by the tree, then take cover by the stairs to take out a lone enemy ahead on a balcony.
  24. Take no chances as you head up the stairs. Move from cover to cover, as there are a lot of enemies. When you make it to the other side, an RPG will be headed straight for you. Shoot it out of the sky, killing the one who launched it. Head up the stairs to the gate.
  25. Max scopes the joint and sees Marcelo, Giovanna and Fabiana. Apparently they brought money for ransom. There are also a whole mess of enemies inside. Max steps in to try and save the day, but for one of them, the story is over.

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On June 25, 2012 at 12:07 pm

you missed the ammo crate in the fenced in room at the start of the level. same room with the pain killers.


On September 3, 2013 at 9:20 pm

I am trying to move the cabinet in chapter 6 by pressing y button.It is not moving.Please help.